picture from Amazon.com

picture from Amazon.com

Hiya guys ^^ hope everyone had a good weekend and a lovely start to this week :3 it’s a new week and I have a new book on-hand ; as you know as a language learner I want to have a wider knowledge of the way language works and a better understanding of it all. It’s a dream everyday I work toward achieving 😀

Basis established. I stumbled across this book early this morning sifting through emails while I was half-asleep wow it seems the best things for me are found when I’m not even paying attention ^^;; – the book is called The Language Instinct (How The Mind Creates Languages) _by Steven Pinker

No nothing about this author however, it seems like he’s a bestselling author on books about language, etc so I am optimistic about how I’ll get along with the book. Although having been a bestseller doesn’t really equal to me enjoying the book, some books are super amazing review laden, New York Times #1, and still I find them CRAP! and impossible to read.


The book is basically about language, and how we acquire it through the instinct that we know how to speak, and several other things I will get to as I read more ㅋㅋㅋ it’s so exciting reading something, and knowing that your knowledge of a subject you enjoy will increase with each turning page (:

I’m actually on page 18 ; and so far all I’ve gotten is theory excerpts from Charles Darwin and some guy names Chomsky (?) and so far its really kind of interesting :3 when I’m done I’ll give a review on the book.

Have a good day, and happy Korean studies!! 좋은 하루 보내세요 :3

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Today I picked up two interesting books at a second-hand book store.


I was out with my mum and and after she had bought about (what seemed to me) like a ton of different colour/scented bath salts she randomly mentioned to me “Kay, there is a second-hand book place upstairs! Go check it out” I was like awesome, I knew long long ago that there was a second-hand bookshop up there because my dad was always there during weekends, but, I didn’t know it was still there ^^

Happy it’s still there! 🙂

Made my way up the stairs and I was just thinking this to myself :

Kay : Hmm, wonder if maybe I will find some Korean stuff? Ya think? Nah probably not ㅠㅠ

Kay : omg. like what if you find something like a super cheap k-novel hehe that would be cool huh ….

then because now I was a little lost going down the corridor I was thinking :

Kay : omg. what if someone kidnaps me and then kills me? :/

Kay : oh no. what if I fall over this railing ….I’m gonna die eek.

I need some friends if I do this in my head, right! ^^ haha.

Anyway, the books I bought like the title says was one French novel because it was cute, and I could read the title, also, because my sister forced me to watch the animation about a month and a half ago so it was Stockholm syndrome buying D: she tortured me with two of these movies and now I seem to have an attachment >.<

The second, however, is something a bit more related to Korean, or no not Korean but just language in general! An Introduction to Sociolinguistics I’ve read a few pages and I really like it (: will talk about it more in another post.

More pictures below, it really was a total bargain at just 21$ for both (Novel $6 and Linguistics book $15) << this is US$ because Zimbabwe uses the United States $ as its main currency and I’m saying this because of a very dumb comment someone made to me in Kakao, so said person can stop making moronic comments k? Good now

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An Introduction to Sociolinguistics by Janet Holmes


Wrote that about 3hours ago and now sitting with the Sociolinguistic book ^^ and waiting till the Oscar Pistorius highlights start :DD loving the book so far, but I got a painful, and very deep paper cut from it a while ago ouch ㅠㅠ 아퍼

Finally instead of reading through many many language learning ideas/methods I have picked one and shall stick with it for #3Months and if it works for me then it stays – but if it starts to make me slow down then I shall switch again xD

I wasn’t actually using any method up till now it was just the way I felt like doing things (which is in itself a sort of method) and it worked for me I won’t deny that but I want to try and have some semblance of structure in my language acquisition. Trying a specific ‘language learning method’ would provide me with that opportunity ㅋㅋ

"focus on the known and not the unknown"

“focus on the known and not the unknown”

So basically the key point in my ‘new’ method is to focus on the known and not the unknown like I have been doing before, and so I figured rather start with a text in my L2 and work from there ^^ so I am reading  슬픈연가 story2 from the very beginning to see what I ‘know’ and then all that I don’t know should fall into place either by context or by recurring so many times I just land up going : Ahh!

