새해 복 많이 받으세요 🙂 its going to be 2014 for me soon xD ( 8 hours to be exact cos its 4:06 pm…so long way still haha) and I am excited because in my mind I am turning a new leaf over. Study more. Play more. Be myself as always ^^

First of all this year was the first ‘full year’ of the language study blog ~ January to December which is cool surprisingly I managed to write a post every single month. I am shocked about that usually I get bored with things but with the blog I only see my blogging intensifying in 2014 because I am going to definitely learn more and more in 2014. No limits. Time will be scarce but nonetheless it will be ‘hard-core’ to say the least haha.

Thank You! ^^ I want to thank everyone that was with me throughout the year with my blog. You guys are awesome and I am glad to know you ^^ you have helped me and given me strength when I needed it most. I appreciate it all. !!!! I hope one day I can meet you all in Korea 😀

Language in 2014? I was asking myself what I have in store for my language study in 2014 and now I finally have a decent answer that I feel I can cope with.

I will be focusing on Korean first. Its my priority language and I have a few things I hope I can do in 2014 with my Korean. Its not a goal but more of a ‘peg’ or a ‘milestone’ to achieve but obviously if I don’t its not a big deal. I still studied and learnt and just had a blast of fun. Right. Enjoying your study is most important. My fun is going to be hard fun too, since one of my new years resolutions is to read 10 novels/book in the year :p

With Korean I am slowly in the year going to start thinking ‘out of the box’ for ideas on improving and sounding more ‘native’ and also getting in touch with the more ‘colloquial’ style language instead of everything being like a textbook, although I feel confident with textbooks so they will still be a massive feature in my learning next year. HA

Lindie asked me this question on twitter : If I would focus on Chinese learning – I said I wouldn’t but then I was trolling the internet and I found some seriously jjang books online and then I found that Chinese would probably not be too intimidating with resources like this, so now my answer has changed to a no-yes !! I will be studying Chinese with Korean but it won’t be my sole focus only Hanja characters will be focused on but that is to assist with Korean (:

I have no confidence with my Chinese because I essentially know nothing. End of. So its beginner time again, which means that it will be a time to start new methods and either do things different from when I learnt Korean or exactly the same if that’s all that works for me.

Ah. So many things in 2014. But I am happy, I look forward to all the challenges that I know I can overcome and in the end work through it all, if I can’t then obviously I will just cry ;; haha. Its apparently already 2014 in Australia if you are in Australia then ‘Happy New Year’

Have a good 2014 everybody. ㅋㅋㅋ

안녕 ♥

My previous post needed to be “replaced” 😀 having that as my most recent post just makes me sound like a very crazed and deranged person hahaha!!!

I’m still on the coffee though but not because I need to stay awake but because I am freezing cold at the moment D: it’s very cold here at the moment no rain or anything but the temperature is low ><

So I am sitting in my Study at my desk with a blanket on me just to keep warm enough but not too warm that I fall asleep. With my cup of coffee ^^ I can’t afford to fall asleep right now, I have an enormous amount to get done (working on a Character Sketch) and I have just until about 10am tomorrow morning ~ its 12am right now ㅋㅋㅋ don’t even ask me why it took me this long to actually get round to writing it!!! The answer is a simple one LOL you might figure it out ^^

Actually typing this post on my little “break” just need some rest time and thought of updating the blog haven’t had a coherent post in a long time I have either been too tired or simply a little high on caffeine and Action-RPG games to even type two sentences that make sense to a normal human being ^^ when I read some of that stuff I wonder to myself “wth where you doing Kay? Yikes.”  although so far I am certain I am making sense! Am I right? Hope so. Been writing a lot of literature which calls for perfect and mistake free grammar and wording, which means that it’s still in my system to type like I am writing something formal not like I am a 12-year-old texting her best-friend HAHA!!

Which is my usual modus-operandi when I am tired and its late at night 🙂 I don’t know why I do that. Mentally I turn into a 12-year-old. Or am I already a 12-year-old mentally? I’m confusing myself with that one actually ^^

Okay. I have said enough on that…now let me say a few things before heading back to my school work!!! More like a mini-update than a few things to say OK.!!

Korean I feel like I am in the ‘right’ place with this very dear language!!! I have struggles as can be expected with the route of learning I have chosen (I will tell you more on that in a later post!!) but I can feel and see my progress and its making me smile from ear-to-ear with happiness ^^ I feel like shouting it from rooftops preferably in 한국어 ㅋㅋㅋ

Can I say I am proud of myself with out sounding like an ass? I’m not really sure. Although I am sure I can, because its not being rude or arrogant just being honest with everyone. 🙂 You can give me an idea on that LOL

Chinese Ummh! This needs an update only for one reason. Call me stupid. Call me ambitious whatever but I have decided that even with my minimal knowledge of the Chinese language (and minimal it is!) I am going to buy a Chinese novel in Simplified Chinese obviously! I think its reasonable because I want to read something in Chinese and I know I can do this no matter how long it takes me I can do this on my own I am certain of it ^^ I have decided on the book already (its inexpensive too. at about 17$) its a popular one so maybe when I get it. Not sure when. Won’t chicken out though, but its will be a few weeks, maybe some of you readers here that have Chinese as a first/ near native language can help me out I would appreciate that very much ^^

