Japanese has the same : “this one right here close to me”, “that one close to you”, and “that one over there far away from both  of us” and then they have a set to be used with nouns, where eg, you know what thing you are speaking of then you add the “noun” you are speaking of after the この、その、あの!!

I think having this was fun actually, because I already had the confusing experience with the Korean ones, I remember them from way back and these were confusing, at the time I printed a TTMIK lesson that was super detailed about it and read it everyday for a whole week, whenever I was talking about things I would remind myself that the thing in my hand is “이것” the thing by the car far away from my sister and I was “저것” and the thing in my sisters hand was “그것” now I don’t forget that.

Switched them for today (not that I have been doing that all these years omg no) now I am going to use the これ、それ、あれ、 この、その、あの (+ noun)

And question word : どれ、どの

With these I just equate them to Korean 누구/누구한테 they have different nuances but they seem to work well in my head so I will use them till I see any other ideas in my mind how to remember them.

Also remember that with questions words 「何 ・ どれ・どの」 the particle は is not used, instead  が is used! Pretty simple to remember.

The chapter I am on at the moment in Genki is actually my favourite, I am learning so much, and its just so much fun. I’ve learnt how to express more than just these “thing” words and “question” words. Saying something is the “same” too and much more. Now I just need vocabulary, but I did rush for that with Korean (I do love Korean grammar and all) I was always worried I would have sub-par vocabulary when I think grammar should have focus.

Both are important and deserve equal focus but for this I’m sticking to the textbook and Erin’s Challenge ONLY!!!

Nihongomori too. But for more observation and getting a “feel” of spoken language! 🙂

I won’t crowd my learning with a billion resources and land up getting lost and confused, feeling a little sad about everything. I like the way it’s going now and I will not change anything about it 🙂



My letters still look worse than a child’s I think (ofc I wouldn’t know because I have never seen a child’s writing but it’s a thought)

I really want different pens, I usually use Hitec-C Maica (.38mm) pens for my Korean because they work well but for Japanese (the Hiragana, the Katakana, the little Kanji that I write from Genki) it just looks ugly, I don’t like it, I bought Muji Gel Pens but they haven’t arrived yet, saw notes where someone used Muji Gel Ink pens and I know its the writer not the pen but I am willing to try.

(using a 0.5mm mechanical pencil for Japanese at the moment)

Today I am also finally hitting the K-drama scene again. It’s because of something bias related of course.

이종현 drama has begun, and it has a vampire-girl 🙂 how cool is that. I think he is a vampire too, I am not certain but I am watching episode one and two today — I am taking the major plunge and watching it without the English subtitle crutch ^^ let’s see how that goes. Last time I watched a drama unsubbed it was “alright” I only failed at about 15-20mins out of the full drama time of 58mins! ^^ Iknowitsucks

좋은 하루 보내세용!! 🙂

Japanese has exceptions and irregularities too? OMG.

Obviously I knew this, everything has exceptions and irregularities! Of course. But now I just know the Japanese ones, well, not all, how could I, but a few of them now.

Mostly to do with the Hiragana, Katakana, a few Kanji and pronunciation. I’m happy about that, bolded the pronunciation because most of them are just pronunciation 😀

Time for pictures of my untidy and disorganized notes (Japanese of course) I can now read and write with general ease if its Hiragana and Katakana and the 9 kanji I know so far loool.





There is no grammar yet. I kinda needed to look at Korean grammar because I got really pissed when I opened naver on my phone and tried to read something random and came across a grammar I didn’t know nor could I piece together in my mind. So headed for K-textbooks. 🙂


PicMonkey Collage

Read grammar, and tried to write something with it 🙁 pathetic honestly. I remember it though but still pathetic. I didn’t have the energy to get my notebook out so I just used the textbook itself. There was space m(._.)m and I was lazy.

This post kinda veered off the title, I know, I’m sorry but it was more a general post actually anyway so its okay.

#Current Jdrama




This is probably my favourite drama in the whole world. I could watch it over and over again and never get tired of it. I absolutely adore it, and I’m picking up words because I am watching it over and over again. I am only on episode 5 though. So I have 1-5 and I watch those over and over until I have another episode to watch 🙂 the files are massive so it takes a while before I can see the next one.

Massive because I wanted to have good quality (* >ω<) that’s how awesome it is. [and I just discovered it has a Korean version, which not going to lie but looking at the actors I won’t waste my time watching it hehe!! They’ll ruin it, everything Korean-remake turns out HORRIBLE…I mean look at Boys Over Flowers eh?!]

xo ( ˘ ³˘)♥

Hey guys ^^ well I was horrible with keeping up with updates from my February challenge (monthly goals is ma new thang) ~ and I did reasonably well in 19 days …not even a whole month.

