Hey guys ^^ well I was horrible with keeping up with updates from my February challenge (monthly goals is ma new thang) ~ and I did reasonably well in 19 days …not even a whole month.

So a whole month? That should really turn out well :3

Previous Goal = 54 pages of 세상에 너를 소리쳐! and sadly didn’t complete the 54 pages however I did complete *drum roll please* 37 pages. It’s  just 17 pages short of my goal. And I am truly proud I was able to do that much, I won’t bash my efforts. I will praise myself for even managing that. That book is NOT easy.


And honestly, as un-motivating as this is going to sound I will still say it to everyone who owns this book, unless you got die-hard spirit and know a billion knocks that you will recieve when reading this book won’t hurt how you view your learning journy then read it, but if you feel like you can’t handle the fact that it may feel like you know nothing but grammar, and resulting in you feeling like its a waste of your time learning and not LEARNING enough then please don’t read it. Go for something easier.

I’m tough. So I took it well ? I think. I will assume, I’m still here and waiting for another month to have a challenge ㅋㅋㅋ  so I must have taken it in my stride.

Doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it, actually the difficulty level actually makes me love what I achieved even more. And my reward? No. It wasn’t Korean, okay, a part of it was but that hasn’t arrived yet haha &  a Heart Rate Monitor. In pink.

Cha-ching :3 say whatttt???? 😀

totally irrelevant to this blog but I'm working out more these days. I'm apparently too fat for my height of 159cm *yeah I'm short* lol

totally irrelevant to this blog but I’m working out more these days. I’m apparently too fat for my height of 159cm *yeah I’m short* lol

Seemed like a fitting reward for myself ^^ and the two books I ordered online, and yes, I ordered another novel, really loving the “novels” these days I have ordered about 3 haha. I want to keep reading, and the challenge actually made me see reading as such an enjoyable activity. And I know u must be thinking how can I say I only saw that now, but what I mean is, reading Korean novels — and trying to understand them!

You know the process. The stages that take you from looking up every second word on page one to every 5/6 word on page 10. I love that. It’s so amazing.

I think this will be a good year for Korean and hopefully moi <3


I also have 24hours to finish these books. And I don’t have a problem with it, because I have been using them consistently since I said on Instagram that I needed to end my war with them. Yes, war, its been taking me a while and since they aren’t too hard for me I find it boring as hell to even get to the end.

But I have been pushing myself to do them when I get to bed, instead of just lying in bed staring at my ceiling and listening to a bunch of birds who make weird noises by my window wondering what their problem is, I decided I would just make notes and use these two. And I take about 1hr to fall asleep so I use them for about 25/30min a night.

Cool huh? I think its alright.

if u think I can find a better method of getting myself to use them then ⇩⇩comment below and let moi know⇩⇩ please. And methods for lazy people, because I am just too lazy, I know its tmi but I sometimes think of using them when I take a bath if it wasn’t for the risk of getting them wet. :/

Wanna see my rubbish notes? I will be too embarrassed to ever make such horrible notes again if I know just one person has seen them so here….look at my untidy notes. I will make better ones.  /hiding in shame/ 







March Language Goals

Time for the March language goals yay! ^^

– I plan to use my topik vocab book. It’s kinda fun and I am enjoy it, but its pretty thick so a whole months challenge shall be devoted to it. Luckily March is a real month so thankfully I have 31 days to work with it ^^ 

– read a little more. I will switch from the Big Bang book to something a little easier to accommodate the other stuff I will be doing. I haven’t decided to what yet though. It can’t be too time consuming. 

– talk more. I keep stressing on the writing but if I can talk then I can write, and I think I can grasp talking faster, I have been told I never shut up. hahaha. ^^ 

– buy one Japanese textbook. If some kind soul could link me to a good beginner textbook, I found Genki and plan on buying it maybe next week or something, I don’t know because I am also eyeing a few Korean things. 

– frequent updates. Recently because I was too tired most days to write posts and also wasn’t the happiest bunny I did stick to Instagram more than here which sucks but I will try to post updates here. And more stuff, other than “this is what I did today” haha. ^^ seems like a good plan? hey. 


This months challenge book. Also this is my version of Picture Art. I played with filters and grains and came to this.  I added some weird grainy thing, and it created those little bumps and grainy-ness (?) you see. Which I totally love. What do you think? :3

Good luck with this month everyone. 여러분 행운을 빌어고 좋은 월 보내세요.


Kirsten ✿

Self explanatory title. I can’t sleep. And I have to contend with some dancing vegetables on the big screen (my sister is watching something AKB48 …and there is an Asparagus girl …*shock*)

I watched a horror movie, I sometimes like watching horrors but, the falling asleep bit is a bit more cpmplex, so I figured write a post, share some K-learning progress from today ♡ YAY.

This was my friends way of helping me lol ^^;; appreciated but…I’m too exhausted to 용화 atm!


진짜 무섭다 ㅠㅠ

I actually studied a lot today…for real, I was happy about my progress and I made some goals I will save for another post.

Grammar and vocabulary were the order of the day. I was really excited about all the words I was looking up *weird* you would expect me to be upset, since I don’t know them? Nah uh, I took it as some kick-ass progress. I now know the word for calories ??!!! ^^


And a whole lot more. But I always here girls talk about calories, so that particular word came to mind in my recollection of today! *I’m not one of those girls btw …I eat and enjoy hehe*

Ooooh. Random I know, but, I made my first GMarket purchase two days ago. And the books are out of my comfort zone…just what I need because I am way too ccomfy at this level, I can read all 용화 tweets with most times, if they have like five words or more looking up one word. That’s good, but I need to be awesome …not just good.

