heyyy ~

I have new books, I don’t know why but the sight of these books makes me so happy it’s unreal 😱😍

They are gorgeous and I wanna use them so bad! I’ve already started reading the Kanji book ; and I can’t wait to practice with the books I bought 😀

한국어 is clearly only getting sidebar reading practice these days but that’s alright. Reading isn’t that easy either haha.

But I do need a more interesting Korean novel, I’m thinking something a little less from the Naver book recommendations list and a little more close to my personality, like some sci-fi stuff.

If anyone knows of anything along those lines please let me know. 😀😘


이거 때문에 ~ 오늘 받은 책들 때문에 정말 행복한 밤 될 겁니당 ㅋ 💕

Japanese has exceptions and irregularities too? OMG.

Obviously I knew this, everything has exceptions and irregularities! Of course. But now I just know the Japanese ones, well, not all, how could I, but a few of them now.

Mostly to do with the Hiragana, Katakana, a few Kanji and pronunciation. I’m happy about that, bolded the pronunciation because most of them are just pronunciation 😀

Time for pictures of my untidy and disorganized notes (Japanese of course) I can now read and write with general ease if its Hiragana and Katakana and the 9 kanji I know so far loool.





There is no grammar yet. I kinda needed to look at Korean grammar because I got really pissed when I opened naver on my phone and tried to read something random and came across a grammar I didn’t know nor could I piece together in my mind. So headed for K-textbooks. 🙂


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Read grammar, and tried to write something with it 🙁 pathetic honestly. I remember it though but still pathetic. I didn’t have the energy to get my notebook out so I just used the textbook itself. There was space m(._.)m and I was lazy.

This post kinda veered off the title, I know, I’m sorry but it was more a general post actually anyway so its okay.

#Current Jdrama




This is probably my favourite drama in the whole world. I could watch it over and over again and never get tired of it. I absolutely adore it, and I’m picking up words because I am watching it over and over again. I am only on episode 5 though. So I have 1-5 and I watch those over and over until I have another episode to watch 🙂 the files are massive so it takes a while before I can see the next one.

Massive because I wanted to have good quality (* >ω<) that’s how awesome it is. [and I just discovered it has a Korean version, which not going to lie but looking at the actors I won’t waste my time watching it hehe!! They’ll ruin it, everything Korean-remake turns out HORRIBLE…I mean look at Boys Over Flowers eh?!]

xo ( ˘ ³˘)♥

March Language Goals

Time for the March language goals yay! ^^

– I plan to use my topik vocab book. It’s kinda fun and I am enjoy it, but its pretty thick so a whole months challenge shall be devoted to it. Luckily March is a real month so thankfully I have 31 days to work with it ^^ 

– read a little more. I will switch from the Big Bang book to something a little easier to accommodate the other stuff I will be doing. I haven’t decided to what yet though. It can’t be too time consuming. 

– talk more. I keep stressing on the writing but if I can talk then I can write, and I think I can grasp talking faster, I have been told I never shut up. hahaha. ^^ 

– buy one Japanese textbook. If some kind soul could link me to a good beginner textbook, I found Genki and plan on buying it maybe next week or something, I don’t know because I am also eyeing a few Korean things. 

– frequent updates. Recently because I was too tired most days to write posts and also wasn’t the happiest bunny I did stick to Instagram more than here which sucks but I will try to post updates here. And more stuff, other than “this is what I did today” haha. ^^ seems like a good plan? hey. 

From my post March Language Goals

Hey guys (=^-ω-^=)

So its April now, and I got some more of those elusive goals on my list. And I am going to recap some of the goals I had in March (・∀・) and for reference I copy-and-pasted my exact wording from the post I made at the beginning of March.

Recap time ~

1. The topik book. I am happy I did use it almost 3-4 times a week. In the last week though I didn’t touch it once, I was “too tired” from watching drama and generally doing the bare minimum with most things. I don’t mind though because I did almost get mid-way. So I can review it ; talk about it and pretty much all. (・ェ-)

2. Read a little more. I was supposed to pick a book for reading in April, and I didn’t. I looked at all I had to read (ma selection) and it looked tedious so I generally stuck to gossip (dispatch) and general kpop news articles. About twice weekly or once. (*ノ▽ノ)

3. Talk more. I did. Not out loud though, in my head, I developed a little habit about week 2 of March where everything I wanted to say in English I just tried mentally translating it ; and if I had my phone I would type it out in a note app. It went well, didn’t last past noon though. But it was better than nothing.

4. Buy a Japanese textbook. I DID IT. I bought a Japanese textbook, and that is step 1. in Japanese learning. And I love my first textbook, its whats been keeping me from taking my topik book further I’m sure I could have been 3/4 in if I didn’t start focusing on Japanese in the last week (╯_╰) but that’s okay. It was in the goals for the month so forgiven.

Say "Hi" to my textbook which I loove.

Say “Hi” to my textbook which I loove.


5. Frequent updates. I didn’t do that. Mmm. (╯_╰) I wanted to, but rather keep my babbling to myself, wouldn’t want pointless junk on here. Would piss me and you all off. m(._.)m  I did post a bit on Instagram though (・∀・)

Instagram (* ˘⌣˘)◞[_]♥[_]ヽ(•‿• ) Follow Me 

Now them April goals. There is a second language here now so I guess it means the goals-list is DOUBLE long (๑>ᴗ<๑)

Start with my new baby ~ Japanese!!! ^_^

I’m beginner, so the list is a long one, there is loads to be done.

  • Perfect my Kana abilities. I have got to have super-strength Kana power by May 1st (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧
This chapter and google is my new bestie :)

This chapter and google is my new bestie :)

  • This is big …for now…but I must learn 5 grammars and be able to implement them flawlessly in anything I write.
  • Mmm. Could I maybe open a Japanese blog and write one-liners ? ~(^◇^)/
  • Buy one Japanese reference book (something grammar – lets get these early)
  • Vocab. I am learning from Genki. Its my only learning source at the moment. + I will look at japanesepod101 I trust their series because koreanclass101 was invaluable to me and sometimes still is (:
  • Have fun. This is the most important goal hehe (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

I think that would be enough for Japanese, I don’t want to rush, but I also don’t want to move at the pace of a tortois and forget what I learn. My short memory means no-review of material learnt = I forget everything. All of it.

Boring I know. So preventative measures will be taken for Japanese just like I did in the beginning of my Korean learning journey (:


Short list 🙂 😉

  • Continue with the topik vocabulary workbook from March. I’m not done yet. But I will review it soon either way, I’m sorta half-way (:
  • Comprehensive textbook (any. I ordered Ewha 4 and that should be here soon, but I still have Ewha 3-1 on my bookshelf so I will use that first)
  • I have Yonsei reading 2 ; but now I want to get book 3 because I am almost done with book 2! I always read it in my spare time, because it happens to be my favourite Korean textbook.
  • Continue with Naver (=`ω´=)
  • Review the books I have finished using. It’s a few, if you include ebooks and random stuff its alot.

The list for Korean is a lot shorter eh? ^_^ so that’s it o(`ω´*)o

I know I’ll do more, but always make the most simple and do-able things known here (:

I always add to my lists actually 🙂

Happy April. (∿°○°)∿ ︵ ǝʌol