Ah! It’s so refreshing to have a book you’re enjoying in hand and nice warm weather. Let’s not forget some nice peace and quiet 😜 

I forgot what it felt like to sit in absolute silence with a novel in hand and some much needed sun. Thankfully it was sunny today and I have been reading a novel (been a while with it being winter and all) ; it felt so nice to just be nice and warm without wearing layers and read something I’m enjoying. 

I don’t count my textbooks in this though, I use those practically everyday of my life 😉💜 which I am so proud of! Even when I am super sick like today 😷 

Mentioning textbooks, and today, I was studying Japanese today and just wrote totally random Korean in my Evernote App ….and surprisingly I had the urge to actually re-type in Japanese. As shocked as I was that I actually knew what to type somewhat (broken but legible to my newbie eyes)  I’m probably wrong though 😉 

And being home alone the random notes in Korean in my App will increase, since I’m afraid of being alone with my sister despite the Rapid Response Alarm being on. I’ll probably keep reading too, if I can manage the mental effort at 2am in the morning 😩😔  that or late night cleaning? 

Point of post? It’s just nice to have a good book and some sun. I don’t have to be feeling to good but those two as a combo is amazing. 

Life is books 💜📚 

우왓! So long since I posted, and time is flying by so fast. 시간이 빠르지 않다고?

I was shocked when I saw the date, actually I was reminded of the date when my friend and I were chatting and I was saying  :

“Wow. It’s Friday tomorrow, unbelievable I thought it was Wednesday!”  and her response that made me realize how much time is flying? “Yeah, and I’m going to be a year older soon” then I was like “omg yes, on Saturday!” it’s the 4th of July, tomorrow her birthday. I was in dreamland thinking it was maybe just nearing the end of June.

Yes, my days are that relaxed/stressed at the moment, I barely look at the date and lose days /embarrassing/  and it’s so shameful but I don’t even write the date on my notes that often, except the Kanji practice notebook but I haven’t used that in the last few days so haven’t written out the date 🙁

But I’m returning to my blog now. I never take off for longer than a month so I guess it’s not a return but I’m just posting again, I don’t just stop doing things haha.

Ah! That’s really it though, I’m going to continue what I was doing when I remembered it had been a while since my last post, studying N5 Kanji. Let me tell you, it’s a challenge, albeit a fun one still a challenge with the multiple readings and etc, but the textbook I’m using is a massive help in making it fun and sorta less “WTF” and more like “PRACTICE” thoughts 🙂 You know what I mean?

As for Korean I’ve managed to use just one book while I haven’t been posting ^^ TOPIK Essential 150!

^ You read right, I am using just one book, I can barely believe it myself  but I like the one-book thing, I think using Genki made me realize how much I like using one book at a time, it’s more structured that way and I actually get shit done. 🙂

Um speaking of Genki <I love that book> although I am still studying in the early chapters already having Language Learner Dreams of Book II ^^ highly doubt it will be this year though ~ maybe January if I am mildly diligent in my studies. 😕

I now leave you with this <3

Don’t they look so pretty 🙂 I cannot wait for the COMEBACK ^^

heyyy ~

I have new books, I don’t know why but the sight of these books makes me so happy it’s unreal 😱😍

They are gorgeous and I wanna use them so bad! I’ve already started reading the Kanji book ; and I can’t wait to practice with the books I bought 😀

한국어 is clearly only getting sidebar reading practice these days but that’s alright. Reading isn’t that easy either haha.

But I do need a more interesting Korean novel, I’m thinking something a little less from the Naver book recommendations list and a little more close to my personality, like some sci-fi stuff.

If anyone knows of anything along those lines please let me know. 😀😘


이거 때문에 ~ 오늘 받은 책들 때문에 정말 행복한 밤 될 겁니당 ㅋ 💕

[Written 6.6.2015 ~ now on particles but still posting this ^^ hope everyone is doing well in life and studies]

If you have studied (or are studying) Japanese then you know your verbs are coma-inducing ; and coming from the world of 한국어 where figuring out the verb stem is literally as easy as pie this is confusing as hell.

Hold up! What are you saying Kirsten?

I’m saying I’ve hit another slightly confusing (to me anyway) hiccup in Japanese. Again, not complaining, because when something is difficult you work hard to understand it ; and when you work hard and finally get it it feels goooood. So what’s hard you ask?

Japanese verbs – the u and ru and irregular. And who knows maybe more to come. Right now though just been thrown Into a rattlesnake filled pit of Japanese verbs 🙂 yay

°hint of sarcasm°

With Korean you know we have these 하다 verbs eg. 공부하다 (to study) and to conjugate, super simple.

공부하다 | Verb stem being (공부) – 공부해요 – 공부했어요. (Verb stem – present – past)

Things are that simple with Japanese too, on a few things, but like everything there is these beautiful things called irregularities that mess up our thinking process and make you think “wth for?” — yes, yes, Japanese has those moments LOL

Examples : will use 勉強する to illustrate when the rules are not followed (because of する being irregular and having to be attached to the 勉強 to convey the action of studying)

Present tense being – 勉強します。
Present negative tense – 勉強しません。

I was confused about this because in my mind I thought (why has the ます changed to a します where does this hiraganaし come from? And why is it coming when 勉強する ending in “Ru” should belong to the “ru-verbs” no?

Not. Haha.

Just because something ends in “ru” doesn’t mean its a Ru-verb ; the verbs are messing with you haha, the same with u ~ doesn’t mean because it ends with “u” it’s an “u” verb 🙂

I guess they will stop messing with me the more I study and learn their patterns, for now however, I will memorize a few of them just so I dont trip up. And Genki said to.