So a whole month? That should really turn out well :3

Previous Goal = 54 pages of 세상에 너를 소리쳐! and sadly didn’t complete the 54 pages however I did complete *drum roll please* 37 pages. It’s  just 17 pages short of my goal. And I am truly proud I was able to do that much, I won’t bash my efforts. I will praise myself for even managing that. That book is NOT easy.


And honestly, as un-motivating as this is going to sound I will still say it to everyone who owns this book, unless you got die-hard spirit and know a billion knocks that you will recieve when reading this book won’t hurt how you view your learning journy then read it, but if you feel like you can’t handle the fact that it may feel like you know nothing but grammar, and resulting in you feeling like its a waste of your time learning and not LEARNING enough then please don’t read it. Go for something easier.

I’m tough. So I took it well ? I think. I will assume, I’m still here and waiting for another month to have a challenge ㅋㅋㅋ  so I must have taken it in my stride.

Doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it, actually the difficulty level actually makes me love what I achieved even more. And my reward? No. It wasn’t Korean, okay, a part of it was but that hasn’t arrived yet haha &  a Heart Rate Monitor. In pink.

Cha-ching :3 say whatttt???? 😀

totally irrelevant to this blog but I'm working out more these days. I'm apparently too fat for my height of 159cm *yeah I'm short* lol

totally irrelevant to this blog but I’m working out more these days. I’m apparently too fat for my height of 159cm *yeah I’m short* lol

Seemed like a fitting reward for myself ^^ and the two books I ordered online, and yes, I ordered another novel, really loving the “novels” these days I have ordered about 3 haha. I want to keep reading, and the challenge actually made me see reading as such an enjoyable activity. And I know u must be thinking how can I say I only saw that now, but what I mean is, reading Korean novels — and trying to understand them!

You know the process. The stages that take you from looking up every second word on page one to every 5/6 word on page 10. I love that. It’s so amazing.

I think this will be a good year for Korean and hopefully moi <3


I also have 24hours to finish these books. And I don’t have a problem with it, because I have been using them consistently since I said on Instagram that I needed to end my war with them. Yes, war, its been taking me a while and since they aren’t too hard for me I find it boring as hell to even get to the end.

But I have been pushing myself to do them when I get to bed, instead of just lying in bed staring at my ceiling and listening to a bunch of birds who make weird noises by my window wondering what their problem is, I decided I would just make notes and use these two. And I take about 1hr to fall asleep so I use them for about 25/30min a night.

Cool huh? I think its alright.

if u think I can find a better method of getting myself to use them then ⇩⇩comment below and let moi know⇩⇩ please. And methods for lazy people, because I am just too lazy, I know its tmi but I sometimes think of using them when I take a bath if it wasn’t for the risk of getting them wet. :/

Wanna see my rubbish notes? I will be too embarrassed to ever make such horrible notes again if I know just one person has seen them so here….look at my untidy notes. I will make better ones.  /hiding in shame/ 







March Language Goals

Time for the March language goals yay! ^^

– I plan to use my topik vocab book. It’s kinda fun and I am enjoy it, but its pretty thick so a whole months challenge shall be devoted to it. Luckily March is a real month so thankfully I have 31 days to work with it ^^ 

– read a little more. I will switch from the Big Bang book to something a little easier to accommodate the other stuff I will be doing. I haven’t decided to what yet though. It can’t be too time consuming. 

– talk more. I keep stressing on the writing but if I can talk then I can write, and I think I can grasp talking faster, I have been told I never shut up. hahaha. ^^ 

– buy one Japanese textbook. If some kind soul could link me to a good beginner textbook, I found Genki and plan on buying it maybe next week or something, I don’t know because I am also eyeing a few Korean things. 

– frequent updates. Recently because I was too tired most days to write posts and also wasn’t the happiest bunny I did stick to Instagram more than here which sucks but I will try to post updates here. And more stuff, other than “this is what I did today” haha. ^^ seems like a good plan? hey. 


This months challenge book. Also this is my version of Picture Art. I played with filters and grains and came to this.  I added some weird grainy thing, and it created those little bumps and grainy-ness (?) you see. Which I totally love. What do you think? :3

Good luck with this month everyone. 여러분 행운을 빌어고 좋은 월 보내세요.


Kirsten ✿


Really weird thing to say but I was getting really bored of the stuff I had ~I needed more and my packages weren’t arriving fast enough for me ^^ but today finally I was given a little something special. My twochois package arrived.

I was so thrilled. I actually did a little squeal at Courier Connect 🙂

Onto what I got~!!


TOPIK Essential Grammar 150!

TOPIK Essential Grammar 150!

