Thirty-nine minutes past midnight, I’ve just finished watching Divergent and not exhausted at all! ^^

Like I said, I’ve just finished watching the movie Divergent and I absolutely loved it, buying the novel asap ♡ that’s how amazing this is. I wanna talk about the movie, and since I don’t think I’ve ever blogged about a movie the setup is still off-ish, and as I’m typing on my phone it might seem rushed. I’ll try not to make it seem rushed 😉



Hmm! I have no idea how to start, so as always the best place to start. THE BEGINNING.

Set in Chicago, the world as we know it has been destroyed by the war, we are now all separated in 5 factions – to prevent disorder.

You are distinguished by your nature, are you selfless, honest, brave, smart, or are you a happy person? You could be any! But, you could also be nobody, you could be factionless or you could be more than one of the factions. You’re divergent ; you cant be commanded, you cant be controlled.

You have free will.

That’s rare.

I liked this dynamic, the idea that we are essentially more than one person, we can be selfless and selfish all at the same time.

But in a world, were you have to be one person, or you’re dead what do you do? Do you conform to what they want? Or do you fight back like your nature tells you to?

The story follows Beatrice, a divergent who chooses to become part of the Dauntless faction (fearless, the protectors, the wild ones) but she’s also hiding a secret, that if discovered by Erudite (the smart ones) could cost her her life! 

With the help of Four (her instructor and could I say boyfriend?) who just happens to be a divergent and come from the same faction as herself fight back and destroy the system the Erudites are trying to create. They feel they have the knowledge to rule the government better, and so they use a serum to induce the Dauntless faction in a command mode, they follow all orders given to them, the perfect army.

All of them except two. A divergent cannot be controlled. A divergent is more than one person.

When they fight back was my favorite part, second only to the parts when we see a softer side to Tobias (Four’s) real name, before in the beginning of the movie Four was portrayed as a cold and heartless character, as we see in an exchange between Beatrice and him.

Four : I don’t want to hear about your old factions here.
Trice : What faction were you born into? Dauntless?
Four : What makes you think you have a right to speak to me in that way?
Trice : I don’t know. Maybe it’s because you’re so approachable.

In that we saw him as cold. But as his character develops and we learn more about him, and Trice (Beatrice) we see he’s everything. Kindness, Intelligence, Bravery, Selflessnes and Happiness~!!!! A divergent just like Trice.

As the show and the relationship between Four and Trice developed we saw a war brewing, and as the two people who could stop it they risked their lives too, Four was taken by the Erudites and they managed to control him, but Trice found a way to get to him, to break the command and make him remember who he is.

With the command computers destroyed, Trices family dead, she has no place to call home, neither does Four, so together they ride the train to the end of the line. Ready to fight again when they’re needed, as divergents.


Freaking love this movie, it’s based on the novels which because now I need to know how it all goes I need to buy. The next movie is apparently going to be released in 2016 ;;; holy moly I cant wait that long to know what happens. I’m hooked, I need the novels asap and I’ll read them in a matter or days.

What is a Divergent fan called? Idk. I actually wanted to watch the movie again with my sister but during the time I’ve been typing this post she’s fallen asleep ^_^ aww well it was her Birthday so 생일 축하축하 우리 키가큰 동생 (Happy Birthday my tall little sister) don’t know if I’d be the same without her. >_< ♡♡♡♡ I should follow her ideas and sleep lol after an awesome movie a good nights sleep is needed ♡ 잘 자요.