Hellllllllllo ^^ its been so long since I did a book review! I was shocked to realise it was in 2013! Oh my goodness, I guess I took so long to review another book that I think I stopped thinking about it ._. which is a little sad. But, I have a book to review so I shall review the book I started to read last month, but due to becoming mildly obsessed with Japanese and writing Korean I stopped reading it 🙁

But I started reading it last week, and boy, its a good read! I am so serious. Enough yack and onto the review. ^^ Enjoy.


A Geek in Korea is basically the ultimate illustrated in beautiful pictures guide to everything about Korea and when I say EVERYTHING I truly mean that. It has history, who Koreans are, the science to Kpop (which is my favourite chapter) a look at Korea’s internet mania, basically everything a Korean-learner or Korean-anything enthusiast would want to know.

It has everything and MORE that I want to know. I love Korea and Korean culture and language, as a learner we want to know more about the culture so we can better teach ourselves, and if you haven’t been to Korea you won’t know this stuff, but Daniel Tudor really went all in with this book. He literally just handed you gold in a book! Take it, treasure and study ~

With some beautiful pictures.

Although its a pretty book, its not all pretty, it does look at the  bad points of Korea, for example their suicide issue, which I think as foreigners or rather for me who is non-Asian, I don’t understand their mindset and why their suicide rates are so high but this book does look at those points in a broad sense for us all to understand it better.

Thinking about old Korea?

I have heard that in a lot of places around the world the Hallyu wave is a big thing (yes. it does not exist here) – and that’s great its good for Korean culture and music to be spread (drama, music, celebs, language) but I never see so much about old Korea, the hanboks, the architecture, the traditional homes (Hanok), Minhwa (folk paintings) all the stuff I really want to know before being hyper over a new boy band and a cool app. I was so glad when I was reading through the book and all this stuff was there. Feels complete.

Ever wonder about the different parts of Korea?

Okay, so I read a lot of random stuff on Korea, its my hobby honestly, and I have come across different misconceptions about Koreans and their “clubbing” culture and the no-go zones of Korea. Red-light district you name it, I’ve read it! But I had never heard of Traditional Korean Clubs!? WHAT? To me the idea is just so cool, and I like that even the weirdest things that are not typically explored are written in this book.

I just basically think this book is a super invaluable addition to anyone who wants to know more about Korea, and the way Korean culture ticks. Its amazing.






Yes. There is apparently a SCIENCE to Kpop and just for this chapter I would buy the book ^^ you will be so surprised that this is truly a science. And a keenly developed one too <3 which is awesome actually. But creepy lol.


You can never have too many drama recommendations? 🙂

I was surprised that I hadn’t watched most of them ._. but this is a fun guide just to have as a Kdrama girl/guy :3

~V=(° °)=V~

So of course I love this book, and I’m really happy I got a chance to read it, but I will just list some pros and cons! ^^

Pros :-

  • Beautifully illustrated ~ makes for a fun read if you are someone who is easily bored with large chunks of text.
  • Nice paper. I am a sucker for glossy paper and although this doesn’t have glossy paper its such nice paper, thick and sturdy
  • Paperback! Yes.
  • Very in-depth content.
  • Compact size

Cons :-

  • This isn’t really a con but there was only Romanization of Korean words used. If someone who can’t read Hangul wants to read the book then this feature is perfect.
  • Nothing else <3

I seriously recommend this book to anyone wanting to know more about Korea. Its fun to read, and pretty much covers a variety of Korean culture issues, and the differences that we otherwise don’t notice. What essentially makes Korea the Korea we all want to know more about.

You can buy it here

I hope you enjoyed the review. And I will be reviewing more book in the future yay :3 hehe.


I like looking at Korean food because I can’t actually eat it and I found this video on YouTube. Actually two videos the first is someone eating an octopus LIVE!!! it was really scary for me but haha I still watched it twice ㅎㅎ

Honestly though it was really scary despite my ridiculous girly giggles while I watched it.

Second video.

This one really scared me to death. omg. I was petrified for those poor little shrimps being dipped in a sauce and then eaten alive (omg.) and then on top of it you can hear the Korean ahjumma in the background ><


Watch those videos 😀 they are mega scary (or is it just me) anyway I wonder if this is a widespread thing in Korea or its just something a minor majority of people do, its not exactly something I have come across when looking at Korean food/ or culture.

