I love Orange Caramels’ Nana!! ^^ She’s like seriously the most charismatic in her photos, and general behaviour. The way she carries herself as a model figure, and an artist. ♥

Found this in my drafts it’s really pretty so I’ll post it 🙂 originally done September 13th 2014 : 7:03am :] 

Somewhere there is a translation of the original article I read (: maybe I’ll post it if anyone is interested ; lots or words in it xD

have a good day everyone :3


쏘리 ~ this song is even better than I thought it would be ^^ and Yonghwa on piano is very very cool xD and also the whole ambiance of the video is so romantic ♥

love the white (light?) and dark changes in the music video too >< the glass ascents in the mv just made everything better too <3

Music video ~ (it’s official from FNC Channel) and lyrics below the cut! They are simple words, easy to understand so I don’t think you need a translation xD

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If you have never known this then now is a good time for me to tell you – I adore Naver LINE Camera, and I also adore the stickers 😀 so when I saw these super awesome looking new stickers that are just my style I was ecstatic ^^

The new stickers are : Cutie Rock

The stickers are a little collection of hearts, stars and skulls all in a glitter-style ^^ I love them and they are second to my favourite ‘Moon & James’


Aren’t they lovely? ♥

Already started sticking them on my photos and the first was : my reading material today (TOPIK) and 슬픈연가 Story 2 (:


Have a good Saturday everyone 😀 and what do you think about the new LINE Stickers?