Hi hi ^^ you know I am a Tae fan? I hope you do, I have mentioned it many a time hehe 🙂

Well anyway new album = happy happy fangirl indeed.

태양 released his new album yesterday and I listened to it all yesterday and so far my absolute favourite has got to be Stay with me (with G-dragon) I like the tone of the song, I hope it gets an MV can you imagine what that would look like?


Back to reality where YG takes a billion years close to never to make an MV for you favourite songs (I’m talking about CRUSH here ><;;) I won’t be holding my breathe for an mv of the song, however it would be nice 😛

I also really like 새벽한시 and 눈.코.입 they are really great songs listened to those three on repeat for close to an hour and a half xD

Overall I am super happy with this album, you won’t be able to get me off of it I am serious ㅋㅋ

By the way here is the song. You can thank me after hearing it in the comments ^^



but its a good thing.

And if you didn’t know who/what I was talking about I’ll let you know its EXOand their comeback. Yesterday I mentioned almost everywhere that I totally, totally loved Thunder but that was last-night ^^ things have, well, changed and I like more of the songs my favorites though, aren’t all of them,

  • Run
  • 월광 (Moonlight)
  • Thunder
  • 중독 (Overdose)
  • Love, Love, Love

The order, at the moment ^^ its subject to change at any moment with how I feel, it being a new album and all too I might get sick of it and then just return to everything that is 김재중ㅋㅋ


This is going to get language related now. I want to make a small and bite-size goal for myself seeing as its my new way of learning : creating small bite-size goals, that seem small but still allow me to learn when I’m a bit busier than usual … other times I have another plan, one that allows me to be ‘me’ and explore my learning and just general what makes me tick and remember better 🙂

The goal is to Learn from EXO lyrics, I understand a few but not a lot of them 🙂 wanna get better.

It’s a good idea? ^^

THE BITE-SIZED GOAL that will now have a new name and we will call this type of studying (small goals) SLK (Slowly Learning Korean) lets make that a category 😀 no maybe not don’t want clutter and this SLK will only come in when I really feel down a bit its not a permanent thing just for the small things I want to do – and doing small things when you don’t have time makes you feel like you are still studying …


The title will most probably not make a lot of sense when you read the post/ if you read the post but who cares (: its really doesn’t matter.

To me, I think as language learners we should use the materials that we like not only just the things that may be in time useful to our language learning, the way we do it and all the entities that go with it heh ^^

For me here come the problems with the ideas I know I have and the difficulties in implementing said ideas!!


my problems are :~

  • I don’t know what I like ; not because I don’t know but more in the sense that I don’t know what works best for me to acquire the language at my optimum best. I know what I like, but does what I really like fit my learning style etc?

I don’t know! Why? Because

1) This is the first time I am trying to learn a language on my own. It’s been 3 years now almost (2011?) to now – and sometimes I wonder where its heading because I always try and do so many things. Is this really working for me? -.-

I’ll never give up! << that I know and I will keep trying to find my ground with learning languages (just Korean?) because I have all I need to keep me motivated. Well almost all of it heh more like a few pieces of the puzzle as I see it.

The most important is interest and I have a keen interested ; and maybe overly keen interest that at times can border on obsession but that’s even better? Right. Then the second piece is motivation, although super important too you can lack motivation and have interest and your interest will keep you through those dark.dark times 😀

The pieces I don’t have however.

I do not have and  probably will never have patience and I kinda view this trait as a good and bad thing all at the same time ; good because it makes me not want to give up while I’m in a “good mood” but when I’m out of that mood, then, things change a bit and I just get a bit irritated with it all and chuck it to the curb in frustration/irritated manner because its pissed me off BIG TIME

I also sadly these days that is have no time to myself so I have studying, more studying, read a book which is fun (ooh my current one is Eclipse ^^ loving it) then at the end of the day (or beginning of it) since I sleep so late I’m too exhausted to do much ‘real’ studying but the good thing is I am always exposed to Korean – hello, all I need is my cellphone, earphones and mama is ready to go hehe.

I always listen to Korean music (K-pop ; or some super random yet cute song I found while trolling naver ) ^^ it all comes together.

But in the coming weeks I am going to be trying to find my ground. what makes me learn best, how I learn best, I really don’t know these things about myself yet? 🙂


We have EXO back people 😀 this is exciting check the MV 


listened to the mini-album and I super love Thunder I will say more on exo matters later today, or tomorrow (:  #fangirl mode now x.o.x.o << did you pick it up? it was a pun on an EXO album remember? XOXO (:


I’m busy. No time. Can’t think. Everything is hey-wire but who really gives a shit haha do you? didn’t think so. neither do I either so might as well try harder to make the most of everything I got ^^

that means a new project, or rather the 1st Koreannnotebook project (that means first project of this blog) ㅋㅋㅋ I’m not personally certain if I can keep up with this project but I’ll be sure to start off with a positive note (:

The project.

I’ll be working super hard to translate all the 갑동이 articles I come across and don’t be shocked if you land up seeing some videos about 갑동이 and everything else on the blog ^^ because I am loving this drama (haven’t seen Episode 4 yet eek) and I want a solid memory and also the first drama I have watched that’s a currently airing drama from the beginning (별그대 I started to watch about 2-3 weeks after original air-date) typical me huh? ^^

Hope you’ll all look forward to this new project of mine (: also lets see how well I keep up with it all ~ 🙂

Happy me xD

btw my two lovelies ♥♥ they look so damn good in black and white never noticed until I compared them 😀 must be why they are both my biases (or u could say addictions heh)


“Just Another Girl” Korean MV


“Truth” Japanese PV