Happy Sunday.

I’ve got something to share, might be useful to other Korean learners too ^^

I found this pdf with some Korean grammar notes from the textbook TOPIK  Essential 150 Intermediate and I have already purchased the book (2 weeks + ago) I found this document when I was searching for some (으)ㄹ지도 모르다 examples, explanations etc…




Hope you see it as a useful reference to just “know” what a certain grammar means, or to know more about the textbooks (~ can’t wait for mine to arrive :p)

TOPIK-Essential-150-Intermediate-Grammar-Notes  just click the link <<< and download.


for me that is!

A couple of posts back I said I was going to be working hard, or rather observing well what made me learn best and it hasn’t been that long and I’ve already found it (:

I tried several options to see how they faired against each other and I arrived at one ^^ taking notes the old fashioned way this is after I tried

※ reading and listening, no note taking trying more to learn it in the way we all acquired our L1 languages.

※ reading online articles, looking up the words and then trying to use SRS cards to remember words and grammar learnt.

※ using dual-language articles (like the ones from Korea Herald) to learn intuitively >;< Those sadly crash-landed for me in many ways, I dont like soley reading based learning methods they suck and anyone who swears by them wow I'm a little jealous of you/ or I don't believe a word that comes out of your mouth. Actually I looked up many many different learning styles and tried almost 12! I a day and check how it helped with me remembering the following day and I only remembered what I leearnt when I used the original method I started with way back in 2011 ~ it works for me, was fun trying out new ways but no freaking way are they gonna work for me hehe 🙂 Alterations to Make!

My method of learning works week for me, I like notetaking all round from learning about chess to just reading a novel and wanting to keep track of characters! Its fun and these days although this is off topic I write notes on how to improve conversation (and learn how to converse its a subject xD fun one too!)

So notetaking for me is kinda 대박 and writing my Korean notes is no different and what makes it better is its not a total waste of my time, I really really LEARN 😉

So the things to change ~

1. When I write notes I’ve never been into this whole use what u just learnt immediately, I usually just leave it and when I feel like writing I use what I remember

That is no more! And as a ceremonial thing lets bold that “you must write something, to begin with simple/as complex as you can to practice the info you just learnt”

2) I have a seperate notebook for vocab and when I started writing this post I wanted to stop using it but I dont think I will because I really like it ㅋㅋ so that’s out of the books (urhm!)

3) weekly lang-8 like a good language learner hehehe and actually on Saturday I wrote a made-up dialogue between a down-and-out girl and another girl who owns a shop who ran into each other and posted it on lang-8 (of course I helped the people and others who corrected my journal)

4) changed my mind …again!!!

That’s my two cents for today x.x glad I’ve resolved this …I’ll be hardcore studying soon.

A big fat 안녕하세요!! ^^ to everyone, I think this is the first time this year I am actually free to just have fun with everything (that means Korean study if you didn’t know) xD as for the title of the post if you instantly thought of 최경은 TTMIK teacher then waah you are really clever ㅎㅎ that is exactly what it means – but bigger picture, this morning I woke up with one thing in my mind :

study Korean like there is no tomorrow!! ^^

and I take that thought very seriously, so what is the first thing I am going to do. Go to talktomeinkorean? koreanclass101? bookshelf to get a textbook? No. I wanted to do option three (3) because I see ♥♥♥ when I look at my textbooks hehe but I thought it has been a long time since I logged onto Lingq so I decided why not, I always liked the system of having a transcript and audio all in the same place. ^^

There I found an audio blog done by 최경은 and I love her voice (fangirl♥) its so sweet!!! ^^ so the audio blog is about Kyeong-eun’s trip to Spain(?) sort of like a diary and there are only three files (lessons?) http://www.lingq.com/learn/ko/workdesk/item/6750104/reader/   I have already printed the transcript file, and then I have downloaded the audio and put it on my phone so even if I have to leave my house and go out (I really hope I don’t have to **) but should I need to I have my Korean-on-the-go and my hands are fully equipped with a highlighter :p

I also have a few other things I want to do today 🙂 like 1. Finish the notes on the Advanced Audi blog, I have been working on this particular lessons for almost 2 weeks now (I still don’t understand  a lot of things in it ~~~)

2. I like it when I can understand my favourite songs better ; rather than just knowing the ”just” of it all so I have 5 songs that are on repeat lately which I love to bits ♥ and I can sing to them all, even though its all off key. So I will be translating them for fun (timed!!!) ooooooh.

