Sanely Speaking!

Hello everyone, long time. Hope everyone has been okay, today I went out, like I left my house. It was weird, my palms got sweaty, my hands were shaking and I almost felt like throwing up. That is TMI, I… Continue Reading


I kinda feel like I just logged-in again to learning Korean and Japanese (well…not like I stopped but I will explain) I basically didn’t read anything these last few days just quizzed over Kanji (radicals etc) and read one 이야기… Continue Reading

January Never Happened. I Need A Do Over — Anyone? :)

    Hellllo ^_^ first off I just want to say thanks you all are so kind, my previous post (which is now deleted) was really my feelings, and quite a number of you sent me messages on Kakao (and… Continue Reading

Translation Magic, and Colourful Magic Notes [1/365 ♥]

Yesterday being the first I really wanted to study with something that would be entertaining ; and of course beneficial to my studies and what does that usually equal to? K-pop! Do not misunderstand, I didn’t sit out around listening… Continue Reading