Hi guys ^^ its June!!! Yaaaaay.

Like the title says I’m starting to read my first novel which is ; 신사의 품격 1 (A Gentleman’s Dignity 1) I watched the drama at the end of 2012 and totally fell in love with it and since the book came out (early 2013?) I’ve wanted it and I finally decided to get it for myself 🙂

I actually received this book last Tuesday (24th of May) but I liked the idea of starting the novel reading on the 1st day of the month hehe, can’t blame me it does sound much better to start at the beginning of the month! ^^

I also received other books too! but I’ll mention those another time.


This is the book with the cover OFF and it looks so nice and pretty (: can u imagine how hyper active I was when I received it? Next day I started reading it, and boy, its hard haha, well I am just getting to the end of the preface which is actually just 4 pages!! Ah.

Well in my defense I didn’t know much from the ‘red pages’  preface xD ~ but I’m excited to be moving forward to the first chapter which I read the first page of already (that was not too hard, I needed just one sticky note) ^^


THE GEAR. This is the book, and my gear a.k.a = my pencil, my notebook, and some sticky memos 😛 I need them just to mark some problem areas, I really don’t have any desire to put highlight marks in my novels at all. Not even in pencil. Maybe I’ll change my mind as  I go along but as for now it ain’t happening.


With the cover on. 김하늘 looks so beautiful here omg I was like ‘what? no way, she looks amaaaazing!!!’ and I read somewhere (was it Naver? or Daum?) but I think she’ll be in a new movie this year  나를 잊지 말아요 and I can’t wait to see it :))


Just in case you are wondering (and for future ref for myself) there are a few reasons why I decided to get this book now :-

1) I feel like I can handle it, even though it looks killer hard. I’m transitioning

2) I love the drama, have seen it more than once since I first saw it and therefore it gives me greater motivation to read it, also I know the storyline backwards I think ^^

Hot chocolate in hand x.x ready to gooooooo!!!!


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  1. I’ve been meaning to start one myself actually. In fact, I just grabbed a copy of this book on the Google Play Book store and will read this alongside with you! 🙂 화이팅!

  2. aah the first novel is always such an important milestone – I remember when I read my first French one ^_^ Enjoy, and let us know how it goes!

    • it is, I feel like if I make it to the end of this novel (no matter how long it takes) it’ll always hold a super special place in my heart! How did you feel when you got to the end of your first French novel? ^^

      Thanks, and yes I will be logging my progress <3

  3. This book cover is beautiful! I’ll put it on my wishlist! ♥ (Yeah, I’m the kind of person that choose books based on their covers, lol pls don’t judge me ;-; )
    As I’m just a beginner, unfortunately I can’t read novels yet, but there’s one that I want to read sooooo much that it keeps me motivated ♥ I hope I can read it soon like you! It’s actually a drama script and I’ve already watched the drama, but it’s so beautiful that I want to have it and read… It’s called 그 겨울, 바람이 분다. It made me cry so much! ;–;
    Please let us know how it’s going! Good luck! 화이팅

    • Haha no no judgment from me I sometimes do that xD oh wow you seem like u really really want to read it I hope u can read it soon! I’ve heard of the drama but I actually never watched it (no time ;;)

      Of course I’ll update as I am going along with the book! 🙂

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