A Penny for my Thoughts.


World of Warcraft is currently in maintenance and I was just sitting here listening to this song and thought I would log on here and fix links and sort stuff out…just do something while I wait for the game to be up again.

So how has everyone been? Hope everyone’s studies have been going well? I sadly haven’t studied anything in a long time. I dont even know what I remember etc, well, but, anyway. Fixing links and reorganizing everything. I think I will change the colour scheme or something. Pink is just too fucking annoying, and it doesn’t even remotely express  how I feel…

I have 1 hr till game is up so its enough to change and fix stuff.

Want this to be still useful to people. Until I come back…dont know when dont know how. Hmm

To finish off you can listen to this song ⇓⇓⇓⇓ 


As a side note I think maybe I might open a book sometime. Maybe.

Have a good day.





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  1. Nice to hear from you again. Keep your chin up. Always cheering for you. 🙂 힘내요

  2. Hello there! I’m so glad you’re doing fine. There are many of us who needs your help so much. I’ve been trying to learn Korean for months but until now I don’t know where website to stick. I badly need your help.

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