Ah. It’s 2014. A new year. Its been three days already since the new year but I had so many other things to ‘fix’ from the previous year I didn’t have time. Had to read a book in a night (I didn’t finish I have like 100+ pages left hehe) and now I feel like the year can begin for me ~ on a new note.

Since this morning I have been watching a Chinese web-series style drama its the first Chinese anything I have been able to watch more than 10 minutes of before getting bored haha. Which is great, I like the fact the some of the episodes with Chinese dramas (or web-series) have the Hazi subtitles at the bottom even though I can’t read to save my soul its still really nice to know that when I can eventually read it will be valuable. I wish Korean dramas had the Hangul subtitles (just like in variety shows when they show the bubbles ^^)


More about the drama! I’m really bad at giving a summary to dramas I am so sorry but I am going to try my best to explain this and why I am loving it and how I wish it was just a little longer xD so its about : Le Jun Kai and Ye Zi! Le Jun Kai married his enemies daughter Ye Zi for revenge (his wife was murdered we see in a flashback!) and after they are married Le Jun Kai starts to mistreat Ye Zi, after some time they get a divorce and then years later Le Jun Kai finds out that Ye Zi had a child. His child. And never told him, so it becomes a tug of war and cruel games by Le Jun Kai to get his son Tian Tian. Ye Zi refuses. But there is just one problem even though Le Jun Kai mistreats Ye Zi he has actually fallen in love with her, but he continues to keep his heart stone cold and deny his feelings for Ye Zi.

I hope Le Jun Kai admits to himself how much he loves Ye Zi so he can be happy and she can stop living in fear of him. Hope to see an ending like that. 🙂

Mmm. I dunno if that explains it enough? I am not sure. But I enjoy it because the actors are really good, although I don’t know any of them and have seen none of their movies (duh. I have never watched a Chinese drama before.) but that Janine Chang (Ye Zi) can really act, so much talent in this world :p as for Peter Ho (Le Jun Kai) he pulls off the psychopath/maniac role with some serious badass. I really feel like he is a jerk :/

One more thing. I have been listening to this song non-stop for about 3 days now xD  I really have always loved Kris (exo-m) but I saw him more as eye-candy from day one since their debut in 2012 with ‘Mama’ but after listening to ‘The Star’ (Chinese ver.) because the Korean ver. is actually terrible ㅜㅜ I realized that Kris isn’t just my ‘eye-candy’ anymore but in fact a seriously talented dude with some serious skill in making me squeal in fangirlness (that makes sense…)

Now! I adore Kris, more than Kai, Luhan, Lay and D.O put together (my favourite members) he is number #1 right now for me ♥♥♥

Well that is my 1ocents hehe (: till next time.