Interesting I will say that. ^__^


#KoreanCulture In a traditional Korean situation how would they celebrate a birthday. By eating seaweed soup of course (미역국)

미역국is a seaweed soup Koreans eat on their birthdays ; have you ever read a tweet by a Korean idol and wondered why he/she has said they are going to have “미역국” today? 🙂 its because its a traditional way of celebrating ones birthday in Korea. People can even great you on your birthday by asking if you have eaten your 미역국 hehe~

Credit ~ weekofmenus.blogspot.com

Credit ~ weekofmenus.blogspot.com

Though Koreans nowadays celebrate their birthdays in a Western-style with the cake and gifts and maybe a little get-together with friends/ and or family but they still have their traditions of eating/ drinking 미역국 (Seaweed Soup) on their birthdays too! which is so lovely sticking to tradition but still having some good ‘ole cake with friends and family ^^

Q&A Post Format 🙂

Q. When do Koreans eat 미역국 (seaweed soup)?

  • on their birthdays as a celebration of the care given to them by their Mothers
  • Postpartum because seaweed soup is high in calcium and iodine so its good for the baby and the Mother (before giving birth and after giving birth for quicker recovery)

Basically eating seaweed soup is associated with birth in some ways ; eating of the soup on your birthday and eating of the soup a few months/ or weeks before childbirth and a few weeks after childbirth. ^^

Q. When would Koreans not eat the seaweed soup?

I read in my textbook that Koreans would not eat 미역국 on an exam day because seaweed is slippery (I’ve never seen it before though ㅋㅊ) so the slipperiness of the soup would give the idea of failing the exam and so when they fail an exam they would naturally think and say “Ah! I had seaweed soup!” its a weird thing to think but it sort of rings a bell to me when I think if you fail an exam you have ‘slipped’ ㅋㅋ


I found a recipe of 미역국 soup online (HERE) which looks less revolting (…sorry!) than the others I saw with the videos on YouTube, personally I would like to try this 미역국 if I am in Korea (yes. I am optimistic I will go in the near future ㅎㅎ) because it looks different to the food I have eaten, but, I don’t know if its to my taste it seems to have meat in it (Red Meat) and I hate red meat I can eat it but it makes me sick so if I could try one with just the seaweed and the other stuff minus the meat then I would like it. In the blog post I read it sounds like a “gooey” soup and I don’t like gooey food but if again…less gooey I would like it I think and the recipe on this blog has a less-gooey seaweed soup xD

Hope you enjoyed the post 🙂

I’m just watching 넌내반 (넌 내게 반했어) I shortened it so when I have to refer to it again (maybe in the future!) ㅎㅎ

But anyway sitting in bed doing just NOTHING ; Midnight (my drop dead adorkable cat ~!) is literally sitting on my legs so I can’t move haha! therefore I am watching my memorable parts of 넌 내게 반했어 which were very few I think I just love a certain someone so much I kept going even though the plot is nothing but boring. frustrating. nonsensical. idiotic. childish. mindless. waste of time and energy. waste of broadcast space. waste of 오빠’s talent …..etc.!

Ignore that last one 😀

While watching certain sections of this drama I noticed how much this expression/insult was used 넌 뭐야?! and in most, if not all situations it was said with a tone of “wtf..who do you think you are” or something like “what is wrong with you?” something like that also it was coupled with expressions on their faces to match ^^


넌 뭐야?

넌 뭐야?

Here Yonghwa or 이신 (Lee-shin) says to Park Shin-hye “뭐야 넌?” when she try’s to give him the gift-basket thingy after some chick who is obviously now his ex-girlfriend smacked him earlier >.< he doesn’t tell this girl to take it, but after she (the girl!) leaves he gets up and walks off. Shin-hye then picks this basket up to give it to him (maybe thinking he forgot. maybe not.) but is shot down and told to have them, then her snap back is to tell him that they are given to him and he should accept it. He turns around with the look about and says to her “뭐야 넌?” guessing from his tone (intonation) he was being very silly about the situation.

He won’t accept. What is her case forcing him to accept something. Who is she? more specifically What is she? (뭐야 넌?)

Meaning In all the situations I watched in this drama. I haven’t seen any other ones but I am sure they are loads will have to look more 😀 but here it was always used with the meaning ~

1. what gives you the right to do this?

2. You sure have some guts doing this!

3. Where do you get off? acting like you know me…

To me this is what it seems to mean! I have yet to see a situation where it is used in a positive way. But surely it can be in situations when someone is doing something that is deemed “odd” or “strange” you could say something like this 뭐야 넌? with a more playful tone to it ^^

Although it seems like the fact that this is said 99.9% of the time using 반말 the intention is to be RUDE. I suppose so.

Which therefore contradicts the idea that it can be used when you are joking around with a friend or family. They might take it the wrong way D: safer in my opinion if someone might take it the wrong way. Out of context. To just never use something ^^ up to you though not explaining what you should and shouldn’t do just making my observations ~!!

Ah! This wasn’t supposed to be a long post haha. Anyway feel free to leave lots of comments about any other words/ and or phrases you have heard in dramas 🙂 or anything fun you have heard ~

I probably won’t be able to sleep for a while. Again but goodnight 😀 its 11:10pm so I should sleep…but…eh! I just am not tired lol ~!!

If I fail at that I will just read something 😀