World of Warcraft is currently in maintenance and I was just sitting here listening to this song and thought I would log on here and fix links and sort stuff out…just do something while I wait for the game to be up again.

So how has everyone been? Hope everyone’s studies have been going well? I sadly haven’t studied anything in a long time. I dont even know what I remember etc, well, but, anyway. Fixing links and reorganizing everything. I think I will change the colour scheme or something. Pink is just too fucking annoying, and it doesn’t even remotely express  how I feel…

I have 1 hr till game is up so its enough to change and fix stuff.

Want this to be still useful to people. Until I come back…dont know when dont know how. Hmm

To finish off you can listen to this song ⇓⇓⇓⇓ 


As a side note I think maybe I might open a book sometime. Maybe.

Have a good day.




Ah! It’s so refreshing to have a book you’re enjoying in hand and nice warm weather. Let’s not forget some nice peace and quiet 😜 

I forgot what it felt like to sit in absolute silence with a novel in hand and some much needed sun. Thankfully it was sunny today and I have been reading a novel (been a while with it being winter and all) ; it felt so nice to just be nice and warm without wearing layers and read something I’m enjoying. 

I don’t count my textbooks in this though, I use those practically everyday of my life 😉💜 which I am so proud of! Even when I am super sick like today 😷 

Mentioning textbooks, and today, I was studying Japanese today and just wrote totally random Korean in my Evernote App ….and surprisingly I had the urge to actually re-type in Japanese. As shocked as I was that I actually knew what to type somewhat (broken but legible to my newbie eyes)  I’m probably wrong though 😉 

And being home alone the random notes in Korean in my App will increase, since I’m afraid of being alone with my sister despite the Rapid Response Alarm being on. I’ll probably keep reading too, if I can manage the mental effort at 2am in the morning 😩😔  that or late night cleaning? 

Point of post? It’s just nice to have a good book and some sun. I don’t have to be feeling to good but those two as a combo is amazing. 

Life is books 💜📚 

우왓! So long since I posted, and time is flying by so fast. 시간이 빠르지 않다고?

I was shocked when I saw the date, actually I was reminded of the date when my friend and I were chatting and I was saying  :

“Wow. It’s Friday tomorrow, unbelievable I thought it was Wednesday!”  and her response that made me realize how much time is flying? “Yeah, and I’m going to be a year older soon” then I was like “omg yes, on Saturday!” it’s the 4th of July, tomorrow her birthday. I was in dreamland thinking it was maybe just nearing the end of June.

Yes, my days are that relaxed/stressed at the moment, I barely look at the date and lose days /embarrassing/  and it’s so shameful but I don’t even write the date on my notes that often, except the Kanji practice notebook but I haven’t used that in the last few days so haven’t written out the date 🙁

But I’m returning to my blog now. I never take off for longer than a month so I guess it’s not a return but I’m just posting again, I don’t just stop doing things haha.

Ah! That’s really it though, I’m going to continue what I was doing when I remembered it had been a while since my last post, studying N5 Kanji. Let me tell you, it’s a challenge, albeit a fun one still a challenge with the multiple readings and etc, but the textbook I’m using is a massive help in making it fun and sorta less “WTF” and more like “PRACTICE” thoughts 🙂 You know what I mean?

As for Korean I’ve managed to use just one book while I haven’t been posting ^^ TOPIK Essential 150!

^ You read right, I am using just one book, I can barely believe it myself  but I like the one-book thing, I think using Genki made me realize how much I like using one book at a time, it’s more structured that way and I actually get shit done. 🙂

Um speaking of Genki <I love that book> although I am still studying in the early chapters already having Language Learner Dreams of Book II ^^ highly doubt it will be this year though ~ maybe January if I am mildly diligent in my studies. 😕

I now leave you with this <3

Don’t they look so pretty 🙂 I cannot wait for the COMEBACK ^^

I kinda feel like I just logged-in again to learning Korean and Japanese (well…not like I stopped but I will explain) I basically didn’t read anything these last few days just quizzed over Kanji (radicals etc) and read one 이야기 and mildly attempted to write about “mistakes” in Korean.

Tried to read a novel, but like nothing was going in my head! Blank, not because it was terribly difficult or anything, no,  usually I can cope with writing and reading, even if its snail-paced, not even my beloved 연세 읽기 helped me out. I just like wasn’t feeling it all.

The oddly written entertainment news on Nate was about the only thing I got to read to the end (but then those articles can be read in about 4mins …I read way too much 연예인 news I know!!)

I was also not feeling well, was a little sick, maybe it affected my braiiiiiiiiiiin activity (^_^)/ haha

But yesterday it all came back, I just wanted to read stuff and learn more. Even printed myself a Katakana sheet (because as you can see from the title I am getting the hang of fake-English ne.) and I changed all the names of my friends in my phone-book so I always see it and actively remember the characters : jealous though how most have three letter names while mine is five letters 🙁

I mean マニタ (my bff) vs. キルステン !!! 🙁 I would so take the first one even though I like my name better when compared to my friends name lol. Just three letters is cute and short, mine kinda looks like a whole damn sentence. Unless I use the name people actually call me : ケイ then it’s cute too <3

But I like my full name ~ so dilemma. Cute version, or my actual name. They both are huhu. I’d use my middle name but just as long : メリッサ 🙂

~~~~ kinda veered off to fake English names oops ~~~~

Anyway I am actually getting into using sheets, like for practicing and I looked at some cheat-sheets for Japanese from White-Rabbit and I saw others, but I never used sheets with anything Korean so for Japanese I would like to try these, I know what to expect as I get further in my studies, due to experience, although I don’t think the two can be compared, but generally speaking, I know myself better, and how I learn, the mistakes I tend to make, I made a billion with Korean and it’s probably the reason I have setbacks sometimes. a lot of times

So preventative measures have to kick in 🙂

I have Kanji to learn today, and a whole chapter of Korean. I am itching to dig up the books I buried because the ones I have are killing me. Seriously hoping the postman comes so I can have a different Korean book to work with. I won’t pack away new things I receive. Or maybe just cave and get my Ewha book out and use it.

Will use Genki diligently too today, I hope I’m done with Genki (half-way at least) by the time my other two new textbooks arrive. Mainly because I will need the knowledge I acquire from Genki to even read them. Found a sample of the books I bought and they are jam-packed with Kanji (enough to make me cry) with happiness and fear. Although Kanji doesn’t scare me much anymore since I started reading more about it, and learning the radicals (wanikani.com and renshuu.org with anki too), I know it’s pleasant in the beginning and as time goes by the hell of it starts to surface, but hopefully my hard work will pay off and it won’t be that bad (I know right, who am I kidding?? 하핫)

[Speaking off, I got my Arashi Concert DVD! They are amazing, I seriously now am an Arashi fan. I must see them live *work hard, pass exams, and go to Japan* my new motivation]

バイバイ (sorry. fake English is fun now for me) and happy studies everyone, even if you don’t feel like it that day, just try and if you still don’t feel like it, take a break, breaks are cool and needed sometimes. Just a day though 😛