K-Horror One more! Earlier this evening I watched a Korean horror movie called “Into the Mirror” and damn it was freaky hahaha! I’m serious. The plot was about this crazy woman who has been murdered by [Director CHOI] and stuffed into a mirror in the department store where she worked. Now all this time people think she has died in a fire a year prior to all this, the mysterious deaths, but her sister who is a mental patient and also creepily her twin insists that “my sister is still here” claiming she is in the “mirror” obviously no-one will believe her. Would you? Don’t think so. But the HEAD of Security (Woo Young-min) actually kind of does. He helps her out only to discover the end that this girl is not crazy. That is about all I can explain without sounding lost XD

I guess that-is-that 🙂 I have now run out of coffee D: won’t get another because to be honest I am just too damn lazy to get it myself and my sister fell asleep about an hour ago does not seem humane or fair to wake her up just to make me a cup of coffee so- I go without it I can survive I think!

PS :- I am still a little scared of mirrors after that Horror movie to be honest 😀 it seems silly but I really feel weird ^^ my mind playing random tricks on me!! and I am alone in my study. Everyone is asleep. This does not help my situation (:

Everyone have a good day ^^ bye. A Thank-you to everyone that has liked my Facebook page now up to 221 likes 🙂 so cool. 고마워요 친구들 ….사랑해용 ㅋㅋ ♥♥♥

Today I woke up with one thing in my mind “focus” and I think I need a bit more of a core base on learning with a focus on linguistics ^.^ not just the way I do things but they way things are supposed to be done. Maybe meeting both sets of ideas in the middle will help me, I have read many times that there is no “right way” to learn a language but I know that there is a recommended way to learn a language 🙂 and I want to know that way and see how it differs from my way ^^

I know I do a lot in trying to learn learning Korean but are they normal? That’s a point I don’t know ~ a few things I try to do when I am learning..don’t always get them done but its a healthy checklist I try to keep up with (:

This is an example using some things that happened last week ~

  • Listen.Read.Write : start off with listening to the dialog then read the dialog that I just heard with either a transcript I have printed or if its in book for just from the book underlining problem areas then I start writing the dialog down with any notes I have either below or on the side (in a margin maybe)
  • Use whatever I have learnt in an email to my Korean friend seeing to it that I am using it and understanding it ^.^
  • Find anything I have watched or heard in the last few days with what I have learnt in it ; for example last week learning grammar point –뿐이다 I was going to just search in Naver but before I had a chance my sister very conveniently asked me while she was listening to a 2PM song she has on repeat (she likes Nickhun) she said to me “What does that 하루 thing mean?” I just instantly remembered this 뿐이야 and so I quickly went with a pen and paper to her she played the song and I wrote down “하루 종일 니 생각 뿐이야” as I heard it and it was correct ^.^ then I told her what it meant ~ but I was thrilled at myself just for writing and knowing it by ear, looked it up in Naver and it was all correct xD
  • Apart from using it in conversations as much as I can ; because sometimes there is just nothing you want to say at that moment that needs what you know, I use it in my head a lot an example would be : 잠만 자고 싶을 뿐이에요! in a tone meaning “nothing ..I just wanna sleep I am too tired to do anything else ..but sleep” like that ~ ^^
  • Then continue expanding with what I know around things (news articles…tweets..me2day) that have grammar I know or am currently learning ^.^ which helps me improve in reading and understanding. Having a decent conversation on my own though is entirely different and  is developing slowly and I think I will be there in a few months (3 –4)

Like that! Is how I study as you can see there is no real “structure” just things I do that seem to help me make it through without yanking my hair out ^.^ it’s a a touch-and-go system xD if it wasn’t for pure love of Korean I probably would have called it quits a very long time ago but ~ as I adore Korea and everything Korean my heart keeps going and that’s mostly what gets me through tough spots ..the thought :

Korea is so wonderful and the beautiful sound of the Korean language

is possible if you keep studying…

That is my motivation most days xD ~ amazing isn’t it being driven by love of sound and love of language!! ^.^

So with that done I have a few books in mind to pick up as a second opinion on language learning 🙂 and that should be great fun xD obviously I will post a review or overview of anything I read ~ I didn’t realise it but this post is a little longer than usual so I think I will stop it here for now 🙂 it’s just I’m really in a good mood today …I have been in a “ !@#$%^&* I don’t care” mood for a few days now and I finally snapped out of it today lol!! Just in time too I have Biology and that mood is not good for learning ^^;;

Goal Get my confidence up! and I thank everyone for being super patient with me when I am confused ~ thank you 언니 <3

Expect soon Yonsei 4-1 Korean textbook review (2-3 weeks)

Everyone have a super day :p and eat lots of candy xD I love candy a lot ~