I’m not someone who really talks about people behind their backs ~ mainly because I find it one of the single most rude things to do to anyone. And by this I mean something “bad” never something “good”.

To me the idea of 뒷담화 just goes against who I am as a person. I just don’t do stuff like that — this will sound like a contradiction to what I’ve just said, but I do talk about people, just never bad things.

Because in a way it’s very natural as human beings to talk about each other. For example, the other day I was just randomly talking to my mum about my friend, and how her puppy was really sick, and I hoped with all my heart she’d get well (the puppy) :3 sadly though her puppy passed away ㅜㅜ 

<< stuff like that does not constitute “talking behind someones back” in my opinion. In the sense that someone isn’t there, yes, it is talking behind someones back, however, in the sense of the 뒷담화 meaning, it’s not covered by that. I think talking like this is just conversation about another person who you both know.

The meaning of 뒷담화 however falls under a scenario like this : –

Person A :–  my mum is really something else, she’s always getting angry at me. I really don’t like her these days.

Person B :- Yeah I know, my mum is the same these days, she never leaves me alone. Urgh, life is really hard when you live like this.

Person A :- I really wish I didn’t have to see her again. I wish I could get a job and move out, she’s going to drive me mad.

Person B :- We have to do well in our studies this year, then next year we won’t have to be like hostages at home, we can move out and live together!!!

Person A :- Ahhh. Let’s hope so. ):


See!!!. The context of the conversation between Person A and Person B wasn’t the kindest they had to say about their mothers. It was all rude, and nasty stuff. Making like their mother was “evil” and that they “can’t take it anymore”

The term 뒷담화 can be used here ; the word basically means “talking behind ones back” and “being a gossip” and these kids were talking bad about their mothers.

I think let me try and imagine a conversation between two people that is more gossipy, rather than whinning about mummy xD ~ to really get the 뒷담화 meaning out in the open :3

Let’s go ^^

Woman A  :- You know my next door neighbours husband hasn’t been home in a while, usually I see him but lately I don’t think he’s been coming home.

Store Lady :- I heard about that, I was talking to one of her friends (Woman A) and she said that that woman has been really depressed lately!! Do you think they have separated?

Woman B :- You guys talking about “Wife A” — yeah I saw her husband with some other woman just yesterday. They must be separating. No way she’d allow this to happen, right?

Woman A :- Did you see a baby with them?

Store Lady :- WAIT. What baby?

Woman A :- I heard the woman he’s seeing has a baby?

Woman B :- Where are you getting this from? So if that’s true then he must be leaving his wife? No?!

Store Lady :- If he got someone pregnant, he has to leave his wife, he has no children with her, he should be with the woman who has a child with him.

Woman B :- No, he has one child with his wife, the child is overseas, for study, so in this kind of situation I think it’s up to him, does he want to stay with is wife or not?!!

Woman A :- that’s right, what if he doesn’t love this new woman, he shouldn’t leave his wife, they should work it out.

Now. That is really the meaning of 뒷담화, these three women are talking about someone else’s life based on rumours that are going around, they aren’t going to ask “Wife A” anything about her husband being seen with another woman, they aren’t going to ask if it’s true he hasn’t been coming home, they aren’t ever going to ask her anything.

All they are going to do is continue to indulge in idle gossip going around. And most likely when they see “Wife A” they’ll put on this fake poker-face smile. Which really shows you that being a “gossip” or 뒷담화 isn’t really a nice trait in a person.

But, it was about learning a new word “뒷담화” not about what is morally right, or wrong haha.

I like the word, just not the meaning itself (:

Mainly because I am not, and never want to be someone who does any form of 뒷담화 — unless it’s about 연예인 and new albums, hehe, that isn’t really gossiping is it though? It’s a little different, more like idle chit-chat with people (uh, it’s just usually my family and friends though..soo).