You feel me? Yeah, I know you get it 🙂

So because of that I am working really hard to actually reach my potential… in everything. I also need to start studying school stuff but not relevant to this *well…a little* ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Can’t wait.

Wooooh. I think I can attempt to sleep.. either sleep or deal with AKB48 ??? Which would you take? ^^ Asparagus girl isn’t my style. This current song which I don’t know the name is cute though♥

안뇽 ….xxx

I’m not someone who really talks about people behind their backs ~ mainly because I find it one of the single most rude things to do to anyone. And by this I mean something “bad” never something “good”.

To me the idea of 뒷담화 just goes against who I am as a person. I just don’t do stuff like that — this will sound like a contradiction to what I’ve just said, but I do talk about people, just never bad things.

Because in a way it’s very natural as human beings to talk about each other. For example, the other day I was just randomly talking to my mum about my friend, and how her puppy was really sick, and I hoped with all my heart she’d get well (the puppy) :3 sadly though her puppy passed away ㅜㅜ 

<< stuff like that does not constitute “talking behind someones back” in my opinion. In the sense that someone isn’t there, yes, it is talking behind someones back, however, in the sense of the 뒷담화 meaning, it’s not covered by that. I think talking like this is just conversation about another person who you both know.

The meaning of 뒷담화 however falls under a scenario like this : –

Person A :–  my mum is really something else, she’s always getting angry at me. I really don’t like her these days.

Person B :- Yeah I know, my mum is the same these days, she never leaves me alone. Urgh, life is really hard when you live like this.

Person A :- I really wish I didn’t have to see her again. I wish I could get a job and move out, she’s going to drive me mad.

Person B :- We have to do well in our studies this year, then next year we won’t have to be like hostages at home, we can move out and live together!!!

Person A :- Ahhh. Let’s hope so. ):


See!!!. The context of the conversation between Person A and Person B wasn’t the kindest they had to say about their mothers. It was all rude, and nasty stuff. Making like their mother was “evil” and that they “can’t take it anymore”

The term 뒷담화 can be used here ; the word basically means “talking behind ones back” and “being a gossip” and these kids were talking bad about their mothers.

I think let me try and imagine a conversation between two people that is more gossipy, rather than whinning about mummy xD ~ to really get the 뒷담화 meaning out in the open :3

Let’s go ^^

Woman A  :- You know my next door neighbours husband hasn’t been home in a while, usually I see him but lately I don’t think he’s been coming home.

Store Lady :- I heard about that, I was talking to one of her friends (Woman A) and she said that that woman has been really depressed lately!! Do you think they have separated?

Woman B :- You guys talking about “Wife A” — yeah I saw her husband with some other woman just yesterday. They must be separating. No way she’d allow this to happen, right?

Woman A :- Did you see a baby with them?

Store Lady :- WAIT. What baby?

Woman A :- I heard the woman he’s seeing has a baby?

Woman B :- Where are you getting this from? So if that’s true then he must be leaving his wife? No?!

Store Lady :- If he got someone pregnant, he has to leave his wife, he has no children with her, he should be with the woman who has a child with him.

Woman B :- No, he has one child with his wife, the child is overseas, for study, so in this kind of situation I think it’s up to him, does he want to stay with is wife or not?!!

Woman A :- that’s right, what if he doesn’t love this new woman, he shouldn’t leave his wife, they should work it out.

Now. That is really the meaning of 뒷담화, these three women are talking about someone else’s life based on rumours that are going around, they aren’t going to ask “Wife A” anything about her husband being seen with another woman, they aren’t going to ask if it’s true he hasn’t been coming home, they aren’t ever going to ask her anything.

All they are going to do is continue to indulge in idle gossip going around. And most likely when they see “Wife A” they’ll put on this fake poker-face smile. Which really shows you that being a “gossip” or 뒷담화 isn’t really a nice trait in a person.

But, it was about learning a new word “뒷담화” not about what is morally right, or wrong haha.

I like the word, just not the meaning itself (:

Mainly because I am not, and never want to be someone who does any form of 뒷담화 — unless it’s about 연예인 and new albums, hehe, that isn’t really gossiping is it though? It’s a little different, more like idle chit-chat with people (uh, it’s just usually my family and friends though..soo).

#I have to study for an exam now (Physics Alternative to Practical ㅜㅜ) #wishmeluck I’m going to need this omg :3

/throwback this was the first photo I took with the MacBook I got. :3

/throwback this was the first photo I took with the Mac Book I got. :3 does not have the best quality lol — but it was horrible lighting (curtains closed, and light off) what did I expect? :p

행복하게 살아요 여러부~~~~운 ♥♥




It’s true your knowledge can be increased in just 5 seconds ^^

Yesterday when I was doing my reading with the ttmik 이야기 I actually found I learnt a word just by thinking something made no sense!

Okay, so I was looking up all the words I didn’t know then I got to 마치고 (side note: this is how it appeared written like that with the connective -고 ) so I naturally assumed that I would need to search for just “마치” in the dictionary haha silly me, however I did get a result because 마치 is a real word but when I looked at the definition it didn’t tie up to the meaning of the sentence (: so I knew it was wrong and then just remembered that our lovely Korean has 다 and the end of her words sometimes so I looked up 마치다 and bam the definition made sense 200% (ya. Double sense)

So what I’m trying to say is that it’s so simple to learn something using simple common sense and suddenly you just see everything that was kinda confusing you 🙂


Enjoying reading these days hahaha so thinking of so many things to invest in, novels, 사진 만화 novels, etc. So many things I want to buy but first I think I should wait for the books I’ve ordered to arrive before I start buying more xD


Not many highlights ㅋㅋ how lovely ^_^

Now. Have one last page of the intermediate iyagi left before I can talk about it all in maybe? an audio blog post or just a regular blog post (: