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List of Korean Books I have found over a few months ^^ the list will grow with time! I hope these are useful to anyone who is learning Korean 😀


Dirty Korean

[Mediafire|2MB|[Click here for link] **

‘Dirty Korean’ is a Korean slang book and honestly in terms of learning Korean, you won’t get much from it but it will be fun to read I laughed a lot when I read this book ^^ its fun and you get some really odd words to work with ^^ ~I have put a list of some of the words found in this book under the ‘Korean Slangs’ tab! Just for reference so you don’t have to download the book!

Intermediate Korean -Grammar and Workbook

[Mediafire|[Click here for link]**

Seriously I am currently studying from this book (the hard copy version from Amazon) and it is AMAZING!! Haha I’m serious you never feel lost even though it is not laden with pictures you always manage to understand just what it is you maybe missed in something else!! So just preview with the PDF version and get the hard copy you won’t be disappointed!! I promise you!

Using Korean

[FileFactory|3.3MB|[Click for link]**

Seriously! This is the most useful book if you want to learn more Korean tricks and more advanced phrases and honorifics ^^ although I have not actually read through the whole book I am convinced that it is an awesome resource to add to your learning, I am even so impressed by it that I am getting the physical copy of the book ~

Basic Korean

[FileFactory][Click for link]**

Lots of exercises in this book after every chapter so its really cool ^^ and it has a lot of vocabulary after every chapter which is awesome because you need to grow your vocab in order to speak more, I really like this book!

If any of the links are out of order just leave a comment then I will re-upload it 😀


  1. omg i just bought that dirty korean book for my friend’s birthday! LMFAOOO and i’ll be sure to check out that workbook. thanks for the links! 🙂

    • haha glad you liked it and that dirty korean book can really give you some good laughs lol ~~ I laughed for hours reading it and yeah check the workbook out its really useful at times ^^

  2. I love this site! I’m a super k-drama addict and i wanna learn korean so i don’t have to read stupid subtitles! one question..do i have to know how to read korean if i want to understand the 2nd book? 🙂

    • Aww thanks! Made my day 🙂 and np you don’t have to know how to read Korean because I think it has the romanization 🙂

    • I honestly would advise you to learn Hangeul… its super easy especially with seemile.com honestly though you can learn it in the span of a night.

  3. Just checked all the links and they are working just fine ^_^ if anyone has any problems downloading the books then just leave a comment and I will help you out 🙂

  4. Hi. I can’t download these on my phone. Are the links only applicable for the desktop version and not mobile? Anw, I love Korea and everything about the country. And I need to learn Hangul 😀

    • You can download them on your phone, you just have to be able to view the .pdf files and your phone I think needs to support the website you are downloading from 🙂

  5. i’m seriously a beginner in Korean. I know the Korean alphabet and i can read Korean, but the problem is i have no idea whatever i’m reading means.
    So i just wanted to ask you what notebook or workbook I should start using to enhance my Learning of the Korean language. ?
    thank you 🙂

    • You don’t need expensive books or anything like that just head over to talktomeinkorean.com and learn Korean the website is free and provides a lot of material 🙂 hope it helps and thanks for the comment drop by often ^^

  6. hello. i love the site 🙂 but can i know if the download link you have given is all free ? ^^

  7. Hello! I must be the oldest person to comment here. hahaha I was searching for recommendation of books through which I could learn Korean and I found your blog. I really loved it. I admit I love Korean dramas, movies and music, but above all, I love learning languages. I don’t have much time for this nowadays, though. I tried to start learning Korean last year, but I wanna take it seriously from now on. And I’ll have to do it on my own as there are no Korean classes available near me.
    If you need suggestions for your Korean movie list, you can add My Sassy Girl, Seducing Mr. Perfect, Howling, Spellbound, The Suspect…
    Keep up with your nice work on this blog! Hugs from Rio de Janeiro!

    • Hello there! No no! ^^ I’m the same, when dramas and movies and blah blah all the other stuff gets me bored I still stick around- because I love languages, and learning them makes me feel good >_< I'm glad you are starting to learn it more seriously now, and I wish you all the luck, truly I do, and I know how difficult it is, still going haha. I also have no classes, and self study is fun anyway 😛 Thanks for the movie recommendation list, I will definitely take a look at all of them 😉 ....thanks so much for the comment, and love. xoxo -Kirsten!!! 😉

  8. can’t seem to download the (using korean) link please help and thanks for sharing!!thank you so so so so much!!

  9. I have just started to learn Korean. your work is very interesting . Thanks a lot for sharing. 🙂

  10. Hi, i wanted to ask you if can post sogang korean books, i really want to read those books~

  11. hello, i want to ask you to reupload the Intermediate Korean Grammar and Workbook, because mediafire don’t allow me to download the pdf 🙁

    i think you should change the title of the file a little bit here and there for prologing the time elapsed to be found and be stricken by a copyright ban..

    though, please don’t remove the mediafire link, in case i have to screenshot every pages of the pdf..

    thanks for sharing 😀

    • hi sure no problem I’ll have that done soon enough 🙂 and alright I will and no I won’t do that at all. shall I try a diff host? I can if u have ideas xD

  12. Hi, could you reupload intermediate korean grammar because I can’t download it from mediafire.


  13. Intermediate Korean -Grammar and Workbook. This download link is blocked, please help to upload again. Thanks!

  14. Hi guy, Intermediate Korean -Grammar and Workbook, this download link is blocked, please fix it. Thanks!

  15. Can you please upload all the files through mediafire because the other site isn’t working in my country :/

  16. Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much for sharing these books ^^ I really needed them …

  17. i am a beginner and i am learning a bit of the alphabet but you have any idea any web cite i can get a hand to help me learn cuz i really need a full hand of help

  18. Intermediate Korean -Grammar and Workbook i cannot download this it says it is blocked ;(((




    BUT STILL THANKS ALOT !!!!! <3 <3

  20. Hi. I really want to learn Korean but I do not know how !! I just know some words from drama can you help which book is best for me !!💖

  21. hi

    i’m looking for book name “integrated korean intermediate”
    if you have pdf file pls share with me

    thanks a lot

  22. Hi! Thank you for this blog post and it is really helpful for the Korean learners! Would like to request to have the Intermediate Korean Grammar and Workbook reuploaded if possible? Thank you in advance!

  23. Hi. I’ve read Basic Korean once and learned some from it. I wasn’t able to master its contents but I want to level-up my study. Would you suggest I read Intermediate Korean and go back once in a while to Basic or should I master the Basic first before anything else?

  24. Hi there! Thank you so much for the amazing resources; sadly, the link for “Intermediate Korean -Grammar and Workbook” is no longer working…. this books sound incredibly interesting… Could you perhaps upload this resource again?

    Many thanks from a very happy Korean learner!!!

  25. Hi! It seems like ‘intermediate korean’ link is no longer working 🙁 please fix it! By the way thanks for the other books!!

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