Last night I decided to study from Yonsei Reading 2 textbook ^^ and I enjoyed it so much ohymygoodness although because I was studying from it I did notice I have a very massive weakness in my Korean and its something I’ve mentioned on the blog before but seems like I haven’t addressed it yet. (read here to know more) this hasn’t changed up till now D: 

I haven’t yet actually done the exercises for the chapter I’ll get going on that soon :DD they look nice and not too structured if you know what I mean, also I had a look at the Ewha book for just a little while and I must say although I was loving the book looking at the Yonsei book I think I’ll be using that for a while before I get back to Ewha textbooks (:  so Ewha is taking a little back seat while I bubble with joy over Yonsei Reading haha

Before I forget! I uploaded my reading practice of chapter 1 of Yonsei Reading 2 to Youtube ^^

This was my first recording of the passage after I read it and listened to it. You can hear a few mistakes I made >.< but overall it was alright for a first go at it! Next time I’ll write about my dreams, just like the girl was talking about hers lets see what I can say in Korean about mine mmm.

Everyone hope you had a wonderful weekend and happy studying. 행복한 공부 되세요!!


Ummh I feel weird D: I haven’t been thinking straight for a few days i think its stress of something but hey I have been just a little bit obsessed with reading out-loud and recording myself to check my pronunciation 🙂

I actually have a super long reading practice (15 minutes) from the book  <슬픈연가> and I couldn’t stop but I’m not torturing you with that haha instead  I am posting a reading practice I just read from a lesson ^^ and I was surprised at how clear I read I stopped saying ‘하하’ halfway because it  was just awkward and weird ^^

Tell me what you think ^^ there is some improvements I think.

These days I am also recording audio blogs in Korean ^^ I stutter a lot but when I stop stuttering at every 5th word I will start to upload them….or maybe I will just upload what I have said it will be good to see the process of how I got better XD

Have a good day.  안녕!

Well…not really an audio blog but just some reading practice (: just checking if my intonation is correct  but I did notice a lot of mistakes, when I was pronouncing the word “풀이” it sounded a bit awkward actually ^^ not natural at all. And again I noticed that there was no difference between me saying ㅈ,ㅉ, and ㅊ, they all sound identical when I say them (: I need to work on that

Saying “가격표가” sounded like a bit of a tongue twister to be honest, haha 🙂 I made a slight mistake with the pronunciation of “얼마예요” I was trying to talk a little bit faster than usual 😀

Other than that my reading speed seems to have improved, which is good ㅎㅎㅎ

Well, that’s that 😀

Yo! Remind me never to change ISP’s!! Its a nightmare…!! So in the last few days I have been like recording my voice reading just any random Korean I come across (tried singing…didn’t really work so well…it was very bad!!) so here I just have some reading practice 🙂 From Intermediate (that’s what it said) and really Beginner 🙂 and yay!! I tried some Japanese reading …ummh…what can I say my Japanese is unique lol 🙂


~There it is 🙂 all my reading!!