I’m busy. No time. Can’t think. Everything is hey-wire but who really gives a shit haha do you? didn’t think so. neither do I either so might as well try harder to make the most of everything I got ^^

that means a new project, or rather the 1st Koreannnotebook project (that means first project of this blog) ㅋㅋㅋ I’m not personally certain if I can keep up with this project but I’ll be sure to start off with a positive note (:

The project.

I’ll be working super hard to translate all the 갑동이 articles I come across and don’t be shocked if you land up seeing some videos about 갑동이 and everything else on the blog ^^ because I am loving this drama (haven’t seen Episode 4 yet eek) and I want a solid memory and also the first drama I have watched that’s a currently airing drama from the beginning (별그대 I started to watch about 2-3 weeks after original air-date) typical me huh? ^^

Hope you’ll all look forward to this new project of mine (: also lets see how well I keep up with it all ~ 🙂

Happy me xD

btw my two lovelies ♥♥ they look so damn good in black and white never noticed until I compared them 😀 must be why they are both my biases (or u could say addictions heh)


“Just Another Girl” Korean MV


“Truth” Japanese PV

쏘리 ~ this song is even better than I thought it would be ^^ and Yonghwa on piano is very very cool xD and also the whole ambiance of the video is so romantic ♥

love the white (light?) and dark changes in the music video too >< the glass ascents in the mv just made everything better too <3

Music video ~ (it’s official from FNC Channel) and lyrics below the cut! They are simple words, easy to understand so I don’t think you need a translation xD

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My WiFi stopped working at the most crucial moment in my fangirling so now I have to sit here and stare at my router until it works.

#CNBLUE #씨엔블루

Havent seen the MV haven’t heard the tracks ㅠㅠ

잘 만든 것 같아요 ~♥♥ 정말 듣고싶은데요!!!!

Shall I call my ISP?

Just incase you are thinking but you just posted a Blog I am using my data on my phone and I have 72cents left not even close enough to watch an MV. ㅠㅠ

the post title is a few words from something I heard for the first time today …I will rave about it in another post (:

Feeling better since yesterday (and the past few weeks!!) I actually studied and took real notes hehe~ studied some grammar, vocabulary and lots of sentences verbatim (yikes……not good) but I am just going to change them and see how they work with the way I talk, basically play with sentences in Korean haha

I have progress to make on a Korean Grammar In Use : Intermediate (still on chapter 1 ..re-read)  and Yonsei 4 (I am still on chapter 3 xD)

Notebook #2 notes (10.06.20103)

Notebook #2 notes (10.06.20103)

See. Its a black and white photo. I never take black & white photos so today I just thought why not?

Anyway I didn’t know how much listening to CNBLUE and more particularly Yong-hwa calms me down and also how addicted I am to all of them, yesterday I spent almost the majority of the day watching them 🙂 I was just so bored with no one to talk to (sister was sickㅠㅠ)

Watched their Zepp Tour about 3 times ~ its honestly really beautiful xD then from this video I made a decision about something and I will share in a post tomorrow ㅋㅋ its something new I will be doing. You can guess if you want haha ♥