Two New Textbooks + Update on #19DayReadingChallenge

Hey guys ^^ if you read my previous post you know I have given myself a challenge (and everything I say about it I hashtag #19DayReadingChallenge on Twitter) 🙂 just to keep track of it all…really trying hard to hold… Continue Reading

소설 타임! Happens When I’m Jolted.

Good morning ^^ I actually haven’t slept yet which is really unlike me (lately) and its unhealthy. And I’m on this healthy lifestyle thing (– exercise and sleeping at 10pm latest) which gives me so much energy…but not the point… Continue Reading

My language therapy this weekend

Ah. There is nothing in this world more calming to me than grammar — my mum knows that far too well. Grammar just works for me, it isn’t easy for me and me loving it should not be confused with… Continue Reading