Hey guys ^^ if you read my previous post you know I have given myself a challenge (and everything I say about it I hashtag #19DayReadingChallenge on Twitter) 🙂 just to keep track of it all…really trying hard to hold my end of the challenge. Just getting there. I had this to think about when I thought of taking a nap hahaha

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I wasn’t there yet…so I couldn’t just stop. That helped me to keep going forward till I reached my page allocation (? is that right) — which makes me happy, because I still have two pages left to complete reading, but still, I am really happy I pushed through. I took stops only to eat and pee! ^^

Last one! TMI. But its the truth heh.

I was surprised at how much I was learning, little idioms, and so many words I had never even imagined, although it was hard, compared to novels (real ones) like 신사의 품격 it’s a lot easier to digest, writing style, and words aren’t convoluted…to the extent of 신사의 품격 ^^

So for someone trying to read a book it isn’t too brain-power consuming. Well, it really is, but not that much. Like I said.

Here is a peak at my post-its I stuck on the book as I was reading and looking up words in the dictionary.

This was this morning. And now there is about 9 more pink sticky notes on the pages. I can’t bare to tack up the pages with my writing /sorry/

And I will probably never say this again but reading these pages has actually made me think 지드래곤 is a likeable guy haha. I mean, the way the story is, his life, seems like he is a really good person. I don’t like his music, well, maybe a few songs ㅋㅋ

I really wish there was something like this for 용화 that would be amazing. And I would buy that…and read that…I would so own that.

And to the new kiddies on my bookshelf part of the post 🙂



Two new textbooks to add my to my growing list of books I haven’t finished (or started) ;  but I have started the Yellow one already. I had a nice look at it this evening and I am going to study from it while I watch The Simpsons <3

Who knows maybe my word 잡아 speed will increase lolol — I will see the best way to use this textbook and share in a post. I would appreciate it, maybe I’m not alone, so I will share 😀


Also the last of my magazine buying habit. This one weighs like a ton, which costs a fortune, so I can’t buy them anymore ):


Enjoy your studies everyone, remember not to think of it as a chore, and sadly if you do, maybe you shouldn’t be studying a foreign language. If you have to however, for work or something, try and find something that keeps you motivated, like K-pop ; any Korean music since K-pop can get boring.

Go back to the 90s for some music playlists 😀 nothing beats early 90s pop music. I’m serious.

My books finally arrived after much delay and headache (it was supposed to be all simple) and I was supposed to have ’em last week but let me not live in the ‘I was supposed to..” place in my head because I have them now and I am ecstatic haha I love them I didn’t even expect that they would look like that ~ paper quality, content etc. list is endless you’ll get all this in the reviews for them that I will write once I’m done with the books (:

Should be happy they came at the beginning of the month a little hmm! Then I have a new month and new books. New beginning of study hehe xD

Anyway, what did I get. I ordered 5 Korean textbooks its the most textbooks I’ve bought in one batch so this is essentially my first Korean book haul right ^^

I bought the Ehwa Korean books because they have been on my mind for a very long time, been wanting to try them and I didn’t know which level would be appropriate for me so I looked at the preview images and decided on level 2 last minute it was originally Level 3 I was going to buy but I’m glad I bought Level 2 because when I buy level 3 in a little while after I am done with Level 2 I will easily transition into the books seeing as I have used the previous level and know the way the books are laid out (:

I also bought Yonsei Reading 2 my goodness me!!!! Haha. I picked Level 2 because I thought it would be easier but still a little challenge boy was I right its still looks like a challenge I haven’t actually started using it yet all I did last night was take the CD out of the book place it on my desk and page through it a little bit nothing more, so when I start to use it I will see what its really like maybe my mind thinks its hard but it really isn’t. Anyway looking forward to using it.

I’ve already taken the Ewha Korean 2-1 book out for a little spin hehe done the first three grammars and practices and although they are simple and extremely easy I did learn one word in the first page lol hmm that makes me upset I should be studying harder 😀 but so far loving the book can’t stop (:

Also I finally got a taste of Bromide the Korean celeb magazine it was my first time seeing it, its so tiny hehe didn’t expect that but still loads of reading material in it and I can’t understand it so it means its useful to me (;

Yay! My day just got better a few hours ago I am not sure if you guys remember but a couple of posts back I said I ordered a manhwa and a magazine from twochois (CNBLUE cover 더스타) its arrrived ~~~

Kinda upset a little because these things arrived a long time ago (2 weeks) but I wasn’t told about it even today I just saw the package with the green label from Korea Post and knew it was from twochois (:

So….what I got ^^ the Korean related stuff.


Book one of the 슬픈연가 manhwa book which is awesome even though its second hand its in imaculate condition almost better than a new one haha my Mum was even shocked when I told her its second hand. Plus, got my baby on the cover of a magazine (fangirl) CNBLUE and 정용화 looks so handsome as well as 종현 ^^ and twochois added a High Cut and a free cute little notebook 🙂 will use it well!!!

Glad also that I got non Korean from Amazon.co.uk like my first set of metal chopsticks and a beautiful matte finish cover for my Note 3 cellphone.

Now just need to wait for my textbooks that I ordered hahaha I almost cant wait but then I have to xD

Going to read the 씨엔블루 magazine now ♥