#I have to study for an exam now (Physics Alternative to Practical ㅜㅜ) #wishmeluck I’m going to need this omg :3

/throwback this was the first photo I took with the MacBook I got. :3

/throwback this was the first photo I took with the Mac Book I got. :3 does not have the best quality lol — but it was horrible lighting (curtains closed, and light off) what did I expect? :p

행복하게 살아요 여러부~~~~운 ♥♥




Today I was using a beginner textbook 🙂 — [if you’re new then I’m going to let you know I’m not beginner :p]

I actually read an introduction to the Korean language ^^

우왓? 말도 안되는 소리야? 헐.


Yeah, it’s true, I was able to concentrate long enough to read an introduction to Korean language! I’ve tried before on the Sogang website (or some other site) to read an intro into Korean but it kinda bores the hell out of me — so I never really make it :p


Also, a lot of the time with intros is that if the way it’s presented /sucks then you won’t find it that much fun to get through. I’m a sucker for good presentation/lay out.

If you do the job  well then you’ll be guaranteed a reader in me :3

Another reason I always fail  at reading Korean language intros is that when I realized I should/or rather wanted to read them i was already able to sort of use Korean (think maybe ~1yr) after I started to study.

So reading an intro seemed like a boring waste of time– and combined with dry intros it didn’t really help me much xP

This intro is totally different though :3 she has my looooove xD

I’ll move onto the next chapter tonight.

Wait. Just in case you are a curious enough person to wonder why I’m reading a beginner Korean textbook  (who knows maybe you think I suck lol) — but the reason is I have the intermediate of this series (Korean Grammar In Use : Intermediate) and I bought the Advanced textbook of the series – but I didn’t have the beginner (?) -_-

It didn’t seem right to have book 2 & 3 but have no book 1 ): so I decided that $36.12 was totally worth it to make a set of my KGIU series 😀

I don’t need the book — okay who knows it might have something that proves useful in time, but essentially I don’t need it :3


Can’t wait to read the “Get Ready” chapter — although I can clearly predict the majority of information that’ll be presented I still am looking forward to it ^^

That’s just how I like this book.

I wish I’d gotten this as my first textbook instead of Integrated Korean …but…oh wells (: guess the universe didn’t want this to be my first textbook. Those were not her plans haha ~ ツ

Still love it right now though ღ


Online Intermediate College Korean is a web-based online courseware based on Intermediate College Korean (University of California Press, 2002)


Each lesson is composed of a dialogue, a short narrative, vocabulary, grammar notes, and exercises.


I have always know about the online Korean learning resource – Online Intermediate College Korean 

but I just never had the energy to even bother taking a second look at it, I regret that but now I don’t have a lot of time still but I have decided to look the whole thing over by doing all the lessons and then giving a review on it here on the blog (: hopefully some of you readers will find the information useful in your self-study environment.

Looking at it I really like the set-up with the reading dialogue, vocabulary, and grammar notes I see there is audio but I haven’t clicked it yet when I get round to that I will talk about it another time. Makes me wonder about the book form haha ^^ what I have noticed is the term/ or rather level of “Intermediate” is misinterpreted because I don’t see it as an intermediate resource but more as a Beginner resource! And I actually suck haha so if I feel like on the first lesson its a little simple then you know its not that hard.

Yeah some words are a little “Damn where did you pop up from?” but most are easily understood via context and common sense, not that Korean allows us to understand with common sense much :/

The Plan. (guideline)

There are 27 lessons in the online version, and I have limited time at the moment with studying for exams, but, I put it that I would do 3 lessons a day (or more if time allows) and I will be done with all lessons in 9 days! I will give it 10 for extra reviews of lessons and what-not haha you never know what can happen when you plan ahead, in fact nothing ever goes to plan this is more of a “guideline” of what I would like to happen xD

lesson count.

lesson count.


As you can see the lessons are set up just like “real” chapters in a book and because I adore structure in learning I’m not going to pick what sounds/seems interesting but actually do it from the beginning – Lesson 2 today because I did Lesson 1 the whooooole day yesterday hehe but that all belongs in a different post than this one.

