Honestly just going to tell you how amazing 이화 2-1 workbook is. I am halfway through omg. And I love it. I am learning so much it makes me so happy *smile* 🙂

I also find the workbook more useful, in my eyes, it just seems like I am learning more from the textbook, but that probably isn’t the case. Probably seems that way because what I learnt in the student book is being tested in the workbook, and because I studied I remember a lot.

Plus. There is extra content, I am loving the writing and reading section.


Its weird because usually I hate filling out the questions (?) section in a workbook, its tiring, but this one because it isn’t teacher-student driven but more “do it yourself from what you learned in the student book” I feel like I am completing all exercises and enjoying it too.

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The visible difference between Yonsei and Ewha for me. But I still love them both 🙂 although I am not planning on buying Yonsei anytime soon, maybe when I can use Level 5 & 6 I will probably buy those levels but till then…no…!! ^^

Although I don’t actually own a Yonsei workbook, I should buy one to test it out. <del> I think I will</del>

Ewha books are most definitely on the cards. I want the whole series now.

Time to watch Girls Generation concert DVDs now xD then back to reading <strong>A Geek in Korea ~ </strong>that book is seriously grabbing me in. In an entertaining way &lt;3 and I love to be entertained while being taught something so this is a win win for me &lt;3

xoxo ~ hope everyone enjoys their Sunday

I’m not someone who really talks about people behind their backs ~ mainly because I find it one of the single most rude things to do to anyone. And by this I mean something “bad” never something “good”.

To me the idea of 뒷담화 just goes against who I am as a person. I just don’t do stuff like that — this will sound like a contradiction to what I’ve just said, but I do talk about people, just never bad things.

Because in a way it’s very natural as human beings to talk about each other. For example, the other day I was just randomly talking to my mum about my friend, and how her puppy was really sick, and I hoped with all my heart she’d get well (the puppy) :3 sadly though her puppy passed away ㅜㅜ 

<< stuff like that does not constitute “talking behind someones back” in my opinion. In the sense that someone isn’t there, yes, it is talking behind someones back, however, in the sense of the 뒷담화 meaning, it’s not covered by that. I think talking like this is just conversation about another person who you both know.

The meaning of 뒷담화 however falls under a scenario like this : –

Person A :–  my mum is really something else, she’s always getting angry at me. I really don’t like her these days.

Person B :- Yeah I know, my mum is the same these days, she never leaves me alone. Urgh, life is really hard when you live like this.

Person A :- I really wish I didn’t have to see her again. I wish I could get a job and move out, she’s going to drive me mad.

Person B :- We have to do well in our studies this year, then next year we won’t have to be like hostages at home, we can move out and live together!!!

Person A :- Ahhh. Let’s hope so. ):


See!!!. The context of the conversation between Person A and Person B wasn’t the kindest they had to say about their mothers. It was all rude, and nasty stuff. Making like their mother was “evil” and that they “can’t take it anymore”

The term 뒷담화 can be used here ; the word basically means “talking behind ones back” and “being a gossip” and these kids were talking bad about their mothers.

I think let me try and imagine a conversation between two people that is more gossipy, rather than whinning about mummy xD ~ to really get the 뒷담화 meaning out in the open :3

Let’s go ^^

Woman A  :- You know my next door neighbours husband hasn’t been home in a while, usually I see him but lately I don’t think he’s been coming home.

Store Lady :- I heard about that, I was talking to one of her friends (Woman A) and she said that that woman has been really depressed lately!! Do you think they have separated?

Woman B :- You guys talking about “Wife A” — yeah I saw her husband with some other woman just yesterday. They must be separating. No way she’d allow this to happen, right?

Woman A :- Did you see a baby with them?

Store Lady :- WAIT. What baby?

Woman A :- I heard the woman he’s seeing has a baby?

Woman B :- Where are you getting this from? So if that’s true then he must be leaving his wife? No?!

Store Lady :- If he got someone pregnant, he has to leave his wife, he has no children with her, he should be with the woman who has a child with him.

Woman B :- No, he has one child with his wife, the child is overseas, for study, so in this kind of situation I think it’s up to him, does he want to stay with is wife or not?!!

Woman A :- that’s right, what if he doesn’t love this new woman, he shouldn’t leave his wife, they should work it out.

Now. That is really the meaning of 뒷담화, these three women are talking about someone else’s life based on rumours that are going around, they aren’t going to ask “Wife A” anything about her husband being seen with another woman, they aren’t going to ask if it’s true he hasn’t been coming home, they aren’t ever going to ask her anything.

All they are going to do is continue to indulge in idle gossip going around. And most likely when they see “Wife A” they’ll put on this fake poker-face smile. Which really shows you that being a “gossip” or 뒷담화 isn’t really a nice trait in a person.

But, it was about learning a new word “뒷담화” not about what is morally right, or wrong haha.

I like the word, just not the meaning itself (:

Mainly because I am not, and never want to be someone who does any form of 뒷담화 — unless it’s about 연예인 and new albums, hehe, that isn’t really gossiping is it though? It’s a little different, more like idle chit-chat with people (uh, it’s just usually my family and friends though..soo).

#I have to study for an exam now (Physics Alternative to Practical ㅜㅜ) #wishmeluck I’m going to need this omg :3

/throwback this was the first photo I took with the MacBook I got. :3

/throwback this was the first photo I took with the Mac Book I got. :3 does not have the best quality lol — but it was horrible lighting (curtains closed, and light off) what did I expect? :p

행복하게 살아요 여러부~~~~운 ♥♥




Hi there everyone!!! That is one seriously long post title- it looks nice though.

Anyway’s, like the title says I have awoken, and today was totally awesome, my previous post told you guys I was a dead zombie for the last five months – I had literally no desire to do anything, even the important stuff went undone pfft.

Today I finally came round and woke up- really woke up. I got a lot done, studied Korean grammar, was working on understanding (으)ㄹ지도 모르다 in more detail for a while, that was fun because I’d all but forgotten how cathartic and soothing learning/ or rather trying to learn grammar was to me. I see it like a puzzle with a heap of fun and interesting solutions. 🙂 Awesome!!! ^^  

Taking my time on a grammar point just makes it more fun! >_<

Between my “grammar study” I kept watching my favourite scenes of Twilight movies ; and the whole movies!!! ^^;; I’m mildly ashamed to say this but- I’m a Twi-hard. Love the series. Despite the comments lol ;;

I needed to break the day up with loads of other things that interest me, so it was a little crowded in mind, I actually did these things in this order.

Korean grammar – watch Twilight movie – draw something (attempt) – have a snack (water.) and take a break for 5 minutes!!! ^_^ 

Which was a lot of fun, and didn’t give me any time to get “bored” – short attention span me can’t do the same thing for super extended periods of time ㅜㅜ

## here is some pictures from my day ## 😀 🙂


This is my #animegirl half finished drawing. I drew the eyes, the tiny little nose, the jaw, the mouth and one line of the neck xD I don’t think its the best drawing but, considering my level I’m happy I could even just do this (: one month ago I would have told you I wouldn’t even have the skill for this so I am happy I’m going somewhere! ^^

I was going for the innocent look.

Then I watched #Maleficent a while back, just less than an hour ago and this is my opinion of the movie.

Honest the movie was amazing.

I’d add more pictures but for some reason my internet refuses to upload them, damn WordPress ;; but I had a lovely day doing all sorts of fun things, even pretending to be my sister- which is very difficult ^^;;

Happy Korean Studies! ^^ 행복하게 한국어 공부하세요! ~~ (: till next time…