Hi guys ^^

I had no intention of posting today, because I had nothing to blog about. Plight of someone trying to write about their journey learning a language, no learning = no postings 🙂

However, I was just reading around forums, and blogs and I was noticing an increasing number of language learners who gage their progress of understanding something, and well that is all perfectly fine, I do it too but they then make statements along the lines of

If I can understand this, then I should be able to quit learning? Right?

Which, I don’t know why but seemed to really piss me off ._. they make these statements on the basis that learning stops. When learning is a never-ending story. Once you start it it’s never going to come to an end. You can’t learn it all. Ever. And statements like these are what give language learning that vibe that it’s either all



Because the way I see it is from saying if I can understand this then I can “quit” you reach a level like for example I reached being able to actually read kpop articles on my favourite sites like Dispatch (its gossip but fun) and other places but I didn’t say :

Oh. I can read this. Now I can end my learning journey, this is all I ever wanted!

No. I decided to aim higher, and higher for me was novels. I haven’t really gotten there but I’m still going. Each day I continue with Korean, it’s a choice I made and I enjoy my choice of learning another language its made me see things  a little different from the way I used to. Opened a new set of eyes to my world.


Now from thinking it’s either a) super hard and unattainable ; or b) the easiest thing in the world. We give language learning a bad name from both of those ideas, to me anyway. When someone things its super hard and unattainable they’ll never truly try to reach their potential, which is disheartening because they’ll also be less likely to try another language. And just like that a future language learning lover is killed.

By thinking its super easy we have the same effect, my friend once wanted to learn Spanish but was afraid it was a hard thing to do, learning a language on your own, no classes and just general learning to teach yourself something and I had previously learned Spanish and French and didn’t mind the learning experience (it was school subjects not of my choice though) and I thought I was being helpful by telling her “No, its super easy to learn a language, especially something like Spanish, I was learning really fast when I was learning as a school subject” ~ what I unknowingly did was give her the idea that it would all be a walk in the park, which I at the time believed was more helpful than scaring her.

It had the opposite effect in the long-run of things. My friend did start learning Spanish because I had successfully convinced her that language learning was super easy, but she lasted barely a year, she said it wasn’t as easy as I had made it out to be. It was really hard.

Thinking about what she said then and what I read I really think if you know what its like to learn a language you should be honest, its hard, its no walk in the park, but its also fun and exciting not only do you learn a new language you land up learning a new you. I know I have these past few  years and I wish there was more people willing to try and experience these feelings. Work through the pain (metaphorical) enjoy the process no matter how hard it seems at times and you’d be surprised how much it changes you as a person and so much more!

There is a lot that happens during a language learning journey ; apart from the ups and down we I’m sure all experience every now and then and if you don’t ; well you aren’t human and I don’t envy you. I like the different emotions that get conjured up! ^^ its so much fun, I’m sure I don’t have to explain it all to you guys lol.

This is the way I see language learning ; its not something that once you can understand what you think is just alright you can say to yourself “I think I can quit learning now” ._. if that’s your mindset you honestly shouldn’t have started it to begin with.

Its like the saying about a cat : Don’t take me if you can’t give me forever. ♥ I believe the same holds true when you take the pledge (metaphorical) to learn a language seriously ; don’t take it unless you can give it forever. Because learning never stops and really why would you want it to? Good or the bad times. Its fun no matter what.

So just try and remember this when you think you know all you “need” to know and also remember how to be honest with someone when they want to learn a language. Be honest and don’t make like its all breezy.

I know this post was really long and probably you lost me mid way ; but if you made it to the end then wow high five to you 🙂 <3 and thanks for reading. Leave your opinions in the comments. I’d like to know if its just me that’s crazy or not ; do you think someone can say they “know enough and can quit learning” or its a forever process. I don’t mean till your ninety but in the sense that you can never truly know everything about your target language (or anything else for that matter!)

And I made it an open thread so anything else even non-related can be commented on 😀



Ah. There is nothing in this world more calming to me than grammar — my mum knows that far too well.

Grammar just works for me, it isn’t easy for me and me loving it should not be confused with it being SIMPLE.

I just like puzzles — mysteries rather, and to me that’s how I see grammar ; as a mystery. Sort of like watching Midsummer Murders (it’s a crime show wiki it (: ) I make lots of notes and think actively about what is happening and make connections with other things I have come across.

 Of course my mystery TV and grammar study differ ❤

With mystery shows I get really really load — and crazy Detective K on everyone!! Plus I tell everyone to shut-the-hell-up.

How can I work with noise. it. just. does. not. work~!!! ^^

With grammar I have a few “rules” per-se on how I like to work.

I don’t care about noise, it doesn’t bug me, in fact I prefer to study in the family lounge WITH people talking, my music in one ear, tv blaring in the background — makes me know I haven’t died yet haha. silence. can. kill. and really fast.

I also love to set mini goals with my grammar-therapy sessions. I usually tell my mum I will do 20 pages before I even bother responding to her (if she asks me a question, or is talking hehe, we are really close, I’m really close with my family) ^^

Never, ever, do I really achieve any of my “mini” goals, usually just the half, but you know, it’s good to aim high, you have to strive higher and higher each time. right.

