Last night I decided to study from Yonsei Reading 2 textbook ^^ and I enjoyed it so much ohymygoodness although because I was studying from it I did notice I have a very massive weakness in my Korean and its something I’ve mentioned on the blog before but seems like I haven’t addressed it yet. (read here to know more) this hasn’t changed up till now D: 

I haven’t yet actually done the exercises for the chapter I’ll get going on that soon :DD they look nice and not too structured if you know what I mean, also I had a look at the Ewha book for just a little while and I must say although I was loving the book looking at the Yonsei book I think I’ll be using that for a while before I get back to Ewha textbooks (:  so Ewha is taking a little back seat while I bubble with joy over Yonsei Reading haha

Before I forget! I uploaded my reading practice of chapter 1 of Yonsei Reading 2 to Youtube ^^

This was my first recording of the passage after I read it and listened to it. You can hear a few mistakes I made >.< but overall it was alright for a first go at it! Next time I’ll write about my dreams, just like the girl was talking about hers lets see what I can say in Korean about mine mmm.

Everyone hope you had a wonderful weekend and happy studying. 행복한 공부 되세요!!


That post title makes no sense :p

But anyway I have finished translating the SBS News article  it’s a bit rough and I need to clean it up “a lot” but no worries ^^ I’m just glad that I actually did it, I filled 3 pages in my notebook with the actual article and then below each section I made notes and looked up words that I didn’t know and inserted sample sentences for the ones that seemed a little more confusing than the rest 🙂 which was actually a lot ; but less than I expected seems that my vocabulary is not as bad as I had imagined haha and that is very pleasing 😀

All the notes I wrote today (there is an extra page though haha)

YouTube tells me I have to wait for 52 minutes for the upload to finish??? This is ridiculous, LOL 🙂

YAY! It did the upload in 26 minutes 😀

Even my arm got ink all over it today 😀

It was awesome though ^^

All the other stuff I was supposed to do

I didn’t get round to it all 🙂 but I did do 4 TTMIK Lessons on Level 4 ( I wanted to do 12) ; I didn’t read “Hello Wedding” (the NAVER webtoon novel) but I did read the first page of “Birth of Revenge” which actually seems really interesting tomorrow I have class but I will definitely be making time for that novel just based on the one page I read 😀

I am still writing my email to 언니 there were too may grammar mess-ups and blank words I couldn’t think of so tomorrow morning (really early) before classes I will try to fill in the blanks, maybe the words would have come to my mind 🙂 >.> then I can send it off.

And sadly studying Hanja on Advanced Korean articles actually never happened at all ^^ but I was a bot short of time so, hey!! What can ya do?!

Pictures (:

Easter family outing :) #Lion&CheetahPark

Easter family outing 🙂 #Lion&CheetahPark

me and my family went out on a game drive and a tour of lion and cheetah park and it was so much fun 🙂 last time I saw lions was when I was 12-13 so it has been a very long time and I was still amazed when I saw them they are really amazing animals ; but seriously huge :DI had a really super time!!!

Bright Pink #nails

Bright Pink #nails

When your nails are bright your mood is bright, right? I’m not sure but it usually works for me 😀 so I went with a bright Pink colour (which is also my favourite colour)

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