Also, the way I write my notes will slightly change eg. no more English translations. I stopped writing English translations of things around November (late) after Karla said it helped her improve and also it seemed like a good thing to do. Otherwise most things are staying the same, I won’t be writing my unknown words from every single chapter (of a book!) under the lesson/chapter I will now just wait that out and write the unknown words down after every 5 chapters which to me seems like it will make my notebook ‘neater’ ㅋ

Less clutter is good business 😀

Wish me luck ~

Have a good day ^^ and Happy Studying.

I don’t think I mentioned this on the blog but a couple of months ago I hit a plateau in learning Korean ^^ where now I wasn’t actually learning anything. No new vocabulary and no new grammar. NOTHING. It was no progress for almost a month and a half and although it was a busy time for me with #schoolwork and other stuff like life, there are a few more reasons to it and I want to share them so no one makes the same mistakes 🙂

Here are a few reasons on ‘how’ someone lands up hitting a plateau in learning Korean (or any other language)

Lack of time when you don’t have time you study small amounts, right? I usually study this way when I don’t have time, I make a study-time and its usually about 20-30 minutes before I get very tired because I have been busy the whole day or ; when I am waiting for maybe my class for about 5 minutes I try and study something but then its hard to study while you are standing on the second floor balcony so it usually ends in me having an open book in my hand and talking to someone else ㅠㅠ so that is one problem which can cause a plateau “Lack of time”

Reading in a block environment  you can’t improve on new vocabulary if you are reading just the vocabulary you know, and have mastered. That’s what I was doing for like a month, everything I was reading I understood it was at my ‘level’ so there were no advances on anything I was learning. It was actually then I thought to myself I should read my Big Bang book (Shouting out to you in the World!) because those words I obviously don’t know all of them xD and I can improve through it. Which is happening (: I see loads of improvements and its moving pretty fast.

No usage of language skills its only now when I write my 일기 (which I will post for some as some practice) that I have started using what I know but before I just didn’t make that effort, not because I didn’t want to but because I just had no energy to try and make an effort ): its pretty sad to think of it that way but when I make an effort I remember everything about 100times better eg. when I was beginning I would remember everything so much better because I was always reading it ; revising with it; and most importantly USING it no matter what so I got to understand the structures and usages of these grammar and words I was learning and using 🙂 now I can sometimes easily forget something I learnt about 3 weeks ago ㅠ.ㅠ Probably my short-memory though so I shouldn’t put too much thought into what I forget! I usually forget most thinks if I don’t go over them again and again

Those are three reasons why I know I hit a plateau in learning Korean for a few weeks (ummh…more like a month :D) but since I am out of it ; and have been for a long time I thought I should share with you what I was doing ‘wrong’ not that there is a wrong and right way, but for me this was wrong and actually was killing my progress which can get frustrating a lot ><

You have to get out of a situation like this before its too late. 🙂

How to get out of it is easier than how you got into it though ~ luckily 🙂

Read more! if you read more then there is no time to be forgetting words and grammar and you will be learning new words and grammar as you read more challenging material when you study.

Use the language or it becomes useless that says it all, but you have to use the language or there is no point in learning the language. That’s why you usually need a strong desire for the language to get far with it, I have just pure love of it and the happiness it gives me when I understand something in normal speed Korean and large quantities ㅎㅎ

Find time no matter what I make excuses, I know it and most friends/ and readers know it if you have been reading my posts and who follow me on Twitter and Facebook. Its just who I am and its my personality I think, but it usually escalates when I don’t have time for what I was which is bad because then I never get much done ㅠ.ㅠ and that’s not very beneficial to me or my Korean no is it?! 🙂 Although I usually find 20 minutes I don’t think its enough one or twice a week I should make it 20-30minutes everyday when I don’t have time.

When I do have time studying is not an issue for me I can sit and study Korean for up to two (2) hours at a time when I have all the time in the world ~ which is usually December time when its a long holiday for most people 🙂

Anyway, hope this helps you if you have been in a language learning ‘rut’ it certainly helped me once I realized what I was actually doing to my Korean ~ hehe

Have you ever hit a plateau in language learning? Did it make you want to give up? Share your experiences 🙂 Look forward to reading them everybody!! ~ So leave a comment ㅎㅎ