❤ makes it all fun and lovable.

Let me talk about today specifically xD

I did the grammar ~!!! 🙂 

Worked from these three books, plus a ttmik book I bound for reference, and my grammar dictionary (should I even mention this? obviously you know I used some kind of dic) and I read. read. and read a little bit more.


I tried to make my reading as diverse as possible, and found that’s what makes me smile more than anything else (:

Diversifying my reading material, from super rude namja’s in 영상 만화 books, to oh.so.romantic and poetic namja’s in novels, then moving onto reading about Microsoft’s new plans with future and current Windows software (yes….haha..you’d be surprised it’s super fun)

I’m also going to proudly tell you all I resisted the urge to read Yonsei Reading (the blue book I have) — not because it isn’t an amazing textbook ;  no. no. on the contrary it’s the opposite, it’s my favourite reading book I own. But, it causes me to forget about other stuff, to not want to look at other stuff.

Basically it cuts me off and deadens my desire to read other stuff. Which in terms of language learning and being out there with other materials isn’t a healthy choice 🙂

SO I made the ultimate sacrifice and ditched it (oh! that was a painful thing for me to do, since I love this book)

But it was loads of fun today, really gave it my 노력, mainly because I won’t be having loads of time, so I took advantage of this spare time and went all “Korean learning crazy.with.the.books.and.all” 

Oh ❤ here is a picture I took earlier ~!! ^^ with my EOS circle lenses on ..wore them the full 8hrs today — well almost I took them off just 20mins before the 8hrs was over because I needed a nap :p


First off really sad about the recent plane crash 🙁 my prayers with the family. God is with you.

And today, all I needed was a steady place to rest my book, and I was ready to go. I had that much motivation in me ^^ I love that about myself, I never let something get me down, I had been slacking like crazy ;; but then I stopped. Didn’t loiter on previous behavior! Got up on that horse.

So actually, my Mummy was getting her papers all sorted, ID card, and citizenship, which I’m not complaining, but it took a freakishly looooong time, and during that time with the volume up on high on my phone, listening to GOT7 A – and other junk my sister played( fx red light omg I cant understand her for this, but she’s fx hardcore biased). I read my Yonsei textbook, highlights in all the confusing ? mark bits.


I took my Korean Grammar for International learners our for a spin together with my Yonsei textbook, thinking I would need it to look up some grammar/prefixes and I actually didn’t. The grammar was that simple, and duh its a level 2 reading book but the second chapter was a little challenging for me! But I got through it with a super huge 🙂 and I gave myself a treat too, a smoothie with ice-cream ♥

Did learn a couple of words too, I’ll add some pictures soon, I cant upload pictures with my phone through the WordPress app, dont know why but it takes ages to upload >_< x.x.x thanks for reading and have a golden day everyone! ^^ and good luck if you're studying any foreign languages too ♥ 할 수 있어요! 홧팅 ~

The title will most probably not make a lot of sense when you read the post/ if you read the post but who cares (: its really doesn’t matter.

To me, I think as language learners we should use the materials that we like not only just the things that may be in time useful to our language learning, the way we do it and all the entities that go with it heh ^^

For me here come the problems with the ideas I know I have and the difficulties in implementing said ideas!!


my problems are :~

  • I don’t know what I like ; not because I don’t know but more in the sense that I don’t know what works best for me to acquire the language at my optimum best. I know what I like, but does what I really like fit my learning style etc?

I don’t know! Why? Because

1) This is the first time I am trying to learn a language on my own. It’s been 3 years now almost (2011?) to now – and sometimes I wonder where its heading because I always try and do so many things. Is this really working for me? -.-

I’ll never give up! << that I know and I will keep trying to find my ground with learning languages (just Korean?) because I have all I need to keep me motivated. Well almost all of it heh more like a few pieces of the puzzle as I see it.

The most important is interest and I have a keen interested ; and maybe overly keen interest that at times can border on obsession but that’s even better? Right. Then the second piece is motivation, although super important too you can lack motivation and have interest and your interest will keep you through those dark.dark times 😀

The pieces I don’t have however.

I do not have and  probably will never have patience and I kinda view this trait as a good and bad thing all at the same time ; good because it makes me not want to give up while I’m in a “good mood” but when I’m out of that mood, then, things change a bit and I just get a bit irritated with it all and chuck it to the curb in frustration/irritated manner because its pissed me off BIG TIME

I also sadly these days that is have no time to myself so I have studying, more studying, read a book which is fun (ooh my current one is Eclipse ^^ loving it) then at the end of the day (or beginning of it) since I sleep so late I’m too exhausted to do much ‘real’ studying but the good thing is I am always exposed to Korean – hello, all I need is my cellphone, earphones and mama is ready to go hehe.

I always listen to Korean music (K-pop ; or some super random yet cute song I found while trolling naver ) ^^ it all comes together.

But in the coming weeks I am going to be trying to find my ground. what makes me learn best, how I learn best, I really don’t know these things about myself yet? 🙂


We have EXO back people 😀 this is exciting check the MV 


listened to the mini-album and I super love Thunder I will say more on exo matters later today, or tomorrow (:  #fangirl mode now x.o.x.o << did you pick it up? it was a pun on an EXO album remember? XOXO (: