안녕하세요 여러분!

Yeah, I forgot how much I despise vocabulary, like a lot. I knew I didn’t like the idea of forgetting a lot and having to learn the vocabulary section but I really just forget how much I hated it 🙁

Today I studied 85 words. That’s it. Just 85 words 🙁

The grammar is perfectly fine, as I am sure you can all recall if you’ve read any of my previous posts I have a love of grammar and the puzzles I create in my mind of it. Grammar is so cool!

I could spend hours on grammar….

but vocabulary is the death of me 🙂

Yet that’s what I remember less of, its alright I guess, in that I would rather forget vocabulary than grammar, since its faster to acquire the meanings of words etc, versus grammar where you can spend 20 min on one lol. But still, just some thoughts of mine.

But so far going alright on my study plan ^_^


Again, another Justin Bieber cover in Korean. I should stop linking those, but for some unknown reason I turned into a Belieber  when I came across a video of Justin Bieber saying 지드래곤 had talent. I was like okay I have to give his music a shot now, he likes 오빠 😉 and then I liked them..sooo…but they are so much better in Korean so I listen to those.


다음에 또 만나요 🙂


Today was my evaluation lesson for Korean. Oh my god, I was nervous but looking forward to it.

So the news, I have forgotten the bulk of vocabulary I used to know, so fast track I now have a 100 word a week lesson plan. And to make sure I am 100% truly alright even though I know the information I have asked to have a foundation plan too alongside some other Intermediate content.

My reading is fast as it always was, I remember things in the sense I can see something, read it, understand it, but I fail at utilizing that information on my own. I cannot re-create what I know and communicate as effectively as I once could.

But really its just my vocabulary that is awful, and my mistakes on a few simple grammar points, yet some are unaffected.

Well… here is a Korean version of Justin Biebers’ “Love Yourself”

Its a beautiful cover of a beautiful song, her voice is flawless, some people just have amazing voices and talent. Enjoy.

Just a quick update.

다음에 또 만나요 🙂

I have a new fascination, with the Korean Imperial family. Well former Korean Imperial Family now, their history and everything. Basically Korean history, but in particular the royal family bit going back centuries. I am sadly far too broke to stock up on new books 🙁 that and I have enough to read as it is. But learning more about Korean history (the royal family part) is really fun. Very enjoyable, and it’s getting freakishly addictive. I repeat freakishly addictive.

Sadly though, that isn’t the only thing I’m addicted to. But that’s a separate post.

As I have been reading more about Korea’s former royalty (- odd, but them being dead doesn’t make them former does it? I don’t know.) I have taken to the life of Korea’s last Princess. 덕혜옹주 – I have just become really fascinated with her, her life and how much she seems to have suffered in her life. Early and later. Her life journey is just fascinating but also very sad.


I will of course get to other members of the family and learn more about them, but right now I have my favourite and it’s almost the same as when I  read and buy WWII history books! 🙂 I like history and I am so happy I have found a piece of Korean history that has roped me in and actually kept me in ^^

History is as important as learning a language I think, and although I have always read Korean  history and kept myself relatively informed on their background (as much as I could.) I have never done any in-depth reading of any kind. I just didn’t get round to it and also I am anti-softcopy lately. I like physical copies of things. Ohmygoodness, it makes me seem like a tree killer, I am so sorry but I like physical paper  books. And it’s getting worse

I need to find a book on King Sejong too though, I mean without him I wouldn’t have Hangul to love 🙂 do you know what I mean? I don’t want an English book though, I am neglecting reading a lot these days but luckily I would assume that a book on King Sejong the Great wouldn’t be all that hard to find in Korean. Just to pick and have it shipped to me. When I have money….T_T

Hope you all have a wonderful day. Also, I’m curious do you have a favourite Korean royal family member? Anyone love history as much as I do? 🙂


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Hellllllllllo ^^ its been so long since I did a book review! I was shocked to realise it was in 2013! Oh my goodness, I guess I took so long to review another book that I think I stopped thinking about it ._. which is a little sad. But, I have a book to review so I shall review the book I started to read last month, but due to becoming mildly obsessed with Japanese and writing Korean I stopped reading it 🙁

But I started reading it last week, and boy, its a good read! I am so serious. Enough yack and onto the review. ^^ Enjoy.


A Geek in Korea is basically the ultimate illustrated in beautiful pictures guide to everything about Korea and when I say EVERYTHING I truly mean that. It has history, who Koreans are, the science to Kpop (which is my favourite chapter) a look at Korea’s internet mania, basically everything a Korean-learner or Korean-anything enthusiast would want to know.

It has everything and MORE that I want to know. I love Korea and Korean culture and language, as a learner we want to know more about the culture so we can better teach ourselves, and if you haven’t been to Korea you won’t know this stuff, but Daniel Tudor really went all in with this book. He literally just handed you gold in a book! Take it, treasure and study ~

With some beautiful pictures.

Although its a pretty book, its not all pretty, it does look at the  bad points of Korea, for example their suicide issue, which I think as foreigners or rather for me who is non-Asian, I don’t understand their mindset and why their suicide rates are so high but this book does look at those points in a broad sense for us all to understand it better.

Thinking about old Korea?

I have heard that in a lot of places around the world the Hallyu wave is a big thing (yes. it does not exist here) – and that’s great its good for Korean culture and music to be spread (drama, music, celebs, language) but I never see so much about old Korea, the hanboks, the architecture, the traditional homes (Hanok), Minhwa (folk paintings) all the stuff I really want to know before being hyper over a new boy band and a cool app. I was so glad when I was reading through the book and all this stuff was there. Feels complete.

Ever wonder about the different parts of Korea?

Okay, so I read a lot of random stuff on Korea, its my hobby honestly, and I have come across different misconceptions about Koreans and their “clubbing” culture and the no-go zones of Korea. Red-light district you name it, I’ve read it! But I had never heard of Traditional Korean Clubs!? WHAT? To me the idea is just so cool, and I like that even the weirdest things that are not typically explored are written in this book.

I just basically think this book is a super invaluable addition to anyone who wants to know more about Korea, and the way Korean culture ticks. Its amazing.






Yes. There is apparently a SCIENCE to Kpop and just for this chapter I would buy the book ^^ you will be so surprised that this is truly a science. And a keenly developed one too <3 which is awesome actually. But creepy lol.


You can never have too many drama recommendations? 🙂

I was surprised that I hadn’t watched most of them ._. but this is a fun guide just to have as a Kdrama girl/guy :3

~V=(° °)=V~

So of course I love this book, and I’m really happy I got a chance to read it, but I will just list some pros and cons! ^^

Pros :-

  • Beautifully illustrated ~ makes for a fun read if you are someone who is easily bored with large chunks of text.
  • Nice paper. I am a sucker for glossy paper and although this doesn’t have glossy paper its such nice paper, thick and sturdy
  • Paperback! Yes.
  • Very in-depth content.
  • Compact size

Cons :-

  • This isn’t really a con but there was only Romanization of Korean words used. If someone who can’t read Hangul wants to read the book then this feature is perfect.
  • Nothing else <3

I seriously recommend this book to anyone wanting to know more about Korea. Its fun to read, and pretty much covers a variety of Korean culture issues, and the differences that we otherwise don’t notice. What essentially makes Korea the Korea we all want to know more about.

You can buy it here

I hope you enjoyed the review. And I will be reviewing more book in the future yay :3 hehe.