Back on topic, I expect the lessons to get harder because I took a sneak peak at Lesson 7 (강원도와 신사임당) and a hint of how hard I think it will be, I didn’t understand a word of the title haha I am trying to think what it may be (without looking in the dictionary) but so far nothing. Will have to wait till I get there (: very exciting stuff. Its amazing how exhilarating the thought of learning can be, makes me get butterflies all over (;


I won’t blog my progress of every lesson I go through on this online course (^^) but I will try my best to share anything interesting I come across while I am learning, also its good for understanding more and revision, and as always I won’t just be using one resource this is just one of the things I will use don’t forget my handy Korean Grammar Dictionary , Korean Grammar In Use, and many, many other online resources that are available ^^


Ohh I finished my old notebook yesterday mid-way on the lessons and started a new notebook (well.) something was in the new notebook but still its got about 70pages unused I can’t wait hehe xD new notebooks always make studying a bit more exciting like you progress through the notebooks …:D

bye x.x.x also thank you to everyone that has liked my Facebook Page so far ^^ I have 402 LIKES now ♥ also if you’ve used Online Intermediate College Korean either book, or online how was it, leave your thoughts (:

A big fat 안녕하세요!! ^^ to everyone, I think this is the first time this year I am actually free to just have fun with everything (that means Korean study if you didn’t know) xD as for the title of the post if you instantly thought of 최경은 TTMIK teacher then waah you are really clever ㅎㅎ that is exactly what it means – but bigger picture, this morning I woke up with one thing in my mind :

study Korean like there is no tomorrow!! ^^

and I take that thought very seriously, so what is the first thing I am going to do. Go to talktomeinkorean? koreanclass101? bookshelf to get a textbook? No. I wanted to do option three (3) because I see ♥♥♥ when I look at my textbooks hehe but I thought it has been a long time since I logged onto Lingq so I decided why not, I always liked the system of having a transcript and audio all in the same place. ^^

There I found an audio blog done by 최경은 and I love her voice (fangirl♥) its so sweet!!! ^^ so the audio blog is about Kyeong-eun’s trip to Spain(?) sort of like a diary and there are only three files (lessons?) http://www.lingq.com/learn/ko/workdesk/item/6750104/reader/   I have already printed the transcript file, and then I have downloaded the audio and put it on my phone so even if I have to leave my house and go out (I really hope I don’t have to **) but should I need to I have my Korean-on-the-go and my hands are fully equipped with a highlighter :p

I also have a few other things I want to do today 🙂 like 1. Finish the notes on the Advanced Audi blog, I have been working on this particular lessons for almost 2 weeks now (I still don’t understand  a lot of things in it ~~~)

2. I like it when I can understand my favourite songs better ; rather than just knowing the ”just” of it all so I have 5 songs that are on repeat lately which I love to bits ♥ and I can sing to them all, even though its all off key. So I will be translating them for fun (timed!!!) ooooooh.

3. Audio blog time. Yes. Its 2014. A new year so I think its time for some new stuff 😀 by just randomly talking about anything (blah.) in Korean hehe ~ this will take some time to get used to I know that but its something that needs doing finally. Stuttering in store haha

4. nevermind. I am not doing this today haha its scary but soon ~ 비밀!! ^^

Before I forget, here is the transcript I will be working on today (it isn’t mine it belongs to Kyeong-eun Choi) have a good day everyone and Happy Studying 🙂

