좋은 아침입니다 ^^

Woke up early (again!) It’s been a running order for me lately to just wake up at 3am or 4am ㅋㅋ

I’m so happy my order from twochois.com was shipped yesterday (no tracking number yet >_<) and I actually asked for a spoiler before they were shipped hehe I just wanted a lookey before they arrived in about a month and a half? Not sure.

Hope I recieve it with my previous order (슬픈연가 만화 and a 정용화/씨엔블루 cover magazine) then I can use the textbooks to help me learn from the magazine.

Hahahaha look at my plans omg …before things even get here already giving them a place!

ㅋㅋ 빨리 왔으면 좋겠어용 language switching.

If they come too late though I would have started studying for the three exams I’m writing in May/June ㅠ.ㅠ hope that doesn’t happen though >_<


I have two (well just one) since I already had a thing for 김수현 (Do Minjoon in 별그대) but I now totally find Suzy (Miss A) addorable ♥


His smile….her smile…his profile from the side….

Goodbye ha before I start to ramble ><

긍금해요?! ^^ on the title!

These days I am head-over-heals addicted to 별에서 온 그대 and not just to the drama, also the characters are lovable, the actors portraying the characters are to-die-for and I just love it all. The OST is amazing, really gets to my emotions (yep. I am an emotional drama watcher) Kim Su-hyeon is about as amazing as actors get ^^ Jeon Ji-hyun is the perfect actress and I think it was a good choice to have her as leading lady anyone else I think (in my opinion!) would have screwed it up and not given Songyi the depth and sensitivity needed to make her seem fragile, sweet yet strong in some ways (:

Perfect drama.  Plus I have been following it weekly ( that means I am pissed at the NBS ‘noble bullshit syndrome’  that our leading man Do Minjoon is giving out to the human world!) in the latest episode that played yesterday (12!) I need to watch episode 13 as-soon-as-possible because now I just can’t take it haha. Alas, I have to wait till next week Wednesday >_<

I am also slowly getting into the action-packed drama 감격시대 (also know as Age of Feeling) watched till episode. 2 but now I am in need or some Kim Hyun-joong it is afterall the only reason I am sticking around – also I hope that it will move over the action-fight scenes and maybe show more of a story cos if it doesn’t warm to my heart now I know I won’t like it. 아직 마음이 안 들어요 -_- from the trailer though it looked like we see Kim Hyun-joong (give me 5seconds to say “Ohdamn – in the first epsiode when it was the fight scenes he looked so damn hott! I hope I see more in episode 3 & 4!….thank you..”) speaking of everything Hyunjoong I need to read more of the High Cut i have 😛

Prime Minister and I – aww. one more time. awww. this is so adorable at first it was getting slow so I stopped watching it at episode 6 then a few days ago I picked up where I left off and now I am loving it so much happened with Kwon Yul and Dajung ; plus the kids love her which is what I wanted from day one in dramaland of the ‘contract marriage’ ㅋㅋㅋ 행복해! ^^

New groups. New fandoms. Lets start, I still totally love cnblue/girls generation as my ultimate’s of course and my other girls groups/ and boy groups but now I love GOT7 and my bias is obviously the lovely, and oh!so handsome and cute JB he is adorable the day the mv was released my sister watched it and I was totally in awe! of their awesomeness and well I can tell most (most…) of the members namely JB, JR, Mark, BamBam, Jackson! the rest are a total work in progress and I probably won’t get to know all for a long while ( I am like that with new groups) and the new rookie group that debuted today 키스&크라이 (Kiss&Cry) their debut song ‘Domino Game’ is so good, and at first I really couldn’t believe it was a rookie group – luckily though its not a very big group (phew) so I am already familiar with all the members names (yeah!) bias being the leader – Bohye

My bias list is shifting hehe. Will get back to studying Korean tonight right now I just want to continue with mindless (but still learning from it) entertainment.


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its EXID

Yikes D: my legs are really sore because I have been learning this dance by EXID for a few days now and it really causes me pain but its so fun I can’t help it haha :p

Its is really addictive in so many ways, the beat is catchy and the members all look cheerful they also dance way faster than I can during certain parts  -___-

I also need to reply to some emails ^^ and these need to be done a.s.a.p ;; its been on the ‘to do’ list for 8 days now -_-

I have a new hobby that I will tell about tomorrow when the first thing on my mind isn’t ‘my legs hurt….’ and more along the lines of ‘oh its a cool way to learn Korean when I am tired’ ~  see it sounds much better right?

Don’t lie be honest with me hahaha 🙂

Oh. I also joined the party and I now adore watching videos in Korean on YouTube its really fun for me and I am slowly trying to transcribe all I hear – which is an extremely insightful look into my Korean ability ^^

ps : I need to start convincing my Mom to get me a digital camera or a new phone ~ either one would do just fine (:

Have a good day.

Hello. ㅋㅋㅊ


I’m joking. Today I have not even looked at a Korean textbookㅠㅠ there was a plus side though I heard just the prettiest song today when I came home my sister has an episode of 인기가요 on re-play and this song sung by a singer I had never heard of her name is 백아연 and the song was <어굿보이> and I so loved everything about it 🙂


Sometimes cute songs just cheer you right up. Right. ^(^_^)^

#mytwocentsonthevideo (sorry spacing is tiring to me!) its a pretty video, I love the summery look and feel the Blue dress with the massive white bow is actually so adorable although I would never wear that I would so like to own that for a ‘cute’ look …. ummh no I am lying I would wear that dress. I also love the chorus. 백아연 짱이다

***잘 자용 <3 its not late just 9:30PM but I am so tired right now ….no clue why though might be the cold cold cold weather!!~ yea its freezing here right now ㅠㅠ