Hey guys ^^ I know it would make sense to review the Pink EOS lenses I got a while back, but these have a certain aura to them, and I love them so much that I’ll just review these first.


The consideration to getting these lenses was that I wanted to freak people out ; the whole WHITE EYE look, it’s very spooky for realz!!! And I’m glad that the spooky effect is just the same on a picture as it is in real life. That makes me love these lenses just that little bit extra. Spooky is cool xD

Onto the review 🙂


The package came with the viles nicely wrapped up in some thick rubber-like foam to protect them, plus a lens case! ^^ included in the package was a free macaroon case in purple.  That’s the packet contents.

This is my first ever lens review so the set-up will be very confused ; and will change with time so bear with me while I work on it all.

Usually when I see other reviews the reviewer mentions 1) comfort 2) enlargement effect 3) colour effect 4) and generally how they feel about it. – so I will try and follow that same format, with maybe extra information where I see it needs it. I don’t do cosplay at all, I want to, but I don’t so I can’t compare it to any character, just a general how I feel about it all will be given xD


These lenses are surprisingly comfy. I mean, for lenses that you can barely see through they are like almost un-feel-able (not a word but it will do) – when I put them in originally I hadn’t soaked them in solution overnight as you are supposed to, I was just excited to try one lens on so I went ahead with it. I did soak them in solution overnight before I wore both out and about xD

Overall, I give it a comfort level of 5/5 considering you can’t see a damn thing ^^


They are white-out mesh. Which means they are meant to blend with your sclera, so they can’t really have any enlargement. Giving it an enlargement effect of 0/5!! Seeing as its just plain impossible and if you want white-out lenses will you really be interested in enlargement? I don’t think so.



And you look blind from a distance. Like a freak zombie.  Which is awesome.

So? Colour effect is absolutely amazing, perfect for the attention seeking kind of person. Or someone who just wants to stand out in a crowd. It’s fun so why not? Doesn’t hurt a single person! ^^

You can however, since they are mesh like, when you are really close as in the image above see your pupil/iris under the lens. The blending up close isn’t too great. But in photos, and standing about 10-20cm away from a person at minimum will give the best effect. If you are  further then you’ll get amazing effect. Just don’t be on top of them (closeness) then you can see you are wearing a mesh lens 🙂

Overall, rating is 5/5 ^v^


Considering the mesh I think its fair to include a visibility rating.

So, you can see through the lenses, but not at 100% vision. When I put them on I originally expected to be practically blind. Luckily it wasn’t that bad, it was just foggy and dark. Mostly in low light I can see quite well, in bright light (such as the sun) I almost feel like I’m going on my senses where the next step is. That’s how little I can see in bright light. An example is one time I was looking for my cell phone and the light was on, I tripped on my cat Midnight and it was not cool.

A testament to how much you can see through them (:


I love them. And I love the reactions I can get from them, first day I got them I sent a picture to my best friend and she gave me a “wtf” comment and told me I was insane (which is true really haha) and she knows it. Second time I donned a purple wig and went out just like the picture above and wore nothing but black clothing. Think the movie Ultraviolet (with Milla Jovovich) but instead with a blind looking set of eyes, and purple hair, and black clothes!!! ^^ about 12 different people told me I looked spooky. Another asked me if I “looked at myself in the mirror! And how did you think you looked” which was lovely actually. I couldn’t really answer him though, seeing as in my bathroom there is a lot of light from a window and I couldn’t see in the mirror (:


MY REACTION. Which is exactly what you want if you are going to wear these lenses <3

If you were thinking of maybe Halloween lenses or just some creep-effect hope this helps 🙂


When I got my NEW Circle Lenses from DHL I was super excited to try them out (~think hyper jumping and wondering how the hell I’m going to look with PINK eyes xP) ^^

They colour is amazing, but surprisingly in natural light (outdoors with the sun) it blends with my skin colour and looks freakishly natural! ツ


So I’m going to tell you my crazy experience trying to put them in my eyes ツ

Believe me it was funnay 😛

So my experience was this : Picked up my package from DHL – only took 6 days from date of order till I had them in my hands, and it was so embarassing but the person at the Collections desk asked me “I spoke to you over the phone, what’s in the package that you’re so excited and happy when I said it was available”  I did NOT know what to say so /sheepishly giggle lmao

Got home, ripped the baggy open, and stared at the vile for about ~maybe twenty minutes while I was waiting for my Mum to be done in the garden (she was tending to her plant children lol) ^^ I was so hyper looking at them but I had no idea how long it would take to get them into my eye at this point.

It’s the first time I’ve ever used any kind of lens so this experience was totally new and foreign to me, albeit exciting till new and foreign. And I was glad I had my “real life” tutorial maker in my mum since she used to wear contacts ツ

The hardest and most important step : Putting the lens in ツ

Obviously putting the lens in is the most important step — I mean you got to wear what you bought! But, everyone forgot to tell me it’s seriously hard to put something so thin and slippery into your eye D: but after my mother showed me how to put them in, I realized and of course my Mum told me that it’s not something that can be taught exactly, you just have to keep trying till you get it ^^

Now — that took me about 20+ minutes. At first I started with my left eye and it was so difficult, I kept blinking every time I saw my finger getting closer to my eye (fear I guess hehe) – and then my sister held my eye open and I still blinked continuously (: which irritated her so much, her with her short temper “KAY STOP BLINKING ..GEEZ”   but we handled it well, with her leaving me and telling me to do it on my own, and I did that.

Worked out well eventually — when I gave up on my left eye I took a little break (~5 minutes) then tried on my right eye, and it was only 3-5 tries and I got it in — but something really odd happened, my eye started to water continuously, literally it’s like I was crying and had no control over it in just the one eye, I didn’t panic about that because it was just about 2 minutes (even less) and I thought it was just because my eyes don’t know what in heavens name I’ve put in them xD after that minute or something it stopped and then I put the left eye in and that I did it 2 tries.

Then ta-da :3 lenses in~!!! just in case you want to know my natural eye-colour is dark brown ღ

Overall, it was hectic and fun all at the same time. I was so excited in the beginning I forgot all about actually putting them in, I assumed it would be doubly (its a word lol) simple and it really truly was NOT simple at all. Something I’ll have to get used to, because I love these and I want to try different colours. It’s part of my new interest 😀 wearing odd coloured lenses and trying out make-up (soon~!! maybe in like a month or two)

I’ll never forget the struggle of my first circle lenses— by struggle I mean how hilarious it was with me giggling and my sister telling me off (in that kind sisterly manner ♥)

More pictures to go with the post :3


My free froggy animal lens case ; and the vile’s that the circle lenses came in :3

With lenses you can’t take that many photos 흑 — but I have one more of the actually package it came in xD


That’s it :3 I’ll wear them for two weeks everyday and then I’ll write a review of these lenses on the blog :3

I already know I’ll be buying more so I’ll create a new category for Circle Lenses 🙂