Yes, the 달향 era is finally here! I am the happiest fangirl on earth right now, a character teaser for Yonghwa’s new drama, The Three Musketeers (삼총사) and its amazing. The swinging of that sword, the look, the hair, those clothes…!!

Can I say anymore than its simply AMAZING!! And I know beyond a shadow of doubt I am going to love this drama <3 No question about it.


Some handy links to follow for further reading. And ogling at 용화 ㅋㅋ Here you will find some yummy pictures of 달향 and his horse, looking ready to go. Its in Korean though but not hard to read, simple actually. It’s also the official tVN page for the drama.

And here is the dramas AsianWikiMedia link 😀

The first broadcast is the 17th of August 2014 ♥

달향의 시대, 이제부터 시작합니다.

Mood :- highly depressed because this movie was a killer -_-


I knew it. A tear-jerker but not in the way 내 머리속의 지우개 was, this was good ole let me destroy your night with emotional pain…..from characters that are so well portrayed that for 2+ hours you’ll forget they are fiction and get sucked into the emotions of the movie/characters.

From the credits I know the actors names now : 강동원 as 정윤수 (Jung Yoon-soo) and 이나영 as 문유정 (Mun Yoo-jung) and I knew the guy (강동원) was from that drama I failed to watch (1% of Anything) and the female actress I have never seen a thing with her in so this was new for me.

The movie for me!

Considering I didn’t know what I was getting into I handled it as well as I could, seeing as the storyline is a killer ><;; I’m actually still crying a little because of the last scene, where 강동원 is on the chair, giving his tearful and sincere apologies to everyone and his thanks too! Telling how he has learnt about life, that the world hasn’t turned on him, how he’s learned about love. Sister Monica having sent him an angel (: who is 이나영 ♥ ㅠㅠ its so sad, I can’t even type properly right now.

The casting is amazing! I didn’t know about these actors but I’ll say one thing, their performance in this movie has made me fans of theirs for a very very long time, I could even say FOREVER.

When I’m done crying about the depressing scenes in the movie, I’m sure I’ll be able to understand more, because I’ll be thinking about it.

Forgiveness was one theme echoed in this movie. Something good was here, in this movie.

My eyes hurt. ⅔ because this was the most depressing movie ever and ⅓ because I’m sitting in the dark …just about to sleep. Exhaustion is attacking me I think because my head is spinning right now.

잘 자요 여러분 🙂

Just finished watching “Eraser In My Mind” and I’m sorry to say this but it was the saddest thing I have ever watched -_-

My eyes.face.nose all red because I’ve been crying for the last forty minutes ~ when Sharmaine (@seoulsuitcase) said she cried buckets I knew I would be crying too, but I didn’t think I would cry this much.

I’ve only seen 손예진 in two dramas and I loved her in one (lead actress) and found her spunky in her cameo of Secret Garden even though it was 20seconds ^^ so you could say I like her acting and expected it to be amazing in the movie ~ and I was right she played her role of Kim Sujin too well if u ask me, I actually forgot about “real world” and felt only for Kim Sujin (:

Never seen anything with 정우성 this would be the first but from the cover …the angle he looked like 소지섭 so I was pleased that he would be nice to look at haha but that’s just the angle he really looks nothing like So Jisub he looks a little bit better ♥ and he can act somehow I was crying more when he was crying I’ll call him Mr. Tears from now on.

Okay? 🙂

Overall it was an amazing movie, and I would agree with everyone almost the best romantic-tear-inducing Korean movie I’ve seen so far. Thanks for the recommendation Karla ^^

Favourite scenes.

~ in the end when he goes to visit her and asks the nurse “Can she go for a trip?” and we see her out and about …right by the store they met at! He is standing there replicating how it ‘all started’ we go inside and everyone is there : her mom, her sister, Dad, doctor ..the old grumpy man..

~ the end. Them driving off together after he finally told her. “I Love You”

~ when she was walking/stalking him with her girls and then turns around and says “Oh! We were just walking by..” omg girl you were stalking the man ㅋㅋㅋ

Well. The end. I have an exam today cant type too much (: will add more tonight.

Thanks. Again. Any recommendations are welcome 😀

좋은 아침입니다 ^^

Woke up early (again!) It’s been a running order for me lately to just wake up at 3am or 4am ㅋㅋ

I’m so happy my order from was shipped yesterday (no tracking number yet >_<) and I actually asked for a spoiler before they were shipped hehe I just wanted a lookey before they arrived in about a month and a half? Not sure.

Hope I recieve it with my previous order (슬픈연가 만화 and a 정용화/씨엔블루 cover magazine) then I can use the textbooks to help me learn from the magazine.

Hahahaha look at my plans omg …before things even get here already giving them a place!

ㅋㅋ 빨리 왔으면 좋겠어용 language switching.

If they come too late though I would have started studying for the three exams I’m writing in May/June ㅠ.ㅠ hope that doesn’t happen though >_<


I have two (well just one) since I already had a thing for 김수현 (Do Minjoon in 별그대) but I now totally find Suzy (Miss A) addorable ♥


His smile….her smile…his profile from the side….

Goodbye ha before I start to ramble ><