Too many books and clutter : CUT DOWN

Hello ^^ I have realised I have too much clutter in my life (books and etc) and with learning a language you need some kind of organization and naturally I suck at any type of organization!

Time to cut down! I literally keep all my books on my desk and bookshelf (like normal people do) but I noticed when I keep 10+ books on my desk not only do I never notice them I never really use them or prioritize any which sucks. 🙁 so I packed them away. Had my sister and friend pick four Korean books to keep with me and I packed the rest neatly on my shelf. 🙂

Actually, I buried them under my old GCSE textbooks! Huhu. That way I won’t touch them ^^

Thankfully I only own two Japanese books so the choice was made for me. I will miss these days soon enough. 🙂

Yay. Me. I . Am. Cutting. Down.

What I have for the month (or till I get to the end of them)

  • Korean Compositions (we have become close this ‘ole book and I! I love her and can’t bring myself to part with her. I  made certain she stayed)
  • Yonsei Reading 2 (I’ve mentioned I love this textbook. my favourite of all the books I have. And I need the next two volumes asap)
  • KGIU Intermediate (I wanted them to pick Advanced but then I decided that their choice of Intermediate for further reading and review was ok and I need to review)
  • 신사의품격(I picked this. I left off on I think chapter 5-6 don’t remember, now  have to start from the beginning, was reading another novel but packed it away)
  • Genki 1 (and workbook) (so refreshing to not have to pick between books. I only have these and that’s what will work. and alongside www applications I’m a happy chappy)

I am actually so tired of clutter and dis-organization (? don’t think that’s a word but okay) ^^

Oh ~ these two videos are amazing. The Japanese one of course I don’t know a word but I like it haha. The Korean one so cute <3 glad someone sent them to me xD

<GOES TO STUDY LIKE A HERMIT> then watch dramas!!!


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