Happy Saturday 🙂

Let me start my day talking about “manga drawing” then later on more on “language” xD

Yesterday I decided flat-out I would work on my drawing, since it’s just another skill I’m determined to learn! I was using online YouTube videos and tutorials from DeviantArt (well, not really tutorials but just looking at talented people’s drawings! hehe)

So  let me start off with the positive – as in “what I can draw without crying my eyeballs out” 

1. I can draw a really strong and neat jaw line. You know in anime the characters always have definitive jaw lines that are visible. And I’ve been reading (yes) that the jaw line really plays a part in the facial expressions.

2. I can always draw one eye, but then when it comes to the other side I totally mess it up. (?) confusing actually.

Now onto the stuff I really need to improve on – 

1. Hair. Anime/Manga hair is killer insane difficult to draw, you look at it and it looks so “easy-peasy” just try to it’s not so easy-peasy anymore :/

2. I can’t draw a body. It seems odd but really I can’t – well not yet ^^

Like everything else I learn I think I need a “book” – so I’m actually going to buy an Anime/Manga drawing book – the ones that teach you how to develop your own characters because I really can’t think clearly enough to come up with a “character” image in my mind – Like I’m brain dead lol x.x

No actually I see an image but it’s not what comes up on paper. Guess everything is about trial and error before you can get it right 🙂 I got time and won’t give up.


Hehe. Hey everyone.

I know that’s a very weird title!! >.< anyway I’ve now totally fallen inlove with the idea that I am learning to draw. Again, I’m teaching myself (mmm, this seems to be a trend with me lolol) – and so far I’m having fun which like Bennie said “is the most important rule in drawing”  – plus I have the other few important things needed to continue with learning anything.

1. I have motivation. A dream of being able to draw better. 

2. I also have confidence in myself to keep at it (: 

Those are enough aren’t they? They’ve done it for langauge, and not much else but still, they kept me on Korean for *hand count* pushing 3 years now.

But…..back to Korean matters (like its a meeting or something lol! >.<)

Yesterday I was studying with Yonsei reading till Chapter 4 – then after that it was time to 확인 my understanding with exercices, which required some reading of the question. Did it all, I  확인ed and got only one wrong. I got the 1st question wrong because I didn’t actually understand what they wanted me to do ?????

Simply put I was confused out of my freaking mind. heh. 


I’ll read the 1st question again after I’ve had some rest, and just generally relaxed!!!! >.< I’ll move onto Chapter 5 though….which is where the 게임 시작 comes in. Since I’m starting after a long 4 chapters (but they were fun) also later on today I’ll make a list of all the words I didn’t know that I came across during chapters 1-4 ;; might not be useful to anyone but it’s fun right ?

annyeong (oooh I never use romanization, hate it, but it looks cute there so I’ll leave it lol) <3

Hello! 안녕하세요 ^^ seems odd to actually dedicate a whole post to my first anime drawing, but it is the first time I’ve ever even tried to draw anything like this so I want to remember it in the future 🙂

Anime Nurse :)

Anime Nurse :)

I’m just so happy that I actually drew something :)) you know, like, I drew it and it looks /sorta normal xD 

Which gives me a really warm and fuzzy feeling inside. I know it really isn’t the best drawing in the world.

Actually, my Dad can draw really well, and I actually wish I had his talent, hmm, keep working hard and I’ll get there /Fighting!!!! ^_^

it’s not in proportion.

It’s a little crooked, I didn’t use any kind of measurements, just looked at the picture online and drew-away </3

I hope through practice, pain, and consistent attention to details I can improve, hey, who knows I might actually one day draw my own animations for my own Manga/Anime ♥

Luckier things have happend to people. Luck lives on.

But, seriously, I’m happy with how I did, tomorrow I’ll draw something else. Maybe a Chibi (suck at ’em) or more Anime (woohoo, they are fun, enjoy drawing ’em!)

</3 Kirst.

PS : I wrote this like 2-3 hours ago but for some unknown reason my blog was down. Really like DEAD. Anyone else notice this T_T but it’s all good now will contact my host if it continues ^^;;