It’s been so long since I did a grammar post I had to just check the date, so long I couldn’t remember :/

They’ll be way more of these in the next months, since I have sooooooo much to catch up on. (I admit my sloppiness)

So this grammar is a TOPIK5 (former? now I think just Intermediate) level grammar, and I had never seen it before, not even in my readings so I was really confused as to what it could mean, since I had never seen any context with it before. But quick learner me picked it up really well, I think, with exercises and GOOGLE I soon knew exactly what it was all about.

I did notice though that there was very little online, except for a French site I found, which provided nothing but 2 sample sentences (with the -기는 하지만) and one sample sentence with the -기는 -지만 variation! That’s all I could find. I tried to search as the keyboard warrior I am, but that kinda bombed on me so I just decided to hit my dictionaries and textbooks, speaking of textbooks I need new ones the ones I have are wayyy too comfy for me! Like warm clothes, I need to fight the cold.

Onto the grammar, finally.

-기는 하지만 / -기는 -지만

Usage is :- this express is used to contrast a verb/ or adjective. By recognizing the first clause (eg. 사랑) you can now use the expression to express a different opinion or view of the sentence subject. Like the example word I’m using is “사랑” so we could say : 사랑하기는 사랑하지만 이렇게 못 살아요.

I don’t find it the most versatile of expressions. I think its almost useless because you can convey the same message without the whole run-around that you get with this one. And, well, when you are trying to say something in a foreign language you want to be able to do it as quick as possible. Without any major brain-damage ㅋㅋㅋ

But, its still a good patter to know, well, if  you want to be fluent in a language you have to know practically everything right? It doesn’t hurt, no learning is a waste of time guys ^^

A few more sentences for illustration purposes <3

1) 예쁜 신발 많이 기는 지만 다 비싸서 하나도 못 샀어요.

2) 어제 친구랑 본 영화 재미있기는 재미있지만 잠들었어요.

3) 사랑하기는 사랑하지만 이렇게 못 살아요.

That should be a little more helpful! ^^

Merry Christmas Everyone 😀



I came up with a challenge.

The #10thisweekkoreangrammar Challenge which is as it says haha, 15 this week only and the 15 this week is Korean grammar. I like studying grammar as it is, so, it’s not really a stretch I just felt like creating a challenge that I’m going to keep ^^

I can assure you that. In no particular order and for no particular reason I have chosen these 15 grammar points/sentence ending/structures to learn this week (~till Thursday the 15th) and if you guys feel up to it feel free to join in using the hashtag #10thisweekoreangrammar let’s create a community of learning so do join in if you have some spare time! (:

The grammar points/sentence endings/structures etc.…
~을수록 (I already know this one but I just want to study it again!! ^^)

~지요/죠 (I have a somewhat basic grasp just want to work on it/re-read)

~해 보다

~ (으)ㄹ + 명사, 할 것


~게 되다, 하게 되다

~(으)ㄴ가 보다

~나 보다

~자마자, 하자마자

~다가, 하다가

Now this challenge isn’t meant to be strenuous its supposed to be something fun, just to make the learning more fun ^^ and if you feel its too structured then that’s okay, but it really is fun.


it’s now revision time, I need to study for yet another exam this afternoon, not too worried about this one ^^

A few hours ago I posted that I wanted to complete the second (note : I actually landed up doing the first mock test) and it was informative (one again!)

어휘 & 문법 Section

I hate vocab so I wasn’t looking forward to doing this section ~ the grammar was good! Had no issues with it at all. Even the grammar point I recently posted about (텐데) came up and that made be pretty damn proud I knew it hehehe, read the whole script and understood it ALL.

Sentence that 텐데 came up in : 혼자서 보냈으면 심심했을 텐데…

The unknown words. A few words (like I said) I didn’t know like 퇴근 (get off work) 마리 (counter for fish/ animals) and omg I could not believe I didn’t know a counter for animals I felt so dumb ;; also there was 보통 (usually) and a few others that I can’t remember ㅠ.ㅠ

Overall?! It was a good 1hr of studying and I learnt a few things ^^


First time blogging from a phone ♡♡ this evening at around 6pm someone gave me a post office slip ㅠㅠ the package was from the US where I purchased my Korean grammar dictionary so hopefully this is what’s arrived ㅋㅋㅋ

If it is what’s arrived then I will be on cloud nine tomorrow ㅋㅋㅋ but I don’t know what it is really ㅋㅊ

홧팅입니다 ~~ ♡♡