Japanese has the same : “this one right here close to me”, “that one close to you”, and “that one over there far away from both  of us” and then they have a set to be used with nouns, where eg, you know what thing you are speaking of then you add the “noun” you are speaking of after the この、その、あの!!

I think having this was fun actually, because I already had the confusing experience with the Korean ones, I remember them from way back and these were confusing, at the time I printed a TTMIK lesson that was super detailed about it and read it everyday for a whole week, whenever I was talking about things I would remind myself that the thing in my hand is “이것” the thing by the car far away from my sister and I was “저것” and the thing in my sisters hand was “그것” now I don’t forget that.

Switched them for today (not that I have been doing that all these years omg no) now I am going to use the これ、それ、あれ、 この、その、あの (+ noun)

And question word : どれ、どの

With these I just equate them to Korean 누구/누구한테 they have different nuances but they seem to work well in my head so I will use them till I see any other ideas in my mind how to remember them.

Also remember that with questions words 「何 ・ どれ・どの」 the particle は is not used, instead  が is used! Pretty simple to remember.

The chapter I am on at the moment in Genki is actually my favourite, I am learning so much, and its just so much fun. I’ve learnt how to express more than just these “thing” words and “question” words. Saying something is the “same” too and much more. Now I just need vocabulary, but I did rush for that with Korean (I do love Korean grammar and all) I was always worried I would have sub-par vocabulary when I think grammar should have focus.

Both are important and deserve equal focus but for this I’m sticking to the textbook and Erin’s Challenge ONLY!!!

Nihongomori too. But for more observation and getting a “feel” of spoken language! 🙂

I won’t crowd my learning with a billion resources and land up getting lost and confused, feeling a little sad about everything. I like the way it’s going now and I will not change anything about it 🙂



My letters still look worse than a child’s I think (ofc I wouldn’t know because I have never seen a child’s writing but it’s a thought)

I really want different pens, I usually use Hitec-C Maica (.38mm) pens for my Korean because they work well but for Japanese (the Hiragana, the Katakana, the little Kanji that I write from Genki) it just looks ugly, I don’t like it, I bought Muji Gel Pens but they haven’t arrived yet, saw notes where someone used Muji Gel Ink pens and I know its the writer not the pen but I am willing to try.

(using a 0.5mm mechanical pencil for Japanese at the moment)

Today I am also finally hitting the K-drama scene again. It’s because of something bias related of course.

이종현 drama has begun, and it has a vampire-girl 🙂 how cool is that. I think he is a vampire too, I am not certain but I am watching episode one and two today — I am taking the major plunge and watching it without the English subtitle crutch ^^ let’s see how that goes. Last time I watched a drama unsubbed it was “alright” I only failed at about 15-20mins out of the full drama time of 58mins! ^^ Iknowitsucks

좋은 하루 보내세용!! 🙂

Hellllllllllo ^^ its been so long since I did a book review! I was shocked to realise it was in 2013! Oh my goodness, I guess I took so long to review another book that I think I stopped thinking about it ._. which is a little sad. But, I have a book to review so I shall review the book I started to read last month, but due to becoming mildly obsessed with Japanese and writing Korean I stopped reading it 🙁

But I started reading it last week, and boy, its a good read! I am so serious. Enough yack and onto the review. ^^ Enjoy.


A Geek in Korea is basically the ultimate illustrated in beautiful pictures guide to everything about Korea and when I say EVERYTHING I truly mean that. It has history, who Koreans are, the science to Kpop (which is my favourite chapter) a look at Korea’s internet mania, basically everything a Korean-learner or Korean-anything enthusiast would want to know.

It has everything and MORE that I want to know. I love Korea and Korean culture and language, as a learner we want to know more about the culture so we can better teach ourselves, and if you haven’t been to Korea you won’t know this stuff, but Daniel Tudor really went all in with this book. He literally just handed you gold in a book! Take it, treasure and study ~

With some beautiful pictures.

Although its a pretty book, its not all pretty, it does look at the  bad points of Korea, for example their suicide issue, which I think as foreigners or rather for me who is non-Asian, I don’t understand their mindset and why their suicide rates are so high but this book does look at those points in a broad sense for us all to understand it better.

Thinking about old Korea?

I have heard that in a lot of places around the world the Hallyu wave is a big thing (yes. it does not exist here) – and that’s great its good for Korean culture and music to be spread (drama, music, celebs, language) but I never see so much about old Korea, the hanboks, the architecture, the traditional homes (Hanok), Minhwa (folk paintings) all the stuff I really want to know before being hyper over a new boy band and a cool app. I was so glad when I was reading through the book and all this stuff was there. Feels complete.

Ever wonder about the different parts of Korea?

Okay, so I read a lot of random stuff on Korea, its my hobby honestly, and I have come across different misconceptions about Koreans and their “clubbing” culture and the no-go zones of Korea. Red-light district you name it, I’ve read it! But I had never heard of Traditional Korean Clubs!? WHAT? To me the idea is just so cool, and I like that even the weirdest things that are not typically explored are written in this book.

I just basically think this book is a super invaluable addition to anyone who wants to know more about Korea, and the way Korean culture ticks. Its amazing.






