[Korean Slang] The meaning of 알콩달콩

I’m not sure what to categorize this post as so I will put it under ‘Korean Lesson’ because I don’t think its slang its more like a colloquial expression 😀 so anyway the word I learnt over the past few days (or weeks) is 알콩달콩 and actually to be fair I didn’t know about this word and honestly would never have come across this word if someone hadn’t searched it and landed on my blog – yep! it was a keyword that landed someone on the blog and when I saw that over 290 people searched it I thought what is this word!!!!!!!!

I must know what this word means ><

It was really frustrating to look for a word and find absolutely nothing in Naver or Daum dictionaries ㅎㅎ but I did find out what it means eventually haha okay so here it is.

The Meaning of 알콩달콩

알콩달콩 means – happily and lovely | when talking about a couple (married mostly but can be used when its your boyfriend/ or girlfriend too) for example if a couple is living happily together you can say that they are ~ 알콩달콩 살아요 (They are living happily and lovely together) as a married couple or as lovers ^^ to me its a really sweet expression/word to use and it sounds nice too when I searched on YouTube ‘알콩달콩’ hoping to find something that illustrated it a bit I only found videos that were like songs but still I heard how it would be pronounced and that’s all I needed XD

There are many more ways to use this for example you can also say :

알콩달콩한 사랑을 하다 – to have a lovely and happy love

알콩달콩한 사랑을 하길 기원해요 – Wish a happy and lovely love

Personally I have nowhere to use this word in my daily life ^^ or in a Korean diary it fits nowhere sadly ;;

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ps : I prepared a photo but I am not artistically gifted so it really is tacky and awful >< but here it is what do ya think? 😀

created it with LINE Brush and Camera in the dark lol ><

created it with LINE Brush and Camera in the dark lol ><


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  1. hey do you know the correct stroke order from ㄹ but just scribbled with one stroke ? i think most korean people write it with one stroke lol… because it’s so much fasterrrrrrrrrrrr (korean cursive and all that crap even though it doesn’t exist) even though at one point in their life they wrote it ovre and over and ovre in their textbook at school in 1st grade.

    • Hi. I usually just write it in one stroke just like in the picture above (which I wrote on my own) and I start from the left to the right just like an upside down ‘5’ and yes it is much faster when it was the beginning for me I would take the time to write it just like a block with the 3-4 strokes but now I really don’t have the energy for that and would much rather swoop and make it an upside down 5 hahaha

      Thanks for the comment and hope it helps XD

      • lol i tihnk that’s a good sign when you don’t treat your target language as “special” and you go out of your way to make the handwriting neta or proper or whtaever. for me my english handwriting is awful.. I don’t care… all that matters is that I CAN read it. for korean i’m sure 80% of korean people write that in one stroke just because it’s faster. for me i do the correct stroke number sometimes and do the one stroke when i don’t feel like it. but for some reason for that letter i prefer writing it with the correct stroke number just because it doesn’t look right if it’s one stroke. it’s just my personal preference.

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