Happy Sunday.

I’ve got something to share, might be useful to other Korean learners too ^^

I found this pdf with some Korean grammar notes from the textbook TOPIK  Essential 150 Intermediate and I have already purchased the book (2 weeks + ago) I found this document when I was searching for some (으)ㄹ지도 모르다 examples, explanations etc…




Hope you see it as a useful reference to just “know” what a certain grammar means, or to know more about the textbooks (~ can’t wait for mine to arrive :p)

TOPIK-Essential-150-Intermediate-Grammar-Notes  just click the link <<< and download.


Online Intermediate College Korean is a web-based online courseware based on Intermediate College Korean (University of California Press, 2002)


Each lesson is composed of a dialogue, a short narrative, vocabulary, grammar notes, and exercises.


I have always know about the online Korean learning resource – Online Intermediate College Korean 

but I just never had the energy to even bother taking a second look at it, I regret that but now I don’t have a lot of time still but I have decided to look the whole thing over by doing all the lessons and then giving a review on it here on the blog (: hopefully some of you readers will find the information useful in your self-study environment.

Looking at it I really like the set-up with the reading dialogue, vocabulary, and grammar notes I see there is audio but I haven’t clicked it yet when I get round to that I will talk about it another time. Makes me wonder about the book form haha ^^ what I have noticed is the term/ or rather level of “Intermediate” is misinterpreted because I don’t see it as an intermediate resource but more as a Beginner resource! And I actually suck haha so if I feel like on the first lesson its a little simple then you know its not that hard.

Yeah some words are a little “Damn where did you pop up from?” but most are easily understood via context and common sense, not that Korean allows us to understand with common sense much :/

The Plan. (guideline)

There are 27 lessons in the online version, and I have limited time at the moment with studying for exams, but, I put it that I would do 3 lessons a day (or more if time allows) and I will be done with all lessons in 9 days! I will give it 10 for extra reviews of lessons and what-not haha you never know what can happen when you plan ahead, in fact nothing ever goes to plan this is more of a “guideline” of what I would like to happen xD

lesson count.

lesson count.


As you can see the lessons are set up just like “real” chapters in a book and because I adore structure in learning I’m not going to pick what sounds/seems interesting but actually do it from the beginning – Lesson 2 today because I did Lesson 1 the whooooole day yesterday hehe but that all belongs in a different post than this one.

Back on topic, I expect the lessons to get harder because I took a sneak peak at Lesson 7 (강원도와 신사임당) and a hint of how hard I think it will be, I didn’t understand a word of the title haha I am trying to think what it may be (without looking in the dictionary) but so far nothing. Will have to wait till I get there (: very exciting stuff. Its amazing how exhilarating the thought of learning can be, makes me get butterflies all over (;


I won’t blog my progress of every lesson I go through on this online course (^^) but I will try my best to share anything interesting I come across while I am learning, also its good for understanding more and revision, and as always I won’t just be using one resource this is just one of the things I will use don’t forget my handy Korean Grammar Dictionary , Korean Grammar In Use, and many, many other online resources that are available ^^


Ohh I finished my old notebook yesterday mid-way on the lessons and started a new notebook (well.) something was in the new notebook but still its got about 70pages unused I can’t wait hehe xD new notebooks always make studying a bit more exciting like you progress through the notebooks …:D

bye x.x.x also thank you to everyone that has liked my Facebook Page so far ^^ I have 402 LIKES now ♥ also if you’ve used Online Intermediate College Korean either book, or online how was it, leave your thoughts (:

Before when I decided to ‘try’ and use ttmik.com 이야기 lessons I would just use a normal highlight after printing the transcript and then work from there but I realized that didn’t work for me and it left me feeling more -irritated than motivated to learn with it ;;

Which is when I decided to change things to match my learning style ^^ which I think I can now describe as ‘has to be fun’ hehe like everything else in my life! But, the change was no more printing till its all highlighted on my laptop (: using Adobe like this.

what I know!

what I know!

Everything seems looks much cleaner this way  hehe wish I could do this with a whole Korean book but I kinda think this method only works for me on smaller materials (eg. news articles, tweets, comments from Naver…etc) everything beyond like a novel/book I feel far more comfortable just reading it from the book ^^ besides when I read this iyagi although the vocab is as normal as you get (mine is screwed up!) I need to understand the vocab more than in a book cos in a book honestly some words aren’t even in a dictionary ㅋㅋ

Today I am using episode #145 about ‘Celebrity Programs’ eg. Running Man, Infinity Challenge. etc.!

Why is there no Hanja?

This is something totally random that comes to mind, I wondered why ttmik didn’t add Hanja in brackets for some words maybe?! it seems like a good idea since I am learning it I would have appreciated this addiction so much.

ㅋ 안녕 ^^

#useless post (:

I am so happy because just a while ago I got HaruKorean 😀 I’ve always wanted to have HaruKorean to see what it is like but because of PayPal I just couldn’t but I asked my Mum to ask a friend of her’s outside of the country to get me a subscription and she did 😀 so now I have it and I definitely won’t be stopping the subscription ^^ will be keeping it!!!!

LOVE it (:

I have only used it a few times but when I know more I will tell about it (:

But one word it is “AWESOME”

안녕 ^^