1. thanks, . I’ll be waiting. If I were to learn korean language like I’m a grade schooler, like how we taught english here in philippines, what would be the good ebook for me.?

  2. Thanks. I bought a book “PRIMARY KOREAN” by Johnson park I think it’s also good. and the preice is just 340 philippine money. Maybe it will take me years to atleast understand korean drama but I know it’ll be worth it. :”>

    • No problem!! And I hope ku enjoy your book!!! Although it will take some time to watch dramas with no subs just keep studying it will happen soon 🙂 화이팅

  3. 화이팅 hwaiting right?
    yey I understood this. I’m getting used to reading hangeul. thanks also for your wonderful blog that I was able to get some useful stuff. :”> hwaiting right?

  4. wow tnx to this site i really want to learn how to write and speak Korean language because of the Girls and boys Kpop groups and i want to understand what they are talking about in the movie that has no subtittles or without reading the subtittles ^___^ *0* 🙂 ^—^ *o* 😉 !!!!

  5. this is my first time visiting your blog and i must say that its really helpful. thanks a lot. im very busy but ill try to spend at least a couple of hours each day to study the resources you gave. thanks so much again…

  6. I think you misspelled a resource. Is it Indiana Multimedia Dictionary instead of Indian?
    You won’t believe how surprised I was to see an ‘Indian’ dictionary for Korean. (I’m Indian, so, hehe.) I’m pretty sure there’s no one as stupid as me (to actually perceive it that way), but just spell it right in case. 😀

  7. I’m loving your blog, I just found it while searching for free korean books in pdf 😀 thanks for you hardwork .. soon I’ll buy my own books too, but for this time, I’ll be using your blog, keep working hard.
    Just one question: do you have japaneses learning resources too?

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