Yes. There is apparently a SCIENCE to Kpop and just for this chapter I would buy the book ^^ you will be so surprised that this is truly a science. And a keenly developed one too <3 which is awesome actually. But creepy lol.


You can never have too many drama recommendations? 🙂

I was surprised that I hadn’t watched most of them ._. but this is a fun guide just to have as a Kdrama girl/guy :3

~V=(° °)=V~

So of course I love this book, and I’m really happy I got a chance to read it, but I will just list some pros and cons! ^^

Pros :-

  • Beautifully illustrated ~ makes for a fun read if you are someone who is easily bored with large chunks of text.
  • Nice paper. I am a sucker for glossy paper and although this doesn’t have glossy paper its such nice paper, thick and sturdy
  • Paperback! Yes.
  • Very in-depth content.
  • Compact size

Cons :-

  • This isn’t really a con but there was only Romanization of Korean words used. If someone who can’t read Hangul wants to read the book then this feature is perfect.
  • Nothing else <3

I seriously recommend this book to anyone wanting to know more about Korea. Its fun to read, and pretty much covers a variety of Korean culture issues, and the differences that we otherwise don’t notice. What essentially makes Korea the Korea we all want to know more about.

You can buy it here

I hope you enjoyed the review. And I will be reviewing more book in the future yay :3 hehe.


Japanese has exceptions and irregularities too? OMG.

Obviously I knew this, everything has exceptions and irregularities! Of course. But now I just know the Japanese ones, well, not all, how could I, but a few of them now.

Mostly to do with the Hiragana, Katakana, a few Kanji and pronunciation. I’m happy about that, bolded the pronunciation because most of them are just pronunciation 😀

Time for pictures of my untidy and disorganized notes (Japanese of course) I can now read and write with general ease if its Hiragana and Katakana and the 9 kanji I know so far loool.





There is no grammar yet. I kinda needed to look at Korean grammar because I got really pissed when I opened naver on my phone and tried to read something random and came across a grammar I didn’t know nor could I piece together in my mind. So headed for K-textbooks. 🙂


PicMonkey Collage

Read grammar, and tried to write something with it 🙁 pathetic honestly. I remember it though but still pathetic. I didn’t have the energy to get my notebook out so I just used the textbook itself. There was space m(._.)m and I was lazy.

This post kinda veered off the title, I know, I’m sorry but it was more a general post actually anyway so its okay.

#Current Jdrama




This is probably my favourite drama in the whole world. I could watch it over and over again and never get tired of it. I absolutely adore it, and I’m picking up words because I am watching it over and over again. I am only on episode 5 though. So I have 1-5 and I watch those over and over until I have another episode to watch 🙂 the files are massive so it takes a while before I can see the next one.

Massive because I wanted to have good quality (* >ω<) that’s how awesome it is. [and I just discovered it has a Korean version, which not going to lie but looking at the actors I won’t waste my time watching it hehe!! They’ll ruin it, everything Korean-remake turns out HORRIBLE…I mean look at Boys Over Flowers eh?!]

xo ( ˘ ³˘)♥


Hello I’m quitting learning Korean and Japanese, its too hard or me!

So bye-bye to language and all. It was fun while it lasted and I learnt something a little. But now its over.

I will have to find something to do with all my books.

I have so many.

I will probably have to sell them all.


Joke ψ(`∇´)ψ

Happy April Fools (*≧▽≦)ノシ))

I wasn’t creative haha. But happy April fools guys (*≧▽≦)ノシ)) and I am not quitting language.

What the hell would I do with my time if I did? Thinking about it is mildly frightening 。゚(゚´(00)`゚)゚。

I have a to-do  list today though. Lets talk about language and etc… random! ^_^


I haven’t been studying because I was watching Hana Yori Dango (花より男子) on recommendation – so thank you, you know who you are ლ(|||⌒εー|||)ლ

And. Yes. I am now a Matsumoto Jun fangirl.

(>’o’)> ♥ <(‘o’<)

(>’o’)> ♥ <(‘o’<)

How could I not be? ㅇㅅㅇ (´・` )♡

So the only Japanese (and language in general) study I’ve done is read one page of 전래 동화로 배우는 한국어 ~ I was waiting for the 6th episode of Hana Yori Dango to buff online lol 🙁 that’s when I picked up a Korean textbook. That makes me feel really bad omg. (‘-’*)

Then phrases I picked up from Hana Yori Dango.

Ya. That is all. No note taking was done these last few days (‘-’*)

Today is study day though (^・ω・^ ) full out wanting to read Japanese at a moderate pace. So just have to finish learning Kana. I will use a few resources online and or reference purposes for both myself and anyone who lands up needing it I will start posting these things under the Japanese category 🙂

Korean. Korean. 

I have 8 books I think on the way to me right now all for Korean. Two of them beginner books that I just want to review because they looked pretty on the site 🙂 want to see what could have helped me if I got them like 3-4 years go or something like that. One is hard, and I probably won’t be able to finish it super fast – I will learn from it. The other is a reading book. Novel.

I forgot the rest. (*ノ▽ノ)

Mmm. My memory is slipping as I get older oh dear! ._.

My two cents 🙂 later