**** ~~~~****

안녕하세요. 최경은입니다.
비오는 토요일 밤, 빗소리를 들으면서 너무 행복해져서 이렇게 녹음을 시작했습니다.
제 개인 블로그에 올라갈 녹음들이고요. 앞으로 가끔, 어쩌면 자주 이렇게 제 목소리를 남길 거 같아요.
음.. 그거 아세요?
나이를 먹어 감으로써 얼굴도 많이 변하고 생각도 많이 변하잖아요.
근데 목소리도 변해 간다는 사실 혹시 아시고 계시나요?
저는 요즘 오디오 편집을 많이 하고 있는데요.
네, 저는 한국어를 가르치는 일을 하면서, 방송으로 한국어를 가르치고 있고요.
그러면서 저희가 녹음한 오디오들도 많이 편집을 하고 있어요.
그러면서 많이 느낀건데 목소리에도 그 사람의 나이가 묻어 나더라고요.
그래서 제가 생각한게 제가 더 나이를 먹어서, 물론 사진으로 제 얼굴을 볼 수는 있지만, 제 목소리를 들을 수는 없잖아요.
제 서른살의 목소리, 그리고 마흔살의 목소리 쉰살의 목소리가 어떻게 달라질지 저는 모르겠어요.
사실 제 십대의 목소리 이십대의 목소리가 기억이 안나거든요.
그래서 제 서른 살의 목소리를 녹음을 해서 미래의 저에게 선물 해 주고 싶다는 생각이 문득 들었어요. 이렇게 녹음을 시작하려고 합니다. 그런 이유에서요.
어떤 내용들이 들어갈 지는 아직 정해지지 않았고요. 그냥 수다를 떨 수도 있고 좋은 책 내용을 이야기 할 수도 있고 여러가지 잡다한 이야기가 될 것 같아요.
재미있을 것 같다는 생각이 드네요.
오늘은 그냥 갑자기 생각 난 건데 제가 일기를 자주 쓰는 편이에요.
2007 년도에 제가 유럽으로 혼자 여행을 다녀왔거든요.
50일동안 처음으로 혼자 길게 여행을 가는 거라서 굉장히 무서웠었는데 '여행을 하면서 일기를 꼭 써야겠다.' 라고 다짐을 하고 예쁜 노트를 사갔어요.
물론 처음에는 영어일기를 썼지만 점점 몸이 피곤해 지면서 한국어로 바뀌더라고요.
그래도 꽤 오랫동안 영어 일기를 써 왔었고요.
한 20일정도 여행을 하고 나서 이탈리아에 들어가면서 제가 굉장히 슬럼프를 겪었었어요.
그러면서 한국어로 일기를 쓰기 시작했죠.
2007 년 10월 7일 제가 쓴 일기를 읽어드릴게요.
//스페인의 햇빛을 다 받아버렸다.
까매져버린 손과 팔이지만 나쁘지 않다.  스페인이니까.
한국이었으면 인상을 찌프릴 일들이 사과 한 알이나 맥도날드의 빅맥 하나에 눈 녹듯이
사 라져버린다. 작은 것들에 행복할 줄 아는 내가 되었다.
그렇게 까칠하던 성격이 여유로워진 느낌이랄까?
물론 일 유로에 예민해지고 아껴써야 하는 가난한 배낭여행객이지만 그 덕분에 일 유로치의
소중함과 기쁨을 더욱 느낄 수 있으니까 여행을 하면서 첫 번째로 나에 대해서 많이 느끼고 있고
 두 번째로 느낀 건 작은 친절에도 사람들이 고마워 한다는 것이다. 작은 양보에도 큰 기쁨을 느껴야 한다는 것 이런 작은 친절들을
 한국에서는 나만 챙기느라 못했던 것이다. 그냥 나만 힘든 것 같아서 남에게 무엇인가 해 줄 수 없었던 것 같다. 따지고 보면 
지금이 더 힘든데...
정말 마음이 여유로운게 진짜 여유로운 것이라는 걸 온몸으로 느끼고 있다.
아쉽다.  바로셀로나.
특별난 추억도 특별한 재미도 없는 곳이었는데 그냥 아쉽다.
왠지 수 백 번 구엘공원을 가도, 수 백 번 아름다운 분수를 봐도 질리지 않을 것 같다.
첫 날, 나 혼자 그 아름다움을 느낄 수 있었던게 더 행운이었던 것 같다.
다시 여행이 좋아졌다. 하루하루가 너무 아쉽다.
내가 바로셀로나에 있다니...
저절로 웃음이 나온다.
행복해... ^^*
아... 바로셀로나에 다시 가고 싶네요.
감사합니다. 최경은이었습니다.