Japanese has exceptions and irregularities too? OMG.

Obviously I knew this, everything has exceptions and irregularities! Of course. But now I just know the Japanese ones, well, not all, how could I, but a few of them now.

Mostly to do with the Hiragana, Katakana, a few Kanji and pronunciation. I’m happy about that, bolded the pronunciation because most of them are just pronunciation 😀

Time for pictures of my untidy and disorganized notes (Japanese of course) I can now read and write with general ease if its Hiragana and Katakana and the 9 kanji I know so far loool.





There is no grammar yet. I kinda needed to look at Korean grammar because I got really pissed when I opened naver on my phone and tried to read something random and came across a grammar I didn’t know nor could I piece together in my mind. So headed for K-textbooks. 🙂


PicMonkey Collage

Read grammar, and tried to write something with it 🙁 pathetic honestly. I remember it though but still pathetic. I didn’t have the energy to get my notebook out so I just used the textbook itself. There was space m(._.)m and I was lazy.

This post kinda veered off the title, I know, I’m sorry but it was more a general post actually anyway so its okay.

#Current Jdrama




This is probably my favourite drama in the whole world. I could watch it over and over again and never get tired of it. I absolutely adore it, and I’m picking up words because I am watching it over and over again. I am only on episode 5 though. So I have 1-5 and I watch those over and over until I have another episode to watch 🙂 the files are massive so it takes a while before I can see the next one.

Massive because I wanted to have good quality (* >ω<) that’s how awesome it is. [and I just discovered it has a Korean version, which not going to lie but looking at the actors I won’t waste my time watching it hehe!! They’ll ruin it, everything Korean-remake turns out HORRIBLE…I mean look at Boys Over Flowers eh?!]

xo ( ˘ ³˘)♥

Argh. I’m actually really disappointed in myself because of the endless excuses I made during the weekend. This being the first weekend since June I didn’t have to think about studying for #school I promised myself I would be studying Korean all weekend. Like a marathon.

What marathon? It didn’t happen, and that makes me angry at ME

It was the perfect time to study and get back into motion with the system, but clearly it didn’t happen and how it started is kinda …no very frustrating. I actually was reading and studying Korean most of Saturday morning till I went out, and decided to take my books along with me.

That’s good right?


I didn’t touch them, instead I sat in the car watching a playlist of music videos!!!!! To me thinking about it right now I am thinking “WTF” those kinds of thoughts. Didn’t end there sadly, got home and forget them in the car. Told myself I would get them after I had a little nap…we all need naps right!? It’s cool.

It’s 1pm on Monday and I still haven’t left the house to get my books out of the car ㅠㅠ I feel
Ike I let myself down on this issue. Why did I make so many excuses like :

“I’ll get them later” and “I’ll just use some online resources instead of getting the books!!”

So now I don’t think I am going to make stupid excuses, when I am making them its a bad move and subconsciously I know it’s a bad move. So when I even think about making an excuse I’ll just say to myself “Excuses are not allowed!!!” that should snap me out of the crap right!

Going to get my books finally haha. Although actually this morning I did study with online resources because I saw my mistakes in making those silly excuses, and wrote a diary which sadly I don’t think makes a whole lot of sense.

Korean studying….

The break was a little long when it comes to grammar studying 🙂 need to put back in some effort when it comes to grammar and I have just the books for it both Yonsei and Korean Grammar In Use together obviously with my trusty koreanclass101 ^ ^ got a subscription for the month to get myself back!!

Japanese studying….

I want a Japanese textbook ^ ^ it’s really sudden for me and I am not going to use the textbook this year or even next year. I’m actually not going to touch anything regarding the Japanese language till 2015 hehe makes plans ahead of time. It’s not my style to be honest but I have committed myself to doing it in the future and I want to have a reminder that I am doing it by having a textbook on my shelf.

I’ll appreciate any recommendations on textbooks and sites to get them ^ ^

……language studying begins now!!! Good day 🙂

I’ve been trying my hardest to learn Japanese (well not the whole thing but some basics) and I realised that I have only watched one Japanese drama in my life 1 Litre of Tears which was a very very inspirational story (:


Honestly! My Japanese drama knowledge is pretty much non-existent so I really don’t know what to even begin to watch : I know “my style” when it comes to picked a drama, but knowing the names of drama’s and actors and picking accordingly I sadly have no clue on the ):

So I am hoping that anyone of you can help me out by telling me a few drama’s that fit the drama’s I have watched and enjoyed (:

Personal Taste ; City Hunter ; Miss Ripley ; Scent of a Woman ; and my lovely drama that started my K-Drama craze Sad Sonata (:

Right now I am trying a Japanese drama called :

Rich Man, Poor Woman  – リッチマン、プアウーマン


Which to me, after reading the synopsis sounds like a pretty interesting drama! I just saw the first five minutes and it looks really good and will dedicate some drama time for it later on tomorrow (:

It seems like its “my style” of a drama so #fingerscrossed I will enjoy it (:

Yo! Remind me never to change ISP’s!! Its a nightmare…!! So in the last few days I have been like recording my voice reading just any random Korean I come across (tried singing…didn’t really work so well…it was very bad!!) so here I just have some reading practice 🙂 From Intermediate (that’s what it said) and really Beginner 🙂 and yay!! I tried some Japanese reading …ummh…what can I say my Japanese is unique lol 🙂


~There it is 🙂 all my reading!!