They took away my crutch then broke my leg.

This is a really really bad analogy but essentially what Genki has done to me haha.

Luckily I don’t mind pain xD

I actually just mean from Lesson 3 in the book there is no romaji and officially Kanji has been added. I was dying to get to this section fast but I didn’t want to rush the process. There is nothing worse than gaps in language learning (I would know my Korean has umm several) so I took it slow, made sure to review each chapter thoroughly before moving on, did the workbook exercises diligently, reviewed again and when I was 100% certain I knew all the content (understood it) I moved on and I had a little hiccup with Lesson 2 (those numbers!!!!) but it seems to be in order now.

Took a break yesterday to rest – was sick and I also just wanted to rest actually xD relaxing and taking a break is good for the mind anyway, so why not? ^^

Though I didn’t anticipate today’s events (not at home, breaking down in tears in a doctors office etc) otherwise I did plan to study the whole day, but back at home, needing a bit of cheering up and I actually am studying so awesome 🙂

Listened to the first dialog and woah I was like “Major jump guys…what the hell happened to the baby sentences” but in a good way, feel like even though they probably are little sentences (talking about what someone does during the weekend, movie watching etc) kinda things that would be said in a convo in regular daily life so that is cool, I got my phrases down so time for the meat of the language 🙂

This is so exciting. XD


^ma current poison. Read. Review. Rinse and Repeat 🙂

Going to be a fun week 🙂

As for Korean I realized my listening is deteriorating. Forget the writing for now and listen, open your ears and listen ^^ since I am using the 4B book and the beginning chapter focuses heavily on listening I noticed I would flat out miss a few things, or based on accent I would misunderstand a sentence, but when reading it understood it perfectly fine. No issues at all.

I understood the content but would miss a few words! Only on the first chapter so maybe it was just that who knows or I wasn’t paying attention, either way it needs to be corrected ㅎㅎ

Anytime I feel language insecure I always head to podcasts not my books, very strange so I have returned to koreanclass101 for the Advanced blogs and probably a review of the Intermediate 1 podcast (its my favourite actually) <<< have that on my laptop though (which now works again…at snail speed though)

움….더 없어요.

다음에 봐요. 행복하게 공부하세요. 홧팅 🙂

요즘 읽는 뉴스 기사 🙂


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  1. Keep it up! I have a lot of gaps in my Korean as well because I just study whatever I can find and I’ve recently realized how bad I am at using numbers for dates or time or age and I’m still bad at colors and food and animals and things like that. I’ve even downloaded apps for little kids in Korean on my iPad but haven’t used them much. I’m even reading newspaper articles and more short stories now, as well as listening to more Korean and watching dramas. I’ve been able to ignore the subtitles a lot more but it’s a police drama so there’s no way I can give them up completely haha. I think once I get to Korea (in two months!!!) I will get more practice speaking but right now that’s really what I am lacking. Genki is what I used in college when learning Japanese but I had learned on my own for a long time so I didn’t know as much polite speech as the other students ^^;

    • Thank you! I still forget Korean numbers too, gaps although frustrating when you’re a self learner are almost unavoidable. Yes, genki is super super formal and stuff which is good I guess get to learn it all.

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