Random Facts About Me!

To break the ice I am listing a bunch of totally random

facts about myself. Here goes.

1. I find it hard to study without a textbook

2. Whenever I find myself at the Fruit & Veg store I must have a smoothie (strawberries, apple, grapes, watermelon, strawberry yoghurt, musseli, and berry juice are the standard for me!)

3. I like reading Twitter timelines of people I admire/look up too but I am too scared to tweet them.

4. I hated mac & cheese till I was 9 years old (the cheesy thing just looked wrong, okay)

5. I tried to learn German because I like German history (specifically WW2 history)

6. I find that Colonel Claus Von Stauffenberg was a man of honour and died with honour too (above you might have guessed it!)

7. I have read the book Rise and Fall of the Third Reich almost 4 times so far

8. I can’t say the word “cinnamon” sometimes it always comes out like “cimmamom” don’t know what the hell for.

9. I can’t stand Raspberry juice.

10. Jung Yonghwa is my ultimate bias

11. I love to write

12. I’m not a very neat person

13. Love making homemade pizza ….I get all Italian chef in the kitchen when I do

14. I like apple pie (smells so good when its in the oven…..hmmm yum)

15. Facebook stalker (don’t look at me like that!)

16. I don’t eat pork

17. I adore my cat and all other animals (minus snakes those things are just scary)

18. Always afraid to watch horror movies but always want to watch them….land up sleeping only 2hours though.

19. I don’t drink Coke

20. Rooibos Iced Tea anyone? If its Iced and Rooibos flavoured I’m going to drink it ^^

21. I don’t tend to finish what I start (long list, starting with Karate only got to Yellow, textbooks usually only get half way trying to change though, I always finish my food though hehe)

22. Don’t give a shit what people think of me.

23. I love Broccoli

24. Textbook addict….I actually love buying them and staring at them >_<

  It was supposed to be ten well anyway now you know fourteen more things about me that are totally random. ^^

Do we have something in common? Heh. Leave a comment love to hear from you.

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  1. 1 and 3! Studying is easier when you read from a textbook first. I was also afraid of tweeting people I admire but since I learned that my bias idol group reads and sometimes replies to tweets, I started tweeting often. 🙂

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