My Korean Evaluation Lesson

안녕하세요. Today was my evaluation lesson for Korean. Oh my god, I was nervous but looking forward to it. So the news, I have forgotten the bulk of vocabulary I used to know, so fast track I now have a… Continue Reading

家で 日本語を 勉強しました :)

Using my location marker (で) and my particle (を) in a sentence combined with two of the hardest (to write because of the strokes and sooooo many of them) Kanji I have come across 🙂 But yeah generally that’s what… Continue Reading

March Language Goals / Update from Feb!

Hey guys ^^ well I was horrible with keeping up with updates from my February challenge (monthly goals is ma new thang) ~ and I did reasonably well in 19 days …not even a whole month. So a whole month?… Continue Reading

January Never Happened. I Need A Do Over — Anyone? :)

    Hellllo ^_^ first off I just want to say thanks you all are so kind, my previous post (which is now deleted) was really my feelings, and quite a number of you sent me messages on Kakao (and… Continue Reading