3. Audio blog time. Yes. Its 2014. A new year so I think its time for some new stuff 😀 by just randomly talking about anything (blah.) in Korean hehe ~ this will take some time to get used to I know that but its something that needs doing finally. Stuttering in store haha

4. nevermind. I am not doing this today haha its scary but soon ~ 비밀!! ^^

Before I forget, here is the transcript I will be working on today (it isn’t mine it belongs to Kyeong-eun Choi) have a good day everyone and Happy Studying 🙂

**** ~~~~****

안녕하세요. 최경은입니다.
비오는 토요일 밤, 빗소리를 들으면서 너무 행복해져서 이렇게 녹음을 시작했습니다.
제 개인 블로그에 올라갈 녹음들이고요. 앞으로 가끔, 어쩌면 자주 이렇게 제 목소리를 남길 거 같아요.
음.. 그거 아세요?
나이를 먹어 감으로써 얼굴도 많이 변하고 생각도 많이 변하잖아요.
근데 목소리도 변해 간다는 사실 혹시 아시고 계시나요?
저는 요즘 오디오 편집을 많이 하고 있는데요.
네, 저는 한국어를 가르치는 일을 하면서, 방송으로 한국어를 가르치고 있고요.
그러면서 저희가 녹음한 오디오들도 많이 편집을 하고 있어요.
그러면서 많이 느낀건데 목소리에도 그 사람의 나이가 묻어 나더라고요.
그래서 제가 생각한게 제가 더 나이를 먹어서, 물론 사진으로 제 얼굴을 볼 수는 있지만, 제 목소리를 들을 수는 없잖아요.
제 서른살의 목소리, 그리고 마흔살의 목소리 쉰살의 목소리가 어떻게 달라질지 저는 모르겠어요.
사실 제 십대의 목소리 이십대의 목소리가 기억이 안나거든요.
그래서 제 서른 살의 목소리를 녹음을 해서 미래의 저에게 선물 해 주고 싶다는 생각이 문득 들었어요. 이렇게 녹음을 시작하려고 합니다. 그런 이유에서요.
어떤 내용들이 들어갈 지는 아직 정해지지 않았고요. 그냥 수다를 떨 수도 있고 좋은 책 내용을 이야기 할 수도 있고 여러가지 잡다한 이야기가 될 것 같아요.
재미있을 것 같다는 생각이 드네요.
오늘은 그냥 갑자기 생각 난 건데 제가 일기를 자주 쓰는 편이에요.
2007 년도에 제가 유럽으로 혼자 여행을 다녀왔거든요.
50일동안 처음으로 혼자 길게 여행을 가는 거라서 굉장히 무서웠었는데 '여행을 하면서 일기를 꼭 써야겠다.' 라고 다짐을 하고 예쁜 노트를 사갔어요.
물론 처음에는 영어일기를 썼지만 점점 몸이 피곤해 지면서 한국어로 바뀌더라고요.
그래도 꽤 오랫동안 영어 일기를 써 왔었고요.
한 20일정도 여행을 하고 나서 이탈리아에 들어가면서 제가 굉장히 슬럼프를 겪었었어요.
그러면서 한국어로 일기를 쓰기 시작했죠.
2007 년 10월 7일 제가 쓴 일기를 읽어드릴게요.
//스페인의 햇빛을 다 받아버렸다.
까매져버린 손과 팔이지만 나쁘지 않다.  스페인이니까.
한국이었으면 인상을 찌프릴 일들이 사과 한 알이나 맥도날드의 빅맥 하나에 눈 녹듯이
사 라져버린다. 작은 것들에 행복할 줄 아는 내가 되었다.
그렇게 까칠하던 성격이 여유로워진 느낌이랄까?
물론 일 유로에 예민해지고 아껴써야 하는 가난한 배낭여행객이지만 그 덕분에 일 유로치의
소중함과 기쁨을 더욱 느낄 수 있으니까 여행을 하면서 첫 번째로 나에 대해서 많이 느끼고 있고
 두 번째로 느낀 건 작은 친절에도 사람들이 고마워 한다는 것이다. 작은 양보에도 큰 기쁨을 느껴야 한다는 것 이런 작은 친절들을
 한국에서는 나만 챙기느라 못했던 것이다. 그냥 나만 힘든 것 같아서 남에게 무엇인가 해 줄 수 없었던 것 같다. 따지고 보면 
지금이 더 힘든데...
정말 마음이 여유로운게 진짜 여유로운 것이라는 걸 온몸으로 느끼고 있다.
아쉽다.  바로셀로나.
특별난 추억도 특별한 재미도 없는 곳이었는데 그냥 아쉽다.
왠지 수 백 번 구엘공원을 가도, 수 백 번 아름다운 분수를 봐도 질리지 않을 것 같다.
첫 날, 나 혼자 그 아름다움을 느낄 수 있었던게 더 행운이었던 것 같다.
다시 여행이 좋아졌다. 하루하루가 너무 아쉽다.
내가 바로셀로나에 있다니...
저절로 웃음이 나온다.
행복해... ^^*
아... 바로셀로나에 다시 가고 싶네요.
감사합니다. 최경은이었습니다. 


#useless post (:

I am so happy because just a while ago I got HaruKorean 😀 I’ve always wanted to have HaruKorean to see what it is like but because of PayPal I just couldn’t but I asked my Mum to ask a friend of her’s outside of the country to get me a subscription and she did 😀 so now I have it and I definitely won’t be stopping the subscription ^^ will be keeping it!!!!

LOVE it (:

I have only used it a few times but when I know more I will tell about it (:

But one word it is “AWESOME”

안녕 ^^