Honestly just going to tell you how amazing 이화 2-1 workbook is. I am halfway through omg. And I love it. I am learning so much it makes me so happy *smile* 🙂

I also find the workbook more useful, in my eyes, it just seems like I am learning more from the textbook, but that probably isn’t the case. Probably seems that way because what I learnt in the student book is being tested in the workbook, and because I studied I remember a lot.

Plus. There is extra content, I am loving the writing and reading section.


Its weird because usually I hate filling out the questions (?) section in a workbook, its tiring, but this one because it isn’t teacher-student driven but more “do it yourself from what you learned in the student book” I feel like I am completing all exercises and enjoying it too.

Korean Notebook – Korean self-study blog ~

The visible difference between Yonsei and Ewha for me. But I still love them both 🙂 although I am not planning on buying Yonsei anytime soon, maybe when I can use Level 5 & 6 I will probably buy those levels but till then…no…!! ^^

Although I don’t actually own a Yonsei workbook, I should buy one to test it out. <del> I think I will</del>

Ewha books are most definitely on the cards. I want the whole series now.

Time to watch Girls Generation concert DVDs now xD then back to reading <strong>A Geek in Korea ~ </strong>that book is seriously grabbing me in. In an entertaining way &lt;3 and I love to be entertained while being taught something so this is a win win for me &lt;3

xoxo ~ hope everyone enjoys their Sunday

Hey guys ^^ if you read my previous post you know I have given myself a challenge (and everything I say about it I hashtag #19DayReadingChallenge on Twitter) 🙂 just to keep track of it all…really trying hard to hold my end of the challenge. Just getting there. I had this to think about when I thought of taking a nap hahaha

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I wasn’t there yet…so I couldn’t just stop. That helped me to keep going forward till I reached my page allocation (? is that right) — which makes me happy, because I still have two pages left to complete reading, but still, I am really happy I pushed through. I took stops only to eat and pee! ^^

Last one! TMI. But its the truth heh.

I was surprised at how much I was learning, little idioms, and so many words I had never even imagined, although it was hard, compared to novels (real ones) like 신사의 품격 it’s a lot easier to digest, writing style, and words aren’t convoluted…to the extent of 신사의 품격 ^^

So for someone trying to read a book it isn’t too brain-power consuming. Well, it really is, but not that much. Like I said.

Here is a peak at my post-its I stuck on the book as I was reading and looking up words in the dictionary.

This was this morning. And now there is about 9 more pink sticky notes on the pages. I can’t bare to tack up the pages with my writing /sorry/

And I will probably never say this again but reading these pages has actually made me think 지드래곤 is a likeable guy haha. I mean, the way the story is, his life, seems like he is a really good person. I don’t like his music, well, maybe a few songs ㅋㅋ

I really wish there was something like this for 용화 that would be amazing. And I would buy that…and read that…I would so own that.

And to the new kiddies on my bookshelf part of the post 🙂



Two new textbooks to add my to my growing list of books I haven’t finished (or started) ;  but I have started the Yellow one already. I had a nice look at it this evening and I am going to study from it while I watch The Simpsons <3

Who knows maybe my word 잡아 speed will increase lolol — I will see the best way to use this textbook and share in a post. I would appreciate it, maybe I’m not alone, so I will share 😀


Also the last of my magazine buying habit. This one weighs like a ton, which costs a fortune, so I can’t buy them anymore ):


Enjoy your studies everyone, remember not to think of it as a chore, and sadly if you do, maybe you shouldn’t be studying a foreign language. If you have to however, for work or something, try and find something that keeps you motivated, like K-pop ; any Korean music since K-pop can get boring.

Go back to the 90s for some music playlists 😀 nothing beats early 90s pop music. I’m serious.

Hey guys ^^ …first off I want you to take the quote below, read it, and remember it for the rest of today, and your life if you can.

Just take it…and OWN it.

Most “impossible” goals can be met simply by breaking them down into bite size chunks, writing them down, believing them, and then going full speed ahead as if they were routine.
-Don Lancaster

I read the quote, and thinking about myself, and where I am at this moment, thought it would be silly to keep putting long and windy goals.

Bite size chunks. That’s the key, for language learning, for life. Just everything.

So I’m bite-sizing it and writing it down, I’m believing it all. Then I’ll do it all like its my daily routine.

I’m make it my daily routine hehe ^^

Well, my monthly routine for the remaining 19 days of this month. Reading. Particularly 세상에 너를 소리쳐! & I know you must be thinking “I’ve heard that before” …but you have…and I’m sorry about that, but, this time its a small goal I’m going to own 🙂

Goal? 3 pages a day for 19 days = 57 pages.

I am not making it unattainable. I am not setting a time for how long I must read. I’m telling myself to read just three pages in a 24hour day.

That is simple. Even for lazy-ass moi 😉 hehe

It begins then…my 19 day reading challenge :3


That was Korean goals ; and I’m only currently learning Korean so no other language to goal-set for this month…but to add more to the goals here goes ^^


Study 2 grammars daily.

Read 3 pages of 세상에 너를 소리쳐! daily.

Translate one tiny little tweet daily.

Try your hardest to write something …without using stuck-record-syndrome vocab.

(basically the things I am used to saying…way too often!)


I can tell you one thing, reading the Big Bang autobiography will be a challenge in more than one way, one for the reading aspect, and two for the sheer fact that I don’t actually like Big Bang.

Like, I am in no way a fan of them anymore, they were my go-to-fangirl-moment when I had totally gotten sick of 용화 😕 now though, I can’t like them ^^

태양 is the exception though, like him, and always will. But in no way am I a “real fan” ㅠㅠ

If I can’t post about how I am reading 세상에 너를 소리쳐! here on the blog, I will post it on my Tumblr and Twitter and random when I feel like a break pictures on Instagram ~ :3

So you can follow me on those sites or just check in when  you feel like it :

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xxx my two cents and I begin page one I guess c: have an awesome day, keeping smiling and LOVE!

Afternoon! (it’s afternoon here at the moment) ~ I haven’t updated in a whole week. Oh my goooooooodness, I didn’t even feel the time flying by y’all.
Previously in my last post I was reading 미남이시네요 the novel, and I’m now at the end of chapter 2!!!! Yas, I am progressing in a book, written in Korean, that’s a novel. Yes, that was a long way of saying :

Progress. Finally, and the good kind not the haIR yanking, blood pressure inducing kind.

Butttt…I stopped reading that book though like three days ago, I got a little deep with my Facebook stalking (~ long story short? My mum had a visit from someone who was basically my first friend when moved here in 2005. Realized I didn’t know his surname and embarked on dramatic mission to figure it out. Not long at all) don’t judge me. I know I could have asked but didn’t think about it. Which just meant I wasn’t concentrating on reading more like “what the hell is the name” :/

ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ ♡ 아무래도 이제 알아서 괜찮아요. 다시 한국어 읽기 잘 될거에요. Well I already started after I figured the surname out, on Friday night :p


During study. Sentence making and I was looking up words 점점 줄다 to name but a few. I took a video but uploading is a pain so eek :/

But I do love reading now, it isn’t as hard as I was making it out to be. News articles, tweets, anything really at the moment, I just seem to have improved on my reading.

I think all the jigsaw puzzle prices, all I’ve been learning in the last few years is drawing together, helping me understand xD

How awesome??? [°°^=^°°] well hope everyone has been enjoying their studies? Anything new? Leave a comment 🙂