Aww. I realize I didn’t keep up with it ; in terms of blogging only. But in real life I was a healthy little baby 🙂

I ate everything in moderation. Put simply that’s a really polite way of saying when I wanted a brownie and I hadn’t had one the previous day I ate it. Enjoyed it, and didn’t feel guilty! ^^

I realized that I can’t deprive my body of the things ‘she’ wants. I just need to learn to keep it to a few treats not every time I go to the Fruit & Veg bakery I need to have a Brownie. No. Because I don’t, I had one the previous day, so I don’t need one. Rather opt for an Aloe drink (btw. I had never tasted Aloe Vera drinks before a few weeks ago but I love them!)

I think I’ve mentioned a couple of times how much I adoooooooore smoothies. I love ’em and can’t get enough of them. But I watched a program on BBC Knowledge and it made me think that I use having a smoothie as a health crutch. Always saying “its healthy, it has fruit and yoghurt, and muesli so of course its healthy” – it’s not that healthy, since it has a lot of sugar, and personally I don’t care because they are sooo yummy but I stopped having them every single day, now I alternate between Aloe Vera (cherry flavour with real cherry fruit pieces) ; Litchi juice ; and the smoothie! 🙂

That’s more balanced isn’t it? ^^ I think it is.

Skin front. 

On the front of my skin, it’s improved a lot. Those little blackheads I spoke about, are all gone. They’ve been gone since last week actually. The marks I got from Midnight scratching me and etc. are all gone. AWESOME! </3

my complexion is even brighter. which is a boost in confidence! ^^

Started to exercise! 

I started exercising too. My mum got me an elliptical trainer, and I use it every single day, together with doing push-ups and drinking a lot of water. Don’t want to ge dehydrated. All round fitness.

I tell u one thing hasn’t really improved………..

Organization/motivation/being lazy 

this hasn’t changed much, but I’m working really hard on it, actually, after posting this I’m going to start writing my first draft of my composition for my book report. As well as my vocation paper, which I need to be done super fast! ^_^ and later on today I told my sister I would work hard to create an .srt file for her, which means I have to transcribe a Korean variety show. Yay.

That will not be easy but it will be fun 😉

I said I would write about it! And today is the week 1 round-up. I started on the 14 >> its now the 21st.

Okay so day 1 was probably the easiest for me, slipped up once with a fizzy drink but that was the last time. Didn’t drink one the whole week. The first day food-wise I did a pretty good job, I managed to eat 5 tiny meals in the day, and by the next day I was starrrrrrving for something to eat.  So I actually ate breakfast on day 2.

(How very  very cool. Its not something I usually want to eat, so needing it was fun!)

The cold glass of water I haven’t done it everyday since Monday but I did try, I did it 4 times out of 7, so that makes it a solid majority of the day. All sugar was kept out of my diet save for these exact two things.

  • 3 cups of Raspberry tea (2 sugars each)
  • 1 Large 500ml Smoothie
  • One Chelsea Bun

Those were had on different days, so I see it as a balance I created, usually I would have had the tea, and still had a cup or two more, plus the smoothie. The Chelsea bun was with the smoothie. << It was brunch ^(^_^)^

Tried to keep well away from all oily food, only ate oily food once, didn’t even finish it, was too conscience of what I was eating by this time xD

Face treatments for the week were done 4 times again, majority, also I didn’t want to do too much to my skin. Might get damaged. But guess what, I had those tiny little spots from scares, they are slowly disappearing. I was quiet happy about that, when your face looks good, you feel good! 🙂

Tiny blackheads on my nose have also become LESS visible.

(Laws of nature. And human confidence)

That sums it up? No. Something I’m missing just don’t know what.


Exercise. The only exercise I got in was running around with Midnight, which is more fun than exercise haha.

Have a good day 🙂

Kay <3


Hi there, I was roaming the internet and I found out from a website that it takes the human body 21 days to break in a new habit. Both the mind and the body. Now, I need some new habits so there is going to be a new category and new subcategory for this “mission” I am on!

For 21 DAYS.

The category is Living Life >>> and the sub-category for this particular challenge is 21 Day Habit Change! 🙂 that is what it is, keep it to the point and short. I want to tell you why I am trying to break in new habits, what these new habits are compared to my current habits, and probably how helpful I think it will be. Let’s get started.

1.  I want to improve my skin! I don’t actually have bad skin, I just have a few marks on my face, from when I’ve been scratched by Midnight, or a scrap. Nothing more, but my skin keeps scars so those marks after I keep picking at them have stayed and there is exactly 2 visible marks on my face.

Thank goodness I’ve never had acne, my face, if I ever had it would be riddled with marks. So touch wood for that. I am not even prone to acne woohoo. Lucky me hey? ^^

2. I want to be more organized! I am organized a little, not really that much. I keep certain things in order like for example my Korean CDs – all my CNBLUE albums are super organized and a few other things. But I’m talking about the general sense of organization, my books are never neatly put on a bookshelf – 9 times out of 10 they are thrown on a chair at my desk/ or flung in a nice and unbalanced pile on my desk.

Other sections of my life also suck when it comes to organization, I don’t keep track of what I need to get done, and what I actually get done too well. I don’t do my assignments with organization, my research and writing is always ridiculously unorganized. That will be changing within in the 21 days though hehe.

3. I feel like I am fat, and probably a little unhealthy! I weigh about 63kg and I am 160cm – to me I feel a little heavy, and its not because I overeat, I think its because of the way I eat! At times I can not eat till about 12am because I don’t really get hungry, but that’s not very good for my health and metabolism.

I never eat breakfast, because I am never hungry that early in the morning, but I have been reading that that is ok, so long as I have a cold glass of water in the morning to kick-start my metabolism. Make it work overtime.

My diet. My Mum always makes home cooked meals so I never really have fast-food, just a burger once in a while or a pizza from Pizza Inn but most times if we feel like having a pizza/something fast food-ish we’ll make it ourselves. That way we all know we are using good wholesome ingredients in our Pizza and Burgers xD I do sometimes have a lot of oil in my diet, but usually when eating something deep-fried in oil there is usually a big green salad to accompany it – balances it all out.

4. Cutting food out! Its easy for me to cut food out, I’ve done it many times before. I went vegetarian for a couple of months to be “healthier” ; which was a lot of fun I even got to try tofu when I did that, which isn’t really that great. I cut out Pork years ago ; almost 4 years ago and I haven’t eaten a single drop of pork since that day.

In 2011/2012 I cut out all fizzy drinks yay – till today though I don’t drink Coke because it tastes like crap and makes me feel like puking. I do drink other fizzy drinks though mainly, Fanta, I love Fanta, and Mountain Dew, hate all other fizzy drinks >_< and don’t drink them!

Chocolate, I’ll also be cutting out chocolate, I haven’t had any chocolate for almost 2 months now, because for some reason every time I put some in my mouth it made me feel sick. So that’s already done to be honest to yippee for me. But I just need to remember to keep up not eating chocolate, because if I get upset or something, or even a little happier haha, I’ll think of having a bar.

5. Be myself more often…!! I am always myself, who else can I be 🙂 I’ll just remember not to hold back sometimes. When I do sometimes I land up feeling guilty for holding back. No more though ^^

I am going to enjoy this 21 Day Habit Change. It’s going to be so much fun, I am going to try new things ^^ anyone of you guys ever tried to change your habits in 21 days? If so, how did it all go? (: let me know.