I finally have my TOPIK Essential 150 textbook…I’ve been wanting it for a very long time, and when I finally bought it I wanted it to arrive like a day before lmao. ~impossible~ but now that I have it I’m so excited.

Had a quick look at it in the car after I ripped open the box…and I must say it looks even better than I thought it would be ^^ 잘 샀어요 ㅎㅎ


넌내반 manhwa book~♥ I’ve mentioned many times how I’ve wanted these books since the day I knew they were going to be released. I have no idea what took me so long….they are amazing. I’ve only just browsed through a couple of pages in the 1st book but I can tell you this I’m in love with this book ~ and I’ll be yacking on and on about it for a long while to come xD

Be prepared ya’ll

Heartstrings 1 & 2

Heartstrings 1 & 2

Second picture. From the side this time…one thing I want to mention is the size of the books, I didn’t really expect that, it’s quite an unusual shape. Usually books this size are A5 – this doesn’t seem to be. I kind of like the unusual shape though >_<

I haven’t taken the second book out of the plastic that twochois so carefully wrapped it in just yet, hence the glare from the camera ^^

I don’t want to damage it, when I get to reading it I’ll take it out of the bag (:

You're Beautiful Novel 1

You’re Beautiful Novel 1

The theme was 정용화. I’m not even kidding you right now, I have more Yonghwa stuff (~ I am seriously too obsessed with this dude ♥ like I said before it’ll never break lol)

This is the 미남이시네요 1 novel. I also haven’t taken this out of the packet yet…but I know what the first pages look like from the preview I got online :DD hoping to read this soon, maybe in a couple of days, it’s surprisingly easy.

Guess it’s sort of like YA ~ simple and not too complex with poetic lines. Well, none that I know of. We’ll have to wait and see, might be speaking too soon here :p

(suddenly want to watch the drama…again~!!)


Korean stuff ~no other words~ these are supplements from CeCi and Instyle magazine.

It’s a beautiful Cherry Blossom Body Mist and Body Wash (haven’t used the Body Wash) but the Mist is so pretty. The scent is just my style ~ I mean it. My favourite perfume is actually Britney Spears “Fantasy” I like flowery, and girly scents ^^

(I’m a flowery and girly person, with moments of insanity~)

The shampoo looks really nice, smells nice and I’ll try it sometime, when I feel ready to change from what I currently use lol ~ which would be tomorrow if I have time ^^

Finally the eye liner, the colour is so unusual(it’s Green). It’s nothing I would ever buy on my own so I’m curious to try it out, and I bought a little something earlier today and it would match well ~I think~ with this Green eyeliner.

Curiously going to wait till my package arrives then I’ll try the eyeliner.



Isn’t it just the prettiest you’ve ever seen? The minute I saw it I imagined a galaxy full of star and I was floating <3 that’s how beautiful I find the imagery on the notebook.

I want to use it, but it’s too pretty so it’ll stay on my bookshelf where I horde numerous pretty things ^^ too afraid to mess ’em up with my untidiness :p

~xD thanks twohois for the notebook gift~


Three magazines! SO THICK OMG

Three magazines! SO THICK OMG

InStyle ~ got this for the tiny bit of Tiffany inside ^^ she looked lovely btw. And it’s got some lovely reading practice and stuff, I think I’ll look at it often just for something to read.

Marrie Claire ~ got this for JYJ on the cover! And I haven’t even opened it yet, you can see in the photo it still is all nice and safely wrapped in plastic >_<

Vogue Korea ~ Got this for 정용화. There is a pictorial and interview with the rest of the #삼총사 cast- can’t wait to have a look at it soon. Might even try my hand at translating, who knows xD

Again not opened you can still see the baggy it’s in.


it’s blurry, I’m sorry was too excited <3

A page from #Esquire ^^ I’m sorry the image is blurry I was seriously too excited to even take a good pic. This is actually the best one can you believe. Out of 6 or so D:


CeCi (August 2014)


And finally the last magazine (~sort of) is CeCi which a seriously awesome magazine. Lot’s of interesting stuff in it, I was reading it just before writing this post actually.

Love it ♥ You will be hearing more about the contents (x you are duly warned x)


These are extras….from Vogue and Marie Claire….just fashion show books and etc not my style but they are pretty to look at so I got them xD

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ^_________^ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Happy as a mouse with cheese with my book haul ♥ (that is a bad analogy) but that is how I feel. I really needed a pick me up after all these stresses I’ve been having. I won’t be able to delve into everything, I know that, what with exams and etc but still I’ll have time in the car to look at some stuff.

When I chuck it into my bag xD

Anyone have any of these books? If so how do you like them? Also it’s Friday (secret cheer ~~) what are you all doing? I’m going to look over my stuff and then watch some tv and maybe some KNTM (Korea’s Next Top